Radiant on Purpose


Design an intuition-led marketing & sales strategy to creatively & confidently promote your Soulpreneur business using human design & gene keys

You’re multi-dimensional, completely unique and your gifts have come online. Your magic grows more potent by the day. You’re called to serve others in more meaningful ways & it’s nearly impossible to ignore that pull any longer.


The problem is that growing up you were taught that it’s better to blend in, follow the rules, and comply with the soul-dimming status quo. For a long time, it’s left you questioning every word you say & action you take. You've played by other people's rules and limited yourself for far too long. 

You're feeling torn between two worlds, and you’ve committed to charting a new, expansive course for yourself.

You decided to leave behind...

Overanalyzing your situation & actions to avoid standing out “too much”, because now you’re determined to step into your purpose and take up space on your own terms.

Holding yourself back to avoid making people uncomfortable when you speak your truth because now you know the bold spark growing inside you is what will help change the world.

Worrying what others think about your new path, because now you know that blindly following the status quo does not guarantee safety, security, or happiness.

The next natural step was starting a business to share your gifts & help others transform their lives, too. But from the second you've stepped into the world of online business, you've felt like you’re not enough.


You've poured your heart and soul into the content & offers you share... only for everything to get lost in the algorithmic abyss. Not to mention that the current internet business climate feels like sh*t to you. You see right through the fake scarcity and urgency being used by others to scare people into their programs and know that approach is not for you.


Despite the conflicting feelings inside, you have one thing you know for certain:

There’s absolutely no way in your right mind or heart you can continue promoting yourself online if the only choices are: 1) to remain invisible or 2) to get seen by using sleezy marketing tactics... like sliding into someone’s DMs uninvited or using arbitrary countdown timers.

And so now you've found yourself enviously watching from the outside as others succeed online. Not sure how to move forward, yet unable to return to the soul-dimming status quo you left behind.

Every once in a while, your calling becomes too loud to ignore and you decide to test the waters of online business once more… only to be disappointed yet again as you burn yourself out trying to get seen & heard without resorting to those misaligned, icky-feeling tactics.


This cycle of following your soul-calling leaves you feeling frustrated and resentful. 


Which leaves you asking questions like:

Why can’t things be different? Why are you being called to step into purpose only to be met with this? Why must you continue in hiding when you are being called continuously to rise up?

In a world where it feels like the only two ways to move forward are to:


1) Resort to those dishonest, pushy, and inauthentic marketing strategies to grow a business 


2) Dampen your light and continue to remain unseen & unheard because you can’t stomach the first option…


I’m happy to share some great news! There’s another way & I’m here to be your guide

Hello there, I'm Bree Kuryk!

I am a 5/1 Energy Projector with Channels of Structuring (43-23) & Perseverance (28-38)

With over 15 years of marketing experience across clients of all sizes and industries, I distill all the best practices and trends into clearly-articulated strategies for my own clients. I love to examine the deeper purpose behind different tactics so I can help you help you tap into your own intuition to find the most aligned way to build your business.


My Incarnation Cross is the Left Angle Cross of Spirit

My soul purpose in this lifetime is to awaken the creative potential in those who cross my path. Studying Human Design & Gene Keys has unlocked new layers of creativity I’ve never imagined. By choosing to come into my aura, prepare to be inspired & activated into aligned action. This cross represents beautiful feminine receptive energy in harmony with masculine structure that I apply at every level of my client work.


My Conscious Sun is in Gate 55 with an undefined G-Center

My own journey as an entrepreneur has been an emotional roller coaster full of u-turns and lessons learned. And I stand here better because of  it. I help you stay true to yourself as you navigate your own journey to abundance and true freedom (because that’s ultimately why you made the leap into the unknown, right?)

If you feel like an outsider when it comes to using the sales & marketing tactics you see online your way in your own business, I have something to tell you:

There's nothing wrong with you for feeling this way. In fact, you're not alone. 


The truth is that you can act in alignment with your values and make an impact and be successful. 


You can create freely from a calm and Goddess-like inner space in your business, where you are attuned & aligned to your highest self & purpose. You can get seen & heard by your soulmate clients, connecting deeply to them and inspiring your audience to take their own aligned actions that change the world.

You already have everything you need within you, awaiting creation into the physical world.


You are a one-in-8-billion human with a one-in-8-billion purpose in this lifetime.

Give yourself permission to come out of hiding. Release the urge to justify yourself when you feel the pull to speak your truth.

You are worthy of being seen and taking up space.
Your gifts are potent and impactful on others.
Your message is valuable and deserves to be heard.

Did you know that human design adds a rich multi-dimensionality to your brand & business that highlights your one-in-8-billion-ness for your potential clients too?


Integrating it into your business ignites new levels of creativity within you that spark a ripple effect throughout your entire online presence.


When you take the opportunity to embody your human design, you align with your purpose on an entirely different level, activating pieces of your soul ready to come alive. It gives you clues that help you refine, create & build out an effective marketing strategy that also feels so much more like YOU on every level.

Aligning your business to your human design helps you get seen and heard in ways that start a movement with your message, bring attention to your gifts, and step into your purpose without all the bro marketing bullsh*t.


Let’s upend the soul-dimming status quo. Let’s pledge to do things differently, together. 


Here's how we get you seen & heard by your beautiful soulmate clients:

I invite you to join

Radiant on Purpose

Get clear in your mission, clear in your energy, and clear in your message so you can radiate your gifts out into the world and start a movement with your words. Radiant on Purpose ignites your soul-given gifts in ways that are not just noticed by others but amplify the energy around you, helping you attract your soulmate clients.


Using your own Human Design & Gene Keys blueprints, you’ll unlock your inner magic, activate your divine gifts, and elevate your frequency so you can birth an aligned strategy that feels like YOU and connects deep to the heart of your truest audience.

 Without the refined frequency of human design & gene keys, you are just forcing someone else’s tactics onto your business & hoping (with your fingers crossed!) a part of it works for you, too.


You’ll emerge from this program with a tactical, 100% personalized marketing strategy that gets you seen & heard as you fulfill your own unique purpose & enable your soulmate clients to fulfill theirs.

 Because without the down-to-earth elements of a multi-sensory & actionable marketing strategy, your magical & divine gifts remain in the ethers or you continue to be overlooked by the soulmate clients waiting to cross your path. 

This container is the ultimate combination of practical and magical.

Do you feel like you don't have "enough" to get started? You don't have enough good ideas, enough time, enough intuition, enough uniqueness, enough clarity, enough strength, enough power... the list goes on.


Your Radiant Attunement is the acknowledgement of your current place between two worlds and your commitment to yourself to take a leap into your soul-igniting body of work.

In this preparatory phase, you will get clear on why that little voice in the back of your mind calls you to reject the soul-dimming status quo even though all those beliefs of "not-enoughness" are even louder so you can overcome those false & constricting beliefs and become Radiant on Purpose.

Frequency Refinement & Embodiment

You'll be welcomed into this experience with love & compassion. But don't be fooled, energetic shifts will begin to occur as soon as you enter this portal. We'll dive into:

  - How to become Radiant on Purpose

  - What to Expect during your Experience

  - Getting Clear on your Big Why

Business Activation & Flow

In the Attunement phase, you make the decision to move forward along this path. This doesn't mean taking action for the sake of checking something off your To-Do list. This means meeting yourself where you are at and taking small but significant steps that are in alignment for you. During Attunement, this includes:

Soulmate Client Meditation & Workbook, an exercise to help you claim your power & call in the clients you are meant to serve

Radiant on Purpose Daily Energetic Ritual, a 10-minute practice to help break up any stagnant internal energy blocks preventing you from taking steps forward

Radiant on Purpose Integration Codes, a personalized PDF that details the gifts contained in your own energetic blueprint through the lens of Human Design & Gene Keys. Note: This document is 100%-customized & prepared with love. Expect to receive your personalized Integration Codes within 7 days of your entrance into this portal



Do you feel called to ignite a movement but you're still figuring out what exactly you stand for and how you can convince others that it matters?


Your Radiant Mission is your North Star as you build your Radiant on Purpose business. It's the first step as you claim the innate power within you.


In this phase, you will get clear on your mission and movement so you can articulate what you do to your audience inspiring them to create change in their own universe.

Frequency Refinement & Embodiment

You'll dive into the most significant energies & gifts in your energetic blueprint that give you clues as to what you are here to do in this lifetime and how it relates to to your current business or the business waiting to be birthed through you:

  - Human design incarnation cross

  - Gene keys activation sequence

  - Conscious design

Business Activation & Flow

With a new awareness, embodiment, and integration of the most significant energies you came here with in this lifetime, you will be able to truly hone in on the Big Why behind your business, and life. This includes getting crystal clear on the 3 key pillars of your movement:

  - Business Purpose

  - Mission & Vision

  - Transformation you facilitate



Do you sometimes feel like the disconnect between your your calling that's coming into focus and how your audience will understand & become activated by it?


Your Radiant Energy is your Medicine that keeps you centered & grounded as your gifts expand. It creates the strong foundation for your Radiant on Purpose business to flourish but this alone doesn't change the hearts & minds of the people you are meant to serve.


In this phase, you will support the physical vessel that turns your mission into a literal movement -- your body -- by getting clear in your energy. By refining the energy of your channel, you expand your aura & help your audience clearly experience you in multi-sensory & unmistakable ways.

Frequency Refinement & Embodiment

You'll dive into powerful energies & gifts contained within your energetic blueprint that give you clues as to who you are & came here to BE in this lifetime and how it relates to your current business or the business waiting to be birthed through you:

  - Unconscious design

  - Cultivating a multi-sensory experience

  - Quantum design calibration

  - Step into your Purpose through Physical Movement with Kathryn Ziegler of KLZ Method

Business Activation & Flow

With a new awareness, embodiment, and integration of the most significant energies you came here with in this lifetime, you will be able to truly hone in on who you are and choose to be in business and life. This includes getting crystal clear on additional key elements of your brand strategy:

  - Core values

  - Positioning & Value proposition

  - Identity, Personality & Voice

  - Imagery & Aesthetics



Do you feel that despite your blooming creativity & action-taking that your work is still getting ignored & overlooked? Do you catch yourself asking, "Why am I putting all this effort into something that never gets seen?" and consider giving up entirely on your purpose?


Your Radiant Message is the Potent & Influential Transmission of your Radiant on Purpose business. It agitates the status quo & wakes up the masses, creating a ripple effect that accelerates your movement. It's powerful because you are clear in your mission & energy and it will only make a greater impact from now going forward.


In this phase, you will get clear on the best ways for you to articulate your potent message to the world for those that need it most. By creating offers & content that deeply align with your energy, intuition, and how you choose to serve, you'll start to magnetize your ideal clients.

Frequency Refinement & Embodiment

You'll dive into how to leverage your own innate energetic gifts and the innate energetic gifts of those around you to help you creatively express yourself. You'll learn how to inspire others into their own aligned action with less force & frustration as it relates to your current business or the business waiting to be birthed through you:

  - Human design circuitry

  - Centers & channels

  - Impact & Influence through clarity & consistency

Business Activation & Flow

With a new awareness, embodiment, and integration of how energy flows within you & connects you with others, you will be able to truly hone in on how to create potent transmissions that help you stand out & get heard. This includes getting crystal clear on key elements of your marketing strategy:

  - Gifts & Framework

  - Purpose Statement

  - Customer Journey

  - Content Strategy

What our Creators are Saying...

"I've dreamt of this business idea for quite some time but didn't give it the focus it deserved. Bree's program was the vehicle that empowered me to make it reality.

I achieved clarity on my unique brand and positioning and gained a wealth of knowledge to drive it forward from here - feeling confident in developing my offers.

The course broke in down step by step so I could focus my energy on getting my gifts into the world. Bree not only has a deep understanding of marketing but truly takes time to know your business and ensure you succeed." - C.A.

This isn’t your average human design program where you are primarily told to follow your Type's Strategy & Authority. We dive deep into your chart to unearth what makes you a true one-in-8-billion kind of unique. 

...and let me tell you that it goes way deeper than knowing whether you’re a Generator or a Projector.


No matter where you are at in your own human design & gene keys journey, from newbie to seasoned expert, you will receive immense value from this experience. There is nothing else like it out there.


By the end of this container, you will have a highly potent and comprehensive brand & marketing strategy created for your purpose-driven business that will reflect your most rich & elevated You-ness consolidated into simple templates you can use and iterate on forever

Imagine yourself...


Getting clarity on your soul purpose according to your human design and strengthening your intuition using your innate gifts


Understanding & activating the strongest energies in your chart, what they mean, how to leverage them, knowing how they show up in your internal & external world, and common pitfalls you'll be able to avoid


Aligning your energy with your business, transcribing and transmuting it in ways that showcase your one-of-a-kind gifts to the world


Design practical & tactical ways to infuse your gifts & strengths into all facets of your marketing & promotion strategy so you get seen & heard by your soulmate clients without force, frustration, or burn-out


After the Radiant on Purpose Attunement meditation...

I had my business idea, but was so overwhelmed that I was frozen and didn’t know where to begin. Bree laid out step by step guidance along with the strategy behind the process. She also helped me realize that there is absolutely no way to be all things to everyone and to just focus on delivering my mission. After all that’s what I’m here for. It helped me get my vision out in the world more quickly than if I were continuing to please everyone.

Jenny Warner

This was SO incredibly informative, powerful, and Bree is an amazing guide through all the valuable info she shares here. I am a complete beginner in running a business and she made the whole course really clear, and I felt really supported and nurtured throughout.  I am really looking forward to implementing more knowledge of my human design in my business too. Can’t recommend this enough!

Louise Holcomb @bemovedyoga

This program blew me away in the best way possible! I didn't think I had the knowledge it took, I didn't have a formal business up and running, and I didn't have the trust and confidence in myself to move forward on my dreams. But I could feel it in my body that it was right for me, at the right time. I'm SO incredibly glad I signed up for this! It has 100% shifted my mindset and confidence in myself, my dreams, and the business I'm growing. It was the perfect balance of structure and flow, masculine and feminine. Bree's background of growing online businesses successfully and her passion of spirituality is the perfect blend. I'm definitely going back through this course again on my own as I continually grow my business. I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone who is on a mission to expand their dreams, reach bigger and brighter, and accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Brooke Curb

Bree's beautiful energy was the foundation of this program. As a new entrepreneur, she made me feel loved, supported, seen and heard. She helped me build confidence in myself and my business. Each module she created is full of wisdom and guidance - so much juicy content!

I gained clarity on who I want to serve and why. I would love to work with Bree again in the future and would absolutely recommend her program :)

Stephanie Wright @the_wright_steph

Feeling called to accept the invitation?

Please be sure to tune into your own authority to decide if this decision is right for you. 

Emotional authority? Ride the wave until you feel emotionally clear. Sacral authority? Make sure it’s a “Hell Yes!” right now. Splenic authority? Get out of your head & trust your intuitive knowing. Ego authority? Follow your desires. Self-projected authority? Decide if you are the type of person that does this. Environmental/sounding board/no authority? Find a safe environment & talk it out with a trusted confidant. Need more help? I have a podcast episode on this topic.

Ready to become Radiant on Purpose?



  • 7 modules of frequency elevation tools & guided marketing strategy implementation dripped over 6+ weeks

  • Your own 100%-personalized Radiant on Purpose Integration Codes PDF document

  • Comprehensive, customizable marketing templates & worksheets for branding, messaging, and content strategy
  • Bonus: 10-minute Radiant on Purpose Amplification daily energetic practice
  • Bonus: Meet your Soulmate Client meditation
  • Bonus: Step into your Purpose with Physical Movement with Kathryn Ziegler of KLZ Method
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to the program

Want a Self-Study payment plan?




Payment plan available

  • Everything in the Radiant on Purpose program

PLUS 6 months of 1:1 support from Bree for personalized guidance on navigating the integration of your unique business with your human design.

  • 3 x 1-hr calls with Bree to discuss the intricacies of your unique business how to incorporate it with your energetic blueprint
  • Weekly audits & reviews to receive feedback and suggestions directly from Bree after submitting your work
  • 1:1 Telegram chat to more deeply integrate & elevate your learnings & realizations in real-time. (Note: expect a 48-hour response time M-F)

Bree’s program perfectly combined the masculine and feminine energy-approach toward developing an effective sales & marketing strategy. I walked away with tangible tools that I can continue to apply in the different stages of my business. Most notably, she encouraged me to pull from my own intuition while offering professional, one-on-one insight and parameters. Thank you, Bree!

Anna Hagopian @annahagopianhealth

From the very first module, Bree has an amazing way of helping you step into the mind of your soul client with such ease. The perfect mix of practical and woo woo, she truly brought our overall business foundation to the next level. All of our content and marketing is so crisp and clear now—every business seriously needs this!

Victoria Nielsen @spiritmamas