Human Design vs. Gene Keys, Explained

Human Design vs. Gene Keys, Explained



In this episode, I’m going to be sharing all about the similarities and differences between human design and gene keys, the two primary energetic tools that I use in my business and coaching.

I started my journey with a human design almost five years ago. It's something that I immediately took to and began to immerse myself in, and now more through coaching others based on their design. It’s truly integrating the tool of human design into my life in business and has truly been a slow burn in terms of my depth and embodiment with this science.

Gene Keys, on the other hand, I have more of a roller-coaster relationship with them. It's one of those things that have continued to show itself to me over and over again while I continued to ignore it. It first came into my awareness shortly after I got into Human Design. But I looked at my hologenetic profile and it didn't make any sense, so I just wrote it off.

A couple of years later, I had another entrepreneur friend tell me about it and how it helped her with her business, so I looked up my profile again and it still didn’t click, so I let it go. The third time I looked into it, it made itself known in my presence. I was attending a weekend retreat where there was a speaker who specialized in Gene Keys, specifically readings, so for the third time, I pulled up my chart and looked at it. There were a few things that caught my attention (finally!) but most were over my head.

At some point after that, I finally made the connection that Gene Keys were connected to human design. The original channeler of the Gene Keys studied human design for years, even decades before the Gene Keys came through.


A few weeks after that, I discovered Eden Carpenter, who had a coaching certification based on human design and gene keys for life, business, manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. One thing I knew was that I had to join because I finally understood it.

I have discovered how these systems work together, and I just knew I had to study it further, so now over a year later, I'm here. I'm studying both these systems in depth and helping others navigate their energetic blueprints. Personally, where others like to focus on one system or the other, I love to almost float between them, allowing their wisdom and teachings to guide me. They're very complementary to each other, but they are different, and I'm going to go into that a little bit more. While most of you know me for my work with human design, you may not know what the gene keys are exactly or how to use them, so I thought I would take a moment, or a podcast episode, to explain that.


You might be a little curious about why I used them and how I used them. Furthermore, how could it be possible for me to dance and balance between human design and gene keys? Human Design, on the other hand, is your true energetic blueprint and was channeled first by a man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987.

It is called the science of differentiation because it helps us understand just how unique we are, how unique our souls are, and where our souls are on this particular journey on earth, and it gives us clarity on how to best move through the world using our unique combination of energetic gifts.


The Human Design System, this science, is a combination of a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modalities: Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, the Indian Chakra System, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Also woven in with the more modern sciences of quantum physics, biochemistry, and neuroscience.


This system combines quite a lot of things, which is great if you are overwhelmed by human design or if you want to create something unique. You understand how it can get so complex with all of these systems incorporated in one way or another and human design truly shows you how you are designed to best interact with others and the world around you. It can show you your gifts, your strengths, and your blind spots. It can also show you what is best for your aura and how your aura comes into contact with another aura.


On the other hand, Gene Keys was channeled by a man named Richard Rudd in 2002. Richard was a long-time student of Ra Uru Hu and human design. The Gene Keys system elaborates and goes much more in-depth in many ways than human design. However, there is overlap between them and they work very well together.


A big aspect of gene keys is that you cannot talk about gene keys without talking about the science of contemplation, or the action of contemplation.


Contemplation is the brain space between focused effort and surrendered meditation. By contemplating, you understand the aspects of your chart and how you see them reflected in your own life-You unconsciously begin to unlock your internal awareness, elevating your frequency by literally changing your DNA.

The gene keys used the brain space between those concentrated efforts. Between using your brain to focus on something very specific and surrendered meditation, or you're just in receiving mode, and contemplation sits in the middle of that. You're not thinking about it but it's there in your gene key hologenetic profile.


You're thinking about how that sphere or that gene key applies to your life, or how you can apply it, or how you can step into a higher frequency of it.


But you're not focusing so hard on it, but you're at least giving it some attention. While you are in that space where you are contemplating, you are in that beautiful in-between space that is between focused effort and just receptive meditation. You unconsciously begin to unlock your internal awareness, elevating your frequency. It literally changes your DNA. That's why it's called "gene keys." I'm not using "literally" in a figurative sense. It is literally according to this system.


These systems are based on astrology. To look them up, you need to know your exact date, time, and location of birth as precisely as possible. You know, as the moon moves very quickly, knowing the exact time, the date, and the location that you were born is very important. And there are many places where you can check your profile or design for free.

When I use these systems with myself or with my clients, I tend to float back and forth between the modalities. Here are three ways that I differentiate between them and how I use them. So let’s discuss them one by one


Your Operating Manual vs. Your Hero’s Journey 


Human design is an operating manual with the answers about how to leverage our energy most effectively. Once you know how to decipher your chart, it gives you a very clear understanding of your gifts, strengths, and blind spots with clear action steps or tangible direction on how to leverage this knowledge best to stay open energetically and in alignment.

I use this to help clients make relatively quick fixes and more simple action steps to strengthen the projection of their energy field.


For example, if you have an undefined G Center, you must have a calming and uplifting environment around you, or if you want to leverage your superpower, that is your emotions, if you have your emotional solar plexus defined.

The progression of the Gene Keys and your Golden Path invites you on a journey to unravel the aspects of your soul that are tied up in shadow or lower frequencies. Whereas human design helps you understand the what and how Gene Keys helps you understand the why. Because when you understand the why, you can face and overcome those shadows on your journey through contemplative awareness.


There is a richness and depth to the Gene Keys that Human Design doesn’t quite capture adequately, and I love diving into the details with my clients to help them understand and apply their lessons to their life and business.

This depth lends itself to building a strong marketing strategy, specifically creating an unmistakable brand because as you activate the gifts hidden within your Gene Keys journey, you truly begin to radiate the higher frequency of the gifts you’ve uncovered.

I will be releasing a new program soon that will help you use the Gene Keys and Human Design to create an unmistakable brand that radiates your magic from the inside out. It’s called Radiant, and you can get on the waitlist by clicking the link below in the episode description.

Evolution by external influences vs. Evolution by an inward focus


Human design is the blueprint that helps you calibrate your energy with the external world effectively. When you know your design, you can understand how you can apply & integrate your gifts with other people and the environment at large. You can understand how the cosmic transits will impact you, and you can anticipate and prepare yourself for how these energetic interactions can trigger you.

Human design is a great tool for self-growth, but I also love using it for relationships, partnerships, and energetic activations at large. You can begin to incorporate cosmic transits into your design.

Gene Keys is truly about that inner journey, that inner awareness, and your contemplation of what you uncover. While there is an entire sequence in Gene Keys devoted to relationships, you still embark on this journey through your self-exploration and shadow work.

Whereas human design is about adapting your external environment to better fit you and your energetic blueprint, Gene Keys is about going inward and untangling the dark shadows that are keeping you at lower frequencies.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. By elevating your frequency, you are changing your external world from the inside out. This is why I love both modalities: they are a two-sided approach to creating the purpose-filled life of your dreams.

Active Awareness vs. Receptive Awareness


While integrating your human design can certainly be more passive, there is usually some sort of active element associated with it. Even if it’s active thought and awareness needed to embody your most aligned version of self.

There’s an undertone of masculine energy, of structure and implementation, of action-taking inherent in beautiful human design. Action creates quick change. Gene Keys, on the other hand, is so much more receptive, surrendered, feminine. You can’t take action to embody your gene keys the same way you can act to embody your human design. 

Contemplation is a process of gradual unfolding and awareness that truly happens on its timeline. It can be revisited and re-examined. You can change your DNA from a place of stillness. You just have to be open to it and surrender to the timing, the pace, the outcome, and the "results" as long as you trust in the transformation.

I’ll be honest, even though I have been pretty deep into my studies of the Gene Keys for about a year now, I am still learning and uncovering so much in my divine timing and will continue to do so.

I’m sure my understanding of the similarities and differences between these systems will continue to evolve too, but I wanted to share this so that you can also let these beautiful systems co-mingle and begin to gain traction in your own life as well.

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