How to Niche your Business based on your Human Design Type

frequency & flow with bree kuryk How to Niche your Business based on your Human Design Type


In this episode, I'm going to be sharing all about how to use your human design strategies for business in a human design marketing strategy.


Back in my agency days, whenever we got a new client, we would always start with a brand immersion—either they would give us their detailed brand guidelines, or we would help them create them so that we could be able to get into the vibe of the business.


A brand starts with the mission, vision, and values. The logos, colors, and value proposition are important to reaching your target audience. It is also known as the niche, and for most of my big clients, creating a brand strategy and a target audience was easy for them. They’d give us a bunch of demographic information based on thousands of dollars of research that we could easily target with ads, and we'd be on our way. Because of this experience, when it came to creating a target audience for my own business and brand strategy, I’ll be honest, I was stumped.


The traditional demographics graph that we used for ad targeting didn't really feel right—does it matter if they are 25-24 or 35–44? Moreover, who cares if they live in California or Arizona, etc., but those traditional demographic types are used for target audience classifications.


I spent the better part of the last 2 years going back and forth trying to narrow down my own business target audience and didn’t get much traction. The only result was generic, dull marketing content that represented a dull, generic business. This is not exactly what I was going for or wanted to work for.


I believe in creating messaging specificity as a huge component of magnetic marketing content. That dull, generic messaging is neither magnetic nor activating as it just disappears into the black hole of the internet.


When I started to study human design for business, and to implement a human design marketing strategies for my business & my entrepreneur clients, I always had this in the back of my mind: how can I be specific about who I am speaking to in MEANINGFUL ways?


Marketing is the aura of our business, attracting potential soul-mate clients (our target audience) and repelling potential clients who are not a fit. Now think how people who are just not a fit for us for our services at this time right now, how does human design relate to that. We will try to understand it a bit. Your personal brand also represents your aura, and so obviously, those two things are related. One is your business aura, and the other is your aura if you're a personal brand or even if you're the owner of a small business.


Now the biggest question is: how does your human design relate to this? As your human design type represents your aura, all this took me down a rabbit hole of contemplating how I could use my projector-ness to speak to my "target audience or my potential soul-mate clients, and how my clients, who are different types, could do this for themselves."


There are five types of human design, and each one has a unique aura that connects with the outside world in different ways. Your niche/target audience is who you connect with, or are trying to connect with most. The keyword is CONNECTION. Your aura is about how you connect with other people and other entities.


However, the human design types and their auras have nothing to do at all with things like age brackets, where they live, or other demographic information, which we're usually forced to focus on with bigger businesses or that you're kind of taught.


I am simply going to give you guidelines or a framework to contemplate your human design marketing strategies for yourself and for your business, but don’t be limited by this. Trust your intuition and trust where you are being guided. For example, within the framework I’m about to give you, if you’re called to get even more specific or only work with a specific segment of that population, then by all means go for it. Like if you want to work only with women or new moms, etc.


Those who listened to my earlier episode must be aware of the fact that there are five types of human design, i.e., Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector. Now let’s discuss those human design strategies & auras one by one and try to understand how this will help you find your true client with whom you want to work with. 


Human Design Manifesting Generator & Generator entrepreneurs use their open, enveloping aura for marketing

Sometimes I look at human design generators and manifesting generators together and sometimes differently. Today we talk about them collectively. 


Energetic strength: You leverage your own energy to inspire, build and create. It's as if if you can tap into the right conditions in your own energy, you can multiply it by ten, which is very unique to these types.


How you serve: You are an example of what living in alignment can look like because the polarity for you is significantly different—obvious to yourself and those around you. Whether you are in alignment or you're not, or you like to be the example of what living in alignment is or what living in alignment is not like, that's like your calling card


How to Craft your Niche & share it: You should focus on people who share similar interests and journeys as you, so when you're in your element, you're lit up and you're feeling good. When it comes to being a human design generator entrepreneur, sharing what you love not only brings in people who are excited about it, but also makes you feel alive. You can do this either through specific activities or things you love to do (as a generator) or by documenting your journey and process.

Human Design Projector entrepreneurs use their piercing aura for marketing content to connect with soulmate clients


Energetic strength: You can see both the full puzzle & all its pieces that go within. You have the ability to see both levels with crystal clarity.


How you serve: You understand the macro and use it to make changes at the micro-level to make things better and more effective. So you're being a projector and have a really good sense of how to help others see things in a new way and help them do things in a new way


How to Craft your Niche & share it: You should surround yourself with people who can help with your unique system, process, or school of thought. Marketing for projectors using human design is about sharing what you know well (systems and processes, methodologies, etc.), your vision for making it even better, how others can help in the process.

Human Design Manifestor entrepreneurs use their closed and repelling aura to create a bold, yet effective marketing strategy

While closed & repelling may look negative, but it is nothing like that.


Energetic strength: You are the most inspirational of all the types and not just inspirational but motivational directly or indirectly, so you motivate others to take quick actions and just like that, quick decisive actions through what you say and what you do.


How you serve: You’re a fire starter. You say the unsaid, the overlooked, the ignored, and the unseen. You help other people figure out what they believe in and how strongly they feel about it, so they can create change with your guidance. You know, you can give them the steps they need to create change quickly and effectively.


How to Craft your Niche & share it: You should try to focus on the people with whom you can align with your truth. As a human design manifestor entrepreneur, should share your values, beliefs, mission, and vision unapologetically and without guilt. You know, you might turn some people away by what you're saying, but they're not your people. Your people are people who, like you, inspire action.

Human Design Reflector entrepreneurs use their sampling aura to lead & guide their soul family 

Energetic strength: Having a powerful pulse on the present, specifically communities of people and the collective as a whole, means you are their voice.


How you serve: Your ability to tap into the sources of energy and wisdom around you makes you a powerful oracle that helps others pursue their highest path. So you have just, you're so tapped in, you feel what's going on around you. You kind of sense the patterns that are happening and from there you can either give guidance and mentorship for the present moment or you can use those patterns to see what's coming. 


How to Craft your Niche & Share it: You should surround yourself with the community you belong to and lead it. As a human design reflector entrepreneur, what you are learning and experiencing in the present moment and how others can leverage this wisdom going forward. You observe trends and help course-correct as needed.


From there you can figure out who you can narrow down who your niche is and then once you narrow that down then that will help give you clarity on your marketing strategy and your marketing content. So for each type, once you know what your aura's like, you understand your strength when you understand your energetic strength. You know how to best serve people, you will understand how you can best serve them. If you are looking for guidance more guidance or details as you create an authentic and aligned brand strategy then check out the links below about how we can work together.


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