How can I wait for the invitation as a Projector while growing my business? with Julia of The Holistic Toolbox

How Can I Wait For The Invitation as Human Design Projector

In this episode, we talk with Julia who is a Kundalini yoga teacher and also a holistic self-discovery coach.

She has 10 years of background in the corporate world but for the past 4 years, she felt like it was not serving her and entrepreneurship became her dream. It took a while to really figure out where to go from there and also to build up the courage to find her own path in the world. It took some time and several studies and qualifications to land on what she is doing right now. She started Kundalini's yoga full-time job at the end of 2020 when she was let go of her corporate job & took it as a sign from the universe to dive full time into the yoga & coaching business.

The Holistic Toolbox is a whole bunch of different tools that she combines together, and she calls it "Practical Spirituality." All her offerings combine traditional, down-to-earth life coaching with more out-there spiritual modalities like yoga, astrology, and Human Design. Her work is really about giving them tools to connect with your authentic self, like figuring out who you are, what you want, and how you get there. She helps them to learn to listen to & trust their institution again.

Julia is at a point in her business where she has validated and impactful offers that she feels confident in moving forward. For her, it is now about growing her business and her community. As a Projector in business, she often struggles with her strategy of needing to wait for the invitation and recognition. She would like some clarification and perhaps even practical examples of what that can look like in real life and any other tips on sustainable business growth based on my Human Design & Gene Keys.

The marketing strategy Julia uses right now

Julia is really active on Instagram, and she's limited to posting on her feed probably six days a week. It's a mix of things like doing reels and posting videos and photos. She spends a lot of time on her stories. She also conducts workshops or something for people once a month, and then she has quite a small email list. That she uses sporadically, probably not like doing a regular newsletter.

Julia is a projector, and she carries the theme of community, networking, and building in her chart, as her purpose and primary focus are community-driven and networking-driven. She has community channels 37 to 40 in her system, as well as her conscious sun, conscious earth, and gene key. As a result, those are very prominent energies in her chart. She also has an unconscious profile line 4, which is all about relationships and networking.

Julia is aware of at least line 4 in her profile. Being a two-four also means having that need at the same time to have that hermit energy together with the networking and community energy. She sometimes struggles with being in groups because she feels like she is on the outside looking in almost all the time, and she never really feels like she's in the group but rather on the periphery. She enjoys networking in the traditional sense, but she can easily make acquaintances and friends and always enjoys meeting new people. In business, she noticed that the people she tends to work with, such as the people who enroll in her courses or come to her yoga classes, are most often people she knows from somewhere like she met them while she was traveling or they've been in the past in the same program that she was also in. She has some sort of connection with them. She doesn't really attract people like that, so that's a place where I've definitely noticed this design.

She has gate 40 in her conscious sun, which is actually called the gate of Aloneness. And don't take this as a negative. It is like a community, but it is through those one-on-one relationships. So when I say I like a lot of the theme, even with the line, it's because you unconsciously have line 4 as a 2/4 profile. So that's how people see you and perceive you and how they kind of come into your energy more naturally. That doesn't mean, going to a networking event or to a huge party, but really, networking in terms of quality relationship building between you and other people, and then, another great thing about this unconscious line is the connection. You have a great eye for saying, "Oh, I know this person and like them."

The unconscious line four helps in terms of building your audience, but think about how you can incorporate it more in a way that feels good. Obviously, as I said, if you hate being in huge groups of people or like throwing yourself into huge groups of people, then don't do that. But how can you just organically build natural relationships like one-on-one?

Your conscious sun controls 70% of your personality and your energy. So it's good to create direct personal contact over a period of time. Conscious of things like connecting and networking things that in a way feel good to you, I think it will benefit you a lot.

She definitely sees that like without even knowing but she adopted that in her business as well. So like that's why she doesn't have a regular newsletter that goes out every week for example because that's not how she works.

Julia sometimes takes a digital detox and hasn't been on Instagram or anything for a full week, not posting anything either. She just didn't feel like it, so she was just giving herself permission as an author to bring that, like emotional intelligence.


That emotional intelligence and intuition are there because you have your emotional center, your solar emotional solar plexus, which is why your Splenic center is like intuition. There is the head center, and then the root center, where you'll feel pressured to ask why isn't this thing happening right now, or why do I need to do this now, why do I need to get this done now, why do I need to like and you, so you just have to feel like you're going to feel that pressure as well. Especially when you're in other people's energy.

So when you're focused on staying in your own energy, that pressure goes away, and then the beauty of the undefined head center and root center is that when you're nurturing them properly, it really is like the trust and the divine timing of things and you feel much more.


I'm confident in that when you're not being influenced by the energy of others. The 37-40 channels are especially about community, networking, and building relationships, but it's also about boundaries.

She noticed on Instagram that they have a letter limit she has to edit and what she wants to write? She thought about doing a blog before, but then I was like, "ah, oh, that's like 1 extra thing that I need to do, like 1 extra thing that I need to make content for, but just like taking the content that I'm already making and then, like you said, repurposing it." That’s not a lot of extra work to put into it.


But I think a blog would be a good place for her to start and add that to her website. It's a good idea as one can just repurpose it, copy and paste it, and shorten it. This is more on the tactical, practical, or 3D side of things, like how often your website gets updated. So, if you are consistently adding blogs to it. It tells Google that your website is staying fresh. So then it'll help them prioritize instead of just putting up a website and like never touching it, so that's why I just like the weather and this is not just for you.


It's like an efficient use of your energy, especially when you're just getting started and it's just you doing everything. It's like you don't want to be pulled in too many directions because that dilutes the energy that you put into any one thing anyways.

On Instagram when people are going to look at your profile. They look back at old posts and are just kind of like, "Do I like Julia?" or "What do you know?" and kind of get a feel for your energy. As a result, it's like what you've done so far. It's not gone away. In the end, it's about how do you leverage the energy you have and put it out there so you'll be found in different ways, and that's not something I think what we discussed today is a completely practical step. But I invite you to keep it as you decide how you want to market it.

Now I came back to that, networking and maybe spending some time thinking about how you can sustainably tap into that because it's a gift of yours and it's something where you're feeling unsure about it. It's almost like I would say that's like an untapped gift of yours. So how do you cultivate it in a way that feels good to you?


What can you do to strengthen that muscle that feels good because it's a big thing for you too because you have a defined ego center. And that also comes from this 40 gate, that channel connection is what defines what your ego center is like for you. It's just that it's small and you also have to apologize.

There is gate 9 in your unconscious earth, which is just small consistent actions over time, so you have this really practical energy in your chart too. So it's like, focusing on what you can do sustainably today or tomorrow. Just focus on that instead of hearing what we talked about today and being like, "Okay, we're going to do all of this." You know, it's more of just like, okay, I have some room for this, or I have some room. Maybe it's just to send one genuine thing, like a DM compliment.

Julia is thinking of starting a YouTube channel or starting her own podcast. She really liked the blog option for now. It really feels like something that feels doable with the energy and capacity that she feels right now. She likes the idea of small but consistent actions of reaching out to just one person a day. Opening that channel is also like opening that conversation, and you never know where that will lead. She really felt like two good points to start with, for sure.

So if someone's listening and they want to learn more about you or, like, get to work deeper with you in some way, she is very active on Instagram. You can find her here. On her website which is She has a class schedule if you just want to pop in for some Zoom yoga classes. She has workshops on there, or just full moon or new moon rituals, and then if you really want to work a little bit deeper. She also has her group coaching program, Unbound, in which is currently enrolling, so that's an eight-week program that falls off all the practical spirituality. It is designed to create a life for you that not only looks good from the outside but really feels amazing for you on the inside.

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