Human Design Sounding Board / Environmental Authority | How to Make Aligned Decisions

human design sounding board or environmental authority


You're about to learn how to use your Human Design Environmental Authority to make aligned decisions in your business and life, which is a part of the first pillar of the Create Method.

Most people are taught to look outside of yourself to make decisions, or to use your mind, to make a logical or rational decision. This can often lead to frustration or constantly questioning yourself and the decisions that you've made.

Here, you're going to learn that the most aligned decisions and guidance actually comes from within using your own intuition and human design. Your inner truth comes from one very specific place.

This inner truth is called your Authority. You can use your authority for all types of decisions that you make throughout your day and your life. It's your most consistent and reliable internal source of energy and it gives you clear guidance about whether something such as decisions or opportunities are correct for you or not.

It might take some time and practice to learn how to tap into your authority and interpret what it's telling you through all that mind chatter that you might have.

And if you're just getting started, I recommend that you practice using your authority to make small decisions at first so you can consistently access and act on this feedback. Once you get used to working with your authority and trusting its guidance, then you can begin to use it for bigger decisions.

As a sounding board or environmental authority, your most aligned decisions are made when you're in the right environment to process your thoughts.

It's important for you to wait to make a decision until you're in the right environment. Even if that takes some time to occur, the right environment is all about the surroundings you're in and the people that you're with. It's typically clean and minimal but warm.

The right people are people who you trust deeply a common way for you to process your decisions is by talking them out and getting them out of your head.

As you verbally process, you don't need advice or opinions. You just need to talk to someone so you can hear yourself process and intuitively see how that trusted circle reacts to your decisions.

You just need to talk to someone so you can hear yourself actually process the decision. And you can also see the reaction of other peoples around you, other people around you to see what you say, and that will help you make your decision as well no matter the size of the decision.

There are two very vital components to making an aligned decision, the environment and the conversation itself.

If the environment doesn't feel good, give yourself permission to just walk away without making a decision, talking out loud to yourself or to others might feel really weird, but it's actually super important to help you get in touch with your inner authority.

Generally speaking, you'll need more time and space than others to make aligned decisions. And that is totally okay. Just let others know ahead of time so that they can support you and hold space for you fully.

When facing bigger decisions, find your person or people and bring them into the right environment for you to process.

You can talk it out with your trusted circle, either one-on-one or in a group setting, and that you really feel good being in, give yourself permission to take your time coming to a decision, even if it requires multiple conversations with different people in different environments. When you are clear, you will know because you take time to get clarity, be mindful of any shadows that come up around your decision-making process.

To be clear, you are not needy. You're not clingy. You are not a burden to others who are for being who you truly are. You are living your design and the right people know that, and will love you for that throughout this entire process.

That's how you recognize your use your Human Design Sounding Board or Environmental Authority. However, if you don't know how to apply human design principles effectively to each unique aspect of your marketing sales and client attraction strategy, you're missing out on unlocking the next level of abundance in your business. 

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