Marketing yourSELF Intensive

A fully-customized, comprehensive strategy & service to help you maximize your ROI on the time, money, and energy you invest into your business while getting you seen & heard by your soulmate clients

Feeling uninspired, frustrated, overwhelmed, or directionless when it comes to your own marketing & sales strategy?

Like a favorite recipe, your marketing strategy consists of a symphony of ingredients & steps to transform from an offer (the ingredients) to hand-raising soulmate clients for that offer (a gourmet dish).


And just like preparing that dish, it can be heartbreaking when you get all the way to the end of a launch or promotion only to realize it underperformed because something was missing or off 

…leaving you to play detective to figure out exactly what happened so it doesn’t happen again.


Even when your launch performs way better than expected & you’re soaking in that moment, you’ll want to be sure you know exactly what made all the difference so you can do it again next time. Because...

Getting in front of your soulmate clients in the right place, right time, right energy, AND understanding how you can do it better & more effectively, is where the true magic happens.

That *magic* is when your gifts & talents can truly be shared with the world and your business goals & intentions start to become a reality.


When it comes to cooking up that marketing magic in your own business, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy or recommendation that’ll work for you (in fact, if someone tells you they can give you that… run!)


And while the best marketing strategy for every business will be different, every effective marketing strategy consists of 3 key pillars that must be built & nurtured in order for the strategy to be successful:

The 3 Key Pillars of Marketing yourSELF

- 1 -

Brand & Strategy

High-level approach to your business’s brand, marketing & sales systems that helps you attract, connect & support your soulmate clients in the most aligned way for you

- 2 -

Planning & Execution

Comprehensive roadmap with clear steps to create a resourceful foundation & allow growth opportunities to manifest through aligned action in the most impactful & leverage-able way

- 3 -

Metrics & Growth

Insightful system of qualitative and quantitative benchmarking & reporting that helps you confidently assess the current state of your business & make bold decisions going forward

As a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s normal to only feel good about one or two of these pillars. I’ll admit, this can feel like A LOT even though it doesn’t have to be.


But a comprehensive marketing strategy, YOUR unique marketing strategy, will only work if all 3 pillars are fully integrated together and support each other symbiotically.


Which is why I created the Marketing Magic Intensive for you.

 The Marketing yourSELF Intensive helps you laser-focus on only the area(s) of your marketing that need a little extra TLC, guidance & support to flourish and improve it holistically.

 You pick the pillar your strategy needs the most help with and we work together to get that piece of your marketing ecosystem developed & locked in quickly & effectively so your sparkly magic can manifest.


My intention for this container is to deliver a “best-in-class” strategy (best for your business AND best for you as the entrepreneur) to you on a short timeline that will quantum leap your business & marketing

…and if you need help executing on that strategy, I’ll be able to help you with that too. 


So let’s get into the details now, shall we?

The Marketing yourSELF Intensive has 3 different pillars (tracks) for you to choose from:

- Pillar // Track 01 -

Brand & Strategy


Your business is your legacy. And whether you are a personal brand or not, your energy is the primary energy in your business. It radiates out from you, into your words & marketing content, through the screens, and into the hearts of your soulmate clients. So why not become the most radiant & aligned version of yourself possible?

In this intensive, we will decode your human design & gene keys energetic blueprints to excavate & enhance your marketing strategy so that you glow from the inside out as you attract your soulmate clients with less force, less frustration, and less burn out.


Outcome: Clear steps to align your business, marketing, or brand strategy with your energetic blueprint via human design & gene keys

This is for you if you’re:

  • Looking to deep dive into your human design & gene keys as a means to create a more aligned business from the top down
  • Wanting to refine your brand, marketing, and messaging so that it feels more Authentically You by fully integrating your human design & gene keys
  • Seeking someone who look at your entire human design & gene keys blueprints in depth to summarize your gifts, strengths, and challenges in a succinct & actionable way

What you'll get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 2-hr call + recording
  • Energetic Brand Blueprint document
  • Soul Business Integration recommendations
  • 30 days of Telegram access

If you want to take it a step further...

Once you know your human design & gene keys blueprints on a deep level, you can actually integrate & implement your unique energy into every level of your brand & marketing strategy to reinvigorate & reignite your business.

After the intensive, we’ll discuss options to work together on your:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Marketing strategy implementation
  • Content strategy creation
  • Messaging proliferation



- Pillar // Track 02 -

Planning & Execution


The more clean & connected your channel, the more downloads, ideas, and inspiration you receive. So much so, it might even be overwhelming at times. And the truth is that flow can only manifest when there is some structure to bring it to form here on Earth. Whether your brain just “doesn’t work that way” or you just need help prioritizing projects, I’ve got you!

In this intensive, we will put some form to the magical & unseen to help you get clear & confident in your next aligned actions. Like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, we will get all your ideas & to-do list items out on the table, then develop a detailed plan to help it manifest & make it happen piece-by-piece.


Outcome: Clear direction to implement projects & take action in your business along a roadmap that prioritizes high-value, high-energy projects

This is for you if you’re:

  • Swirling around in your head with all the ideas, projects, and things you’ve downloaded for your business but you need help prioritizing them
  • Needing to structure your big goals & desires into tactical & practical projects so you can expand your business thoughtfully & in alignment
  • Desiring someone to just create a big to-do list for you and/or your team that works with your unique energy and that aligns with your big goals so you can get started and get out of the mental whack-a-mole

What you'll get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 2-hr call + recording
  • Aligned Planning 12-month Business Roadmap
  • 90-day Detailed Action Plan with tasks
  • 30 days of Telegram access

If you want to take it a step further...

Once you’ve got a plan that gives you full-body confirmation chills & has you saying, “Hell Yes!” now it’s time to transform that plan into aligned action and build the structure needed to ground your business for expansion & growth.

After the intensive, we’ll discuss options to work together on your:

  • 90-day plan set-up and project management
  • Team building and hiring
  • Systems, processes and SOPs
  • Technology & automation



- Pillar // Track 03 -

Metrics & Growth


Understanding your data is where the magic’s at when you’re ready to grow your business effectively & feel confident in the ROI of your time, energy, and money. Did you know that your data is more than just numbers? Data is a system of feedback for you to make decisions. It includes KPIs/metrics, story-telling and your intuition (yes, you heard me right!)

In this intensive, we will lay the foundation for a comprehensive, strategic, and perhaps slightly woo-woo data & measurement framework so you can focus on the marketing strategies that pack the biggest punch in your business while your higher self gives you a high-five.


Outcome: Clear & detailed strategy to help you simply & streamline the investment of your time, money, and energy to maximize your return on investment

This is for you if you’re:

  • Looking to bring more efficiency into the growth of your business by increasing & optimizing the ROI of your marketing & sales efforts
  • Seeking a more comprehensive understanding of how people find your business and their path to purchase so you can make educated decisions on the daily
  • Desiring to create a feedback system for KPIs & reporting in your business that includes both quantitative (metrics & numbers) and qualitative (intuition & anecdotal) data points seamlessly

What you'll get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 2-hr call + recording
  • Customer Journey Framework & Data Workflow
  • KPI, Metrics & Reporting Strategy
  • Implementation Guidelines & Customized UTM Template
  • 30 days of Telegram access

If you want to take it a step further...

Need help build out your beautiful, new feedback & reporting system? Don’t worry, 99% of entrepreneurs do too. I can help you implement holistic data systems & processes in your business as easy, simple, and clear as possible.

After the intensive, we’ll discuss options to work together on your:

  • Google Analytics set-up (including conversion tracking, if needed)
  • Data troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Google Data Studio dashboards & reports set-up
  • Holistic, yet comprehensive, system of reporting, data & feedback

Even though the outcome & deliverables for each pillar/track is different, the general process for the Marketing yourSELF Intensive is the same.


Here’s what you can expect from me once you’ve filled out the short application:


Once you've submitted your application, I’ll reply by email within a couple business days with next steps and you’ll have the option to book a quick, obligation-free call with me if you need help deciding whether an intensive is right for you right now.


When you sign up for the Intensive, you’ll receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire that’ll help me hit the ground running going into our session. After you complete the questionnaire, you’ll receive a link to schedule our call together.


During our session, I’ll guide you through some questions & discussion to help me craft the most perfect & personalized strategy for you. Bring your favorite beverage and get ready to get so much work done that you’ll want to virtually high-five after!


You’ll receive your final strategy documents & deliverables, my notes, and the call recording within 48 business hours of our session. You’ll also receive details about how we can continue to work together to implement the strategy I’ve put together for you, if you need support.

And here’s what else you can expect:


Face-to-face time with Bree

to design & develop an outcome that that meets you where you’re at and is 100%, completely personalized your business 


Compassionate partnership

with someone who will love & treat your business like it’s her own each step of the way


Specific & detailed strategy & recommendations

that you can implement on your own, or work with Bree to get it implemented as quickly as possible. 


Post-intensive support

with 30 days of unlimited Telegram and/or email support after the Intensive to ask questions & get clarification, whether you choose to work with Bree to implement it or not


What it's like to work with me:


“Bree's helped me tremendously by building systems into my business that have removed the bottlenecks from my day-to-day so that I can work much more efficiently & effectively.

I love Bree's awesome attitude and eagerness to make things happen for me & the rest of her clients. When I approach her with a problem, I know that she'll always bring creative, new ideas to the table.”

Kaitlin Sandeno HoganGeneral Manager of the International Swimming League’s DC Trident, Olympic Gold Medalist & Co-Author of “Golden Glow”

"Working with Bree was a great co-creation process. I loved the synergy I experienced working with her and her ability to bring structure to my fast-growing business.

With Bree’s support, I have a greater understanding of our customer data and in making data-driven strategies.

As a result, I am now managing my reporting and key business insights more effectively, and I feel clarity and confidence in the results my business is creating for our customers and clients.

Working with Bree was definitely a worthwhile investment. I will continue to use what I have learned in the years to come."

Amber Housley, Online Marketing Coach & Retreat Queen

"Bree's communication, organization and leadership all made it easy and fun to work on her team. I can't wait to work with her again in the future!”

- Crystal Coleman, The Systems Witch


"Bree, your ROI has been exponential!

Kathleen Almy, Almy Education

Considering the Marketing yourSELF Intensive?


Each Intensive track starts at $1,250

If you are interested in multiple intensives or a customized intensive package, let me know in the application.


The possible implementation packages listed above are an additional add-on & investment that we’ll discuss when I deliver your strategy at the end of the intensive.
The level of investment is customized in accordance with your business’s exact needs & desires.

Note: You are not obligated to invest in an Implementation package by signing up for an Intensive.

Due to the customized nature of the Intensive, availability is limited.


Client Case Study: Metrics & Growth track
Jennifer Duclair, Mindset Mentor

"When I met Bree I was spread very, very thin between serving clients, managing my team and marketing my services. I knew I needed to collect and analyze business metrics to determine where to put my energy for the most growth. 

I scratched the surface a little on my own, but I suspected I wasn’t doing a complete job. Plus, it was an additional task on my already full plate. It was time to bring in a professional. Bree helped me pull together all my data, even from places I didn’t realize I could track data. 

With a very comprehensive and easy-to-read dashboard, Bree gave me a bird’s-eye view of all my metrics, so I could start making smart decisions on where to place my time, money, and energy to grow my bottom line.

I feel so empowered making informed decisions about my business (instead of blindly following what the gurus say “should” work for me because it worked for them). I also have peace of mind knowing I can measure the impact of any new marketing plan and make a quicker decision on whether or not it’s working.

With Bree’s help I saved time from needless activities, saved money by cutting things that weren’t working, and discovered things I should prioritize (because they were working for me behind the scenes with very little attention and I didn’t even know it!).

Going with Bree’s expertise and services is a smart move for entrepreneurs who want to scale in a way that’s right for their lifestyle and their business."