Free Workshop Series: Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment
On the prowl for what seems like an impossible-to-find unicorn?

A marketing coach, mentor, and hands-on consultant who’s committed to the growth & impact of your purpose-driven brand like it’s her own


...AND who geeks out about astrology & human design while helping you craft your perfect strategy

No doubt about it… I’m your gal!

Looking to get clear in your direction? Need to get confident in your gifts? Want to get creative in your approach? Ready to get consistent in your execution?


Grab your green juice, oracle cards, and some crystals. Let’s chat.



When I left my job at a massive digital agency in 2019, the work I was doing had none of the fun & enchantment that drew me into marketing in the first place. It was boring black and white, no sparkle to be found anywhere. 


My spiritual journey is what turned my professional world technicolor again because I met some incredible souls at a critical, but delicate, crossroads in their journey.

Souls just like you: bursting with creativity, a purpose to fulfill, and gifts to share


…but also unsure how to effectively get seen & heard more by your ideal audience without sacrificing your soul to those shameless (and icky!) marketing tactics that make you feel dirty and burn you out in the process.

And that’s where I saw an interesting & massive gap in the online business space:

Brand and marketing strategy for spiritual and purpose-driven people that seamlessly intertwines the tactical & practical with the straight-up magical

...effectively and unapologetically.


And I knew it was a gap I was uniquely qualified to fill. Here’s why:

I take a different approach than most marketing strategists.

I believe...

My job is to empower you to thrive & soar in your own way

Trends & tactics come and go but as long as you understand the foundations, principles, and concepts you have the context you need to make the best decision for your business. I make sure you know the Why behind the What and How every step of the way

Personal & professional growth go hand-in-hand

Action plus reflection create the confident clarity needed to lead. Self-love and acceptance are at the heart of every powerful brand. Sometimes the best way to figure out what’s in alignment for you is to take the first step(s), reflect on the outcome, and make adjustments as needed.

Intentional consistency is the secret to success

As sexy as it sounds to become an “overnight success,” you know what gives you an exponentially better chance of long-term, sustainable business growth? Taking intentional & aligned action consistently every day in service of your soul purpose. ← that’s the truth.

Here's what you should know about how I work with clients:

I’m a consultant and a coach

Since leaving ad agency life, I've worked as an online business manager & marketing consultant. I also work with corporate employees and newer soulpreneurs to market themselves & monetize their calling. I help clients strategize and implement.

I’m intuitive and data-driven

With 7 years as a marketing analytics specialist, and managing metrics & reporting of million-dollar marketing campaigns, it's no secret that I love numbers. But I’ve come to learn that intuition is a valuable qualitative data point & encourage clients to use daily.

I’m bold and practical

I’ve been known to take big, but usually calculated, risks since I was a kid. Yep, the kinds of risks that got major eye rolls from my parents. But when it comes to business, I’m always exploring the simplest, most pragmatic solution first.

I’m creative and process-oriented

I love a good brainstorming session & inviting others to think outside of the box. Heck, I even love to pretend I’m an artist from time to time when I doodle. But the truth is that I’m a planner & a systems person at my core and proud of it!

Not to mention that my professional experience is its own unique blend of tactical & magical, too.

The Tactical


When I started in marketing over 15 years ago, billboards, print ads and direct mail were still common marketing channels. I saw the way the world was moving and quickly hopped over to the digital side (so millennial of me!) and have been here ever since.


My favorite place to be is at the intersection of marketing and innovation. I was on the bleeding edge of spearheading marketing automation and for a couple years was even a Marketo® Champion (one of the top 50 users in the world at the time).


That distinction catapulted me from an under-the-radar corporate marketer over to the marketing agency (some might say the dark) side leading digital marketing, strategy and analytics initiatives for clients.


I worked with some of the biggest & most well-known brands in the world, including a big client that spent $40million in ONE day on a marketing campaign. I was the measurement lead that was responsible for accurately measuring and determining the ROI of that monumental effort.

The Magical


As you can imagine, the pressure of that career trajectory was ginormous and after that, I lost my marketing mojo for a bit. But an arsenal of spiritual tools helped me bring back that sparkle (and then some!)


Journaling, meditation, yoga, reiki, astrology, the akashic records, and energy work completely transformed my life in every way. But nothing as much as discovering and experimenting with human design & gene keys.


My business was born 4 years ago when I discovered that massive marketing gap toward the start of my human design experiment, and my 5-line Projector-self just couldn’t look away from the glaring problem (see above) that I knew I could solve for my spiritual entrepreneur friends.


Along the way, my 1-line took my human design & gene keys studies to another level. I completed a year-long, 3-section human design & gene keys certification with Eden Carpenter (Sacred Success Coaching Certification) and now I’m an integration specialist and success coach for Eden's programs on top of my own work.

The Integration


As I was taking a well-deserved break from #agencylife a few years ago, I became a Certified Online Business Manager (Certified OBM®) and started working with the most incredible, inspiring, and kick-ass spiritual entrepreneurs.


I’ve helped passionate and purpose-driven people market, grow, and scale their brand so they can be seen by their ideal audience using their own unique blend of magical and tactical. I use human design & gene keys help my clients strengthen their intuition and uncover their one-of-a-kind gifts along the way.


In short, I’m obsessed with helping others like you build & grow intuition-led brands with more creativity, clarity, and confidence. And I truly believe that I’m only just starting to step into my own magical gifts as a coach, mentor, and consultant.


In addition to my own podcast, Frequency and Flow with Bree Kuryk, You can also get to know me better through my appearances on other podcasts, like The Art of Living Big, Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire, The Conscious Marketer, and Amplify Your Success.


But here’s the thing. Like you, I've been on this journey a while. It's taken different shapes at different times along the way. And while I’d like to say I have it all figured out, I don’t.


I’ve had ups & downs. I’ve made many mistakes along the way (and will continue to so). I’m committed to sharing learnings, lessons, and more with you on my journey to help you walk a more effective path than me.

Bree beyond the screen...

Bree Kuryk at beach
Loves a good sunset

A nice sandy beach with some sun is my happy place (shocking, I know!)

Bree Kuryk at beach

I’m going on almost a decade as a dedicated & passionate vegan

Bree Kuryk at beach
Morning person

My morning routine is sacred & a mix of meditation, journaling, and movement

What my clients say...

"With Bree’s help I saved time from needless activities, saved money by cutting things that weren’t working, and discovered things I should prioritize (because they were working for me behind the scenes with very little attention and I didn’t even know it!). 

Going with Bree’s expertise and services is a smart move for entrepreneurs who want to scale in a way that’s right for their lifestyle and their business."

- Jennifer Duclair, Mindset Mentor

If you're ready to market yourself by balancing the tactical with the magical in a way that is authentically you...
getting you seen & heard by your target audience as you share your gifts with the world


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