Introduction to Gene Keys for entrepreneurs

 Introduction to Gene Keys for entrepreneurs


In this episode, I'm going to be sharing a brief introduction to gene keys for entrepreneurs. So let's dive in.

Today I’m just going to jump right into it. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Gene Keys and how I use them with my entrepreneurial clients, so today I’ve decided to give a brief introduction and overview of the Gene Keys.


This is a vast, deep topic, so I’m going to be introducing this system through the lens of my process, which means it will not be comprehensive training by any means but should give you a place to start when it comes to using Gene Keys for your own business and marketing strategy or even from a personal perspective as well.

I also invite you to check out an earlier episode I did that talks about the similarities and differences between human design and gene keys. It’s called "Human Design vs. Gene Keys, Explained." It’s one of my top-performing podcast episodes of all time, so definitely check it out!


So let's get into the gene keys, which were channeled or downloaded by Richard Rudd, who was a longtime student of human design. This system has a lot of overlap with human design, but it is also very different in many ways. So how to work with the gene keys?


Everything in Gene Keys starts with the Golden Path.


When you pull up your chart, it is something you need your birthday, your birth time, and the location where you were born, just like astrology or human design, but it gives you this chart called the hologenetic profile, and it shows you essentially the path that you will take on your Gene Keys journey, the Golden path.

It is the recommended path or course for you to take if you want to go deeper with your Gene Keys. It’s very intentionally laid out where you start, where you go along the path, and then how to revisit it, again and again, to continue to dive deeper into this wisdom.

There are 3 sequences within the Gene Keys Golden Path. Think of them like the 3 phases of the Golden Path, where you are invited to go through all 3 to "complete" the path. There’s the Genius Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence, and the Pearl Sequence.

According to Richard Rudd, there are supposedly more sequences coming to be integrated, but for now, it’s just these 3. Within each of the 3 current sequences, there are anywhere from 4-6 spheres that represent an area of personal growth and reflection.


For each of those spheres, you have a unique key and line associated with the sphere that gives you clues as to the flavor of that lesson for you specifically. These keys roughly align with the human design gates, which are loosely based on the Chinese Iching archetypes. I will go into these in much more depth in a bit.


Gene Keys is all about contemplation, which is described as the middle space between meditation and focused thinking.


You pick an aspect of your golden path and you contemplate it. You open your mind to insights, realizations, and reflections and invite them to come in their divine timing.

Gene keys do not work on a timeline. It is a journey of a lifetime but it doesn’t have to be intensely studied for your entire life (unless you want to!)


It is an inner journey of personal growth, and you are invited to return to further consider aspects of your hologenetic profile (the name for a gene key chart, if you will) to see yourself more clearly and embrace the deeper layers of your shadows.

Each gene key represents the available spectrum of the archetype and has a shadow, a gift, and a siddhi. Your role is to become aware of the shadow and how it shows up for you and to acknowledge and embrace that shadow as a part of you until it transmutes into the gift and siddhi. The shadows are not bad, and they are not something you are meant to get rid of. No matter how healed or enlightened you are, they will pop up.

They invite you to examine what is triggering it or them, where you are not loving yourself completely so that you can grow to love yourself and others more compassionately through the process of becoming aware of it, acknowledging the existence of the pattern in your life, embracing yourself as you are, and stepping into the gift anyway.

How can you leverage Gene Keys in your business and with my clients?

You are the primary energy source of your business therefore, your gene keys have a significant impact on your business.


Yes, you can create and pull a separate chart for your business or offer, but to me, that is more advanced. If you are new to gene keys, start with your own hologenetic profile and your golden path of contemplation.


Human design helps you understand how you are designed to best work with things - people, environments, and yourself, and in many ways, it is like an operating manual for your human.


Great brands and businesses, and great marketing specifically, are built upon great storytelling, and that is the magic of the Gene Keys.

Gene keys help you understand how to best embrace, love, and liberate your true self by communicating in archetypes and journeys, which is why I always come back to it again and again in my business and, more specifically, for my brand, sales & marketing strategy.

Gene keys help you activate your unique genius/gifts, share them with and in support of your community, and create abundance and prosperity in meaningful ways that are unique to you. Just like human design, your gene key profile is completely and uniquely you, so my approach is always customized.

Genius Activation Sequence

Every individual behind the business or behind the chart is unique, but I will say I always recommend starting the Gene Keys journey where the golden path starts, which is called the Genius Activation Sequence and then going forward from there.


It starts with what’s called your life's work, which is amazing. Isn't that a great thing to start with? And then you go from there through the Genius Activation Sequence.

This is why my signature brand and marketing strategy program, Radiant on Purpose, is built around the Genius Activation Sequence, so you can start at the beginning as suggested. And if you're looking to integrate your marketing strategy with your gene keys and even your human design, I just kind of want to dive into it. My program, Radiant on Purpose, is perfect for that.


I don't want to talk too much about it because that's not the purpose of this episode, but we go deep into the genius activation sequence of your brand and marketing strategy in that program.

It's also recommended that when you start on the golden path and the genius activation sequence, you go from start to finish, which means you are contemplating 1 sphere and 1 placement at a time.


Give each sphere and gene key the space it requires before moving on to the next, and do this for each of the different spheres until you reach the end of the Golden Path. This is because each sphere informs, aids, or helps the one after it, so the order and path are very important.

The insights and wisdom that you gain from one help you in the next, and it's not like they're directly built upon each other, but it does kind of open your mind in different ways to receive.


For example: Immediately after your Life’s Work is your Evolution sphere, which is the biggest challenge that you face over a lifetime, and so understanding your Evolution through your Life's Work gives you so much more depth and context and texture to both the evolution and the life's work than if you were to just dive straight into the evolution you're missing.

To follow this path, I will say that if my clients come to me or they ask me questions where they have specific roadblocks or questions, I will also point them to specific things like spheres or placements that might give them some more direction. Yes, I'm a little bit of a rule-breaker in that way.


But for the most part, I'm always working from the start of the Golden Path and can maybe give some clues as to what might be a good thing to focus on as we work through that golden path.

Each of the sequences, and each of the spheres, keys, and lines, has a unique purpose and I can’t cover it all today, but you can get an idea of what you can discover through the gene keys and where to start. Since this system is vast and complex, I won’t be able to cover everything, but I hope to give you direction as a place to start on your journey.

If you decide you want to work with me or another Gene Key professional, you can use this brief overview to specify what areas you want to dive deeper into during a reading or a Frequency & Flow activation session with me. I’m going to touch on what each sequence represents and how I use it with my entrepreneurial clients.

I’ll be honest; I was thinking about going into each sphere in this episode but realized that would make for a 2-hour episode, so maybe that’s another topic for another day. If that’s of interest to you, let me know by sending me an email or DM me @breekuryk on IG.

The Genius Activation Sequence is made up of 4 spheres-your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance, and your Purpose.

So many people want to understand what makes them radiant and what their life's work is, so this is a very big one, of course. This is why I recommend you start there, and that is a good thing.


It activates or helps you step into your unique gifts and genius. It does not always mean that your gene keys and the lines that you have are literally what your genius is, although sometimes they are. Sometimes there's a very direct link where you say, "Oh, this gift of my life's work. This is what I do in my business.”


That happened to me when I first learned about it. The gift of my Life's Work in Gene Key 55 there and the gift is Freedom, and I believe that a lot of the work I do helps people create their freedom in a variety of contexts. However, sometimes your Life’s Work is more of a value than an expertise

This sequence teaches you how to create space to allow your genius and gifts to unfold and show themselves by helping you identify your most common and persistent patterns and triggers and giving you a process for working through them and coming back to your "center".


It is comprised of conscious and unconscious placements, which means that there is external/character-building work and growth AND internal/physical work and growth.

I use this sequence a lot when it comes to creating a unique (and uniquely powerful) brand strategy for my clients.


It is also very valuable in guiding clients towards practices, rituals, and priorities that support physical health, vitality, and the stable foundations needed to succeed over the long term in a sustainable way. You can become aware of the challenges you see in your life's work. You comprehend these through your external and internal work. It lays a solid foundation for you to expand and grow in all the right places.


Gene Keys Venus Sequence

This sequence is made up of 6 Spheres - your Purpose (same placement as the Activation Sequence but looking at it through a new perspective), your Attraction Sphere, your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), your Emotional Quotient (EQ), and your Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and then finally, it has your Core Wound sphere.

So this sequence strengthens your relationships and increases your magnetism to people, places, and things by exploring your developmental milestones and triggers.


You work backward - from your aura, through your mental, emotional, and spiritual triggers, and even contemplate your core wound which is an ancestral trigger that is passed down to you something that didn't even happen in this conscious life time of yours.

So I'm going to admit it right here right now, the Venus Sequence can be heavy, and this can be very uncomfortable and this in many ways is difficult to map to business & marketing in a straightforward way.


Most of the spheres in the Venus sequence are unconscious placements, meaning those patterns are unconscious to you. It can bring up a lot for people, it brought up a lot of hidden or forgotten memories from way earlier in my childhood and so this, in many ways, is like I will be honest when it comes to mapping the sequence to business and marketing in a straightforward way.


There's no direct map or straightforward way to say the Gene Keys Venus sequence does this for business because the other thing is that most spheres in the Venus sequence are unconscious placements which means you are unaware of these patterns. So the Venus sequence is an internal process, not an external one.


By working through the Venus sequence, you open yourself up to stronger, more durable, more authentic relationships, you establish & build trust, and you learn to love yourself and to have more compassion for yourself and others. It is all about connection, trust, relationship-building, and authenticity. These are the basic building blocks of marketing & selling effectively and with the integrity of attracting clients that are perfect for you and align with your values.

This is arguably the foundation that helps you build your business on a solid foundation that can grow & scale with you. It helps you define your values which is important from a branding perspective and can help you communicate these with your audience & potential customers. It also helps you become aware of your own triggers so you can work through them before you amplify them or project them onto your prospects & customers.

This is challenging work as you need to be tender, kind, and compassionate with yourself. But when you have that foundation of authenticity, trust, and connection, the day you start putting it into action and moving forward, there's nothing like having that level of connection with your clients.


Authenticity is never going to be a negative thing for your business because businesses are built on relationships, and that's exactly what this Venus sequence is all about.

Gene Keys Pearl Sequence


The Pearl Aequence is made up of 4 spheres, your Vocation, which is actually the same placement as your Core Wound from the Venus sequence but it's a different perspective. You also have your Culture, your Brand, and your Pearl sphere. This sequence is really how you make your mark on the world.

Once you’ve activated your genius and developed a strong community through the Genius Activation and Venus Sequences, this sequence is all about your calling, your role, and how to best make your mark on the world. It helps you connect to your power and prosperity.

So this is one that a lot of people love to jump to because who doesn’t love prosperity & money? There are always some things that you can glean through if you jump right into the Pearl Sequence and skip the rest.


However, It's so much richer and more contextual if you go through the entire golden past. So, that's my disclaimer for today, but I know even I was guilty of believing, "Oh, prosperity and abundance, like that's what I want to focus on first” only to end up backtracking. But I learned from my lessons.


Clearly, if you are a business owner, this can work best with the underlying message or mission your work conveys, how you make people important pieces of the puzzle, but you don't have to aspire to be an entrepreneur or business owner to be able to glean valuable and impactful insights from this sequence.

It gives you clues about how and where to transmute your learning into valuable lessons for the community. It gives you clues as to the types of groups and sizes of groups that you feel and in what ways you inspire them.

It also gives you clues as to your relationship with abundance, prosperity, and money as a whole. I use this with clients when it comes to their brand messaging, offers, and sales, making sure it aligns, or maps, to their existing marketing and business strategy as a whole.

This is the primary transformation. All of this stuff comes through the Pearl Sequence, or at least you can align the trajectory that your business is already on. You can align it to this pearl sequence. To better work with your energy to better work with how you best to work with people to help you step into the role that your energetic blueprint has gifted you in this lifetime.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope it helps to lay the groundwork or provide context for the powerful information that can be extracted from your gene keys, and perhaps even provide a starting point.

Like I said, initially I was thinking about going into each sphere in this episode, so if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know.

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