Free Workshop Series: Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment

Holding your vision of a better future as the most sparkly & radiant version of your spiritual self?


...but also feeling uninspired or weighed down in the day-to-day of creating & marketing yourself?


Keep on scrolling, friend. I’ll coach you through it.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if all you had to do was a few abundance rituals & prosperity practices for your dream audience to flood your inbox? Or if you could just copy-paste the services & marketing strategy of your favorite spiritual coach or business influencer and see your engagement grow exponentially?


 Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way.


Creating a movement with your mission doesn’t happen if you're blending in or doing things the way they’ve always been done while secretly hoping for a different result


It requires you to own the most magical & potent version of yourself. Even when it’s scary. Even when you’re unsure of yourself. Even when it feels like you’re shouting into the algorithmic void...

It’s time to take bold, yet aligned, actions when it comes to your brand, your strategy, and how you market it.


It's time to get noticed and stand out in the crowd for being authentically and unapologetically you

Because when you get seen & heard for your unique strengths & gifts, you become the trusted leader to those who are looking for the exact magic you can provide.

And as your visibility expands, your brand grows with it.


When you're ready to...

Build a brand that reflects the most authentic & creative version of you on every level by contemplating & embracing your energetic blueprint

Work with an online marketing, strategy & operations professional who has over 15 years of experience with 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses

Feel more calm, confident, and supported while making big moves & getting visible as an authority in your space

Create holistic, yet effective, marketing & sales strategies that are sustainable (and dare I even say, FUN?!) for you to execute on the daily

Cultivate your one-in-a-billion mission, message, and strategy so you can share it boldly and use it to connect with your target audience

Build efficient, effective, and smooth-like-butter systems & processes you can do a trust-fall into that don’t cramp your style

Let’s create a little structure to capture your flow of genius and sprinkle your one-of-a-kind sparkle into every facet of what you do….


While standing strong against the pushy bro-marketing & skeezy sales tactics that lurk around every corner and have your intuition screaming to run the other direction

Because I know you truly, deeply love to make the world a better place using your gifts, and I do too.


Growing any brand, but especially one as unique as you, is a journey that’s completely personalized & unique.


Which is why just copy-pasting another coach’s “million-dollar blueprint” to your your own journey and experience probably won’t work.

I’m not going to tell you how to build your own “brand in a box”. If you’re looking for the secret success cheat code, I’m not your gal.


I’m here to support you in identifying & implementing the right strategies for you using your intuition & the power of your energetic blueprint.


I’ve distilled over a decade of real business & marketing experience into universal concepts & through-provoking frameworks designed to empower you while you boldly & bravely navigate the tornado of best practices and trending topics swirling around you.


Ultimately, I'm here to help you to create something that you truly love with every microfiber of your being.


The Frequency & Flow framework is the foundation of my work.

It’s where the magical meets the practical… and where intentional daily actions get results and help you achieve your goals.

My 3-step approach for all spiritual & strategic consulting services

01 - Get intimate with your soul’s energetic blueprint & understand your unique gifts & strengths


We dive into that beautiful energetic blueprint of yours & connect your higher self to your human self via your intuition. I use human design & gene keys to strengthen & recalibrate your intuition, helping you recognize your gifts & strengths while also becoming aware of your challenges & potential roadblocks.



02 - Sprinkle your one-of-a-kind magic through your brand and marketing strategy


Together, we create an approach that'll help you reach the authority and visibility you desire. Step-by-step, we elevate & enhance your existing foundations by refining or creating all of the elements of an effective & persuasive strategy, highlighting your potent magic & unique gifts.



03 - Construct your customized brand & marketing ecosystem that glistens like the waves at sunset


Finally, we design, build, and launch a comprehensive system that’s aligned with your human design, gene keys, and most importantly, your intuition. A complete ecosystem that is persuasive and uniquely you. This includes brand strategy, customer journey, content strategy, a messaging framework, PLUS the KPIs/reporting to measure and optimize growth over the long term.

Get seen by your target audience as your most radiant self (or let me help you)


"I feel clarity and confidence in the results my business is creating for our customers and clients. 

Working with Bree was definitely a worthwhile investment. I will continue to use what I have learned in the years to come."

- Amber Housley, Business + Marketing Coach

Let's get you clear, confident, and consistent in your marketing strategy so your creativity can flow like waves crashing at the beach
- Option 01 -

The Jumpstart


Have a burning question about your human design or gene keys that you'd like an outside perspective on? Want to understand the big themes of your chart and how all the pieces fit together?

This custom video reading gives you exactly what you need when you need it most.

  • A targeted reading (directed by you!) so you can get what you need when you need it
  • Video recording sent straight to you within 7 business days

The Jumpstart is for you if…

  • You're looking for a 100%-customized-to-you introduction to human design and/or gene keys 
  • You’ve got one burning question about your human design or gene keys and you’d rather just get it answered than trying to "Beautiful Mind" it for yourself.
  • You're having trouble seeing the big picture in your design and need some help tying all the different elements into the themes of your greater purpose



- Option 02 -

Frequency & Flow Activation Session


Got a roadblock you need help busting through? Have specific questions about your personal brand, business, or your energetic blueprint you want to pick my brain about?

This 60-minute, hands-on power session gives you exactly what you need when you need it most.

  • One-on-one audits, strategy development, coaching, or human design/gene keys chart interpretations
  • “Pay by the hour” so you get only what you need
  • Call recording set straight to you after our session

The Frequency & Flow Activation Session is for you if…

  • You’ve got some burning questions about your human design, gene keys, personal brand, business, and/or marketing and you’d rather just “phone a professional” than spend hours spiraling in the Google rabbit hole.
  • You’re being flooded with ideas & trends you want to try but need help deciding what to take action on, when to start, and how to execute on it effectively in your limited time
  • You need an objective set of eyes (and a Projector’s no less!) to audit your work & provide some recommendations to polish it up & help it shine

You call the shots & I’ll bring my A-game so we workshop solutions together

Note: If you are interested in longer term 1:1 mentorship, consider this session the entry point to those offers.




- Option 03 -

Radiant on Purpose

from $397

A guided journey where I coach you step-by-step through the process of incubating & birthing an intuition-led marketing & sales strategy for your spiritual business using your human design & gene keys

Radiant on Purpose is for Spiritual soulpreneurs who want to reimagine, refresh, revamp, and refine their brand & marketing strategy so it authentically reflects their purpose, their mission, and their message on a soul-fulfilling level. 

  • Deeply transformational process for you & your business
  • Contains all the templates, worksheets, and swipe files I use every day in my own business
  • Receive a 100%-customized Integration Codes document with detailed instructions about how to align your business with your human design

Immersive, yet cost effective, experience

This learning-coaching hybrid journey teaches you how to activate your genius, step into your purpose, and speak to your soulmate clients with a clear, consistent message that pulls them into your universe & gets them excited about experiencing your magic

My guidance, your journey

Radiant on Purpose is my signature framework & program to fully integrate your human design & gene keys into your business & marketing strategy so you can build a fulfilling business that allows you to create & play every day while connecting to your soulmate clients.

Go at your own pace

With lifetime access, including any future updates, you can move through the journey at your own pace. Integrating human design & gene keys into your life & business is deep work (life-changing, but deep). The transformation is ready for you when you are ready for it!


"Bree laid out step by step guidance along with the strategy behind the process. It helped me get my vision out in the world more quickly than if I were continuing to please everyone." - Jenny Warner, iShineBrite

"Bree's the perfect mix of practical and woo woo, she truly brought our overall business foundation, communications, website, and email to the next level. She’s also extremely gifted at making intimidating business concepts relatable." - Victoria Nielsen, Spirit Mamas

Or, you can dip your toes into the water before you dive in with:

Marketing Yourself Successfully by Human Design

A guided journey to learn how to market yourself successfully based on your human design type so you can grow your brand strategically and get seen by your ideal audience using your unique gifts

Not sure what you need?

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