Using your Energetic Blueprint to expand & scale your business with Whitney McNeill of Messengers of Spirit

Expanding and scaling your biz using your energetic blueprint


In this episode, I'm going to be speaking with Whitney McNeill of Messengers of Spirit all about how she can grow, expand, and scale her business in alignment with her energetic blueprint. Let's dive in.

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium and Intuition Teacher. She has helped over 10,000 people connect with their spirit and she helps spiritual and ambitious souls learn how to understand their intuitive messages and communicate with their spirit guides through her 4 Intuitive Languages signature framework.

How has her personal journey led her to her business and where she is today?

When Whitney was young, she used to see spirits, and she didn't really understand how to make any sense of it. She didn't have anyone close to her to really support that, and as she became more aware of spirit seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing things, she screamed when she saw a particularly vivid spirit sitting at the edge of her bed in the middle of the night.

She said, "Go to the light, you're dead" because she did not know what to say. She shut out her spiritual guidance because she was refusing to accept her intuitive abilities. So, for years, she started to live her life based on what other people thought was great because she had shut out any kind of guidance that she was to receive, which led her down a path of being really grumpy.

Whitney also started to be in a place where she had a lot of health issues, to the point where she just couldn't walk from her bed to her bathroom without resting it was that short of a walk.


So her aunt said, "Hey, we're going to go to this alternative healing place because after she visited all the doctors, they didn't really have an answer for her. After receiving energy work, it opened back up her chakras and she understood that she could connect with spirit in a healthy way.

She was really excited to open up her energy and got back on her path, and that led her to want to help other people open up their intuitive abilities in a safe way. So her mission is for everyone to understand how spirits communicate with them that there's nothing to be afraid of.

What is her experience with human design?

Whitney discovered human design back in 2011 or 2012, as someone did a reading for her and her husband, and it explained so much that they started to make sense of it. How they operate as individuals and how they operate together.

They light up each other's open centers. It was wild, in a good way. After that, she wanted to learn more, so she got the book, and she started with the centers and understanding herself.

She thinks that's helpful and it's been like giving her permission to live more in her design and understanding it.

Whitney’s husband is a manifesting generator, so he's got all this energy and he does things differently and quickly.


She is a generator, and so she does things a little bit more slowly and consistently. It was nice to have this permission to say, "Steady Eddie wins a race."

She knows a bit about the centers and researched more things, but it's just a great tool that she has found to be helpful.

Whitney wants to know how to scale a business. As per her design and the path of least resistance, this is where she should naturally focus her energy on her business.

Whitney has multiple things happening in her business where such as a book proposal, and she has programs, and she made a shift in how to deliver her services over the past couple of years.

As she is a generator so one of the first themes that popped out to me about her chart is that she had a lot of very strong emotional authority which means there's a lot of emotional and intimate energy in her chart.

Her strengths are very much in getting deep with people, like getting into the weeds of things or helping them see that about themselves, so really getting into it.

Whitney has two channels and these are


1. Emotional Channel- she has one emotional channel, which I can relate to, not because I have the channel, but because I have gate 55, one of the strong energies in my chart. So I understand using emotion to help bring things to life, and it's almost like the gate of abundance.

2. Channel of Mating- She also has a channel called the "channel of mating. It's channel 59-6, of which I personally have gate 59. There's an extremely deep and intimate connection to it.

What does she do to get into people's minds and hearts and see them deeply?


Her emotional authority concerning channel 55-39 is very strong. It helps a person either get in touch with their emotions or see all their emotions. She has both this emotional center and all 3 of her awareness centers defined.

So her Ajna center, emotional center, and spleen center are all defined in her chart, so she had mental awareness, emotional awareness, and physical awareness all defined in her chart. She also has that open throat center, which means her source speaks through her.

A lot of people see an open or an undefined throat center as a negative because you don't always, can't connect to your voice, but on the flip side, that also means when they speak, they are speaking either the voice of the room around them or the people around them or spirit or source in that way.

That made so much sense to her, as whenever Whitney had to do a speaking engagement or even teach a class, she would sit there and try to get her material ahead of time, and it would include a bullet point or two.


But really, she just got up there and opened her mouth and stuff came out and that's the way it needed to be, which is so interesting and she used to do readings so she understood that too, and her Mercury is in Pisces, according to Astrology, so this all goes together.

The defined throat is much more common in the population than the undefined throat in human design.


Those with defined throats, as I do as for me, I can probably express myself more logically since it's connected to my Ajna. I believe I can logically explain things, and, depending on what it's connected to, you can channel the energy of that center.

So for the smaller population that has it undefined, I feel like there's a lot of Not-Self energy around. Like I'm going to make a few bullet points, but I don't know what I'm going to say. But it's going to come out in a burst of energy depending on the energy that you're around. It’s a gift because you're reflecting back to people what they either want to say or can't say.


We chatted about a huge theme in Whitney’s chart - the theme of possibility & potential. It shows up in a variety of ways:

1. The channel of abstraction

There is another huge theme, it is the theme of possibilities and seeing possibilities, being able to speak to potential and possibility. She has the channel from her head to Ajna, channel 47-64, which is the channel called the channel of abstraction.

She gets a lot of ideas and thoughts and spirits like feeding things to her and it's a matter of saying like being able to discern when and where is the right time to bring it forward.

2. Conscious Sun in the Gate of Opinions

She has that conscious sun placement in gate 17, the gate of opinions which is all about the possibility of divine timing, which her conscious sun energy is also all about.


So gate one in traditional human design, is called the gate of opinions, and it's about sharing what's possible for humanity, inspiring others, really painting a picture of what's possible for them, and helping others.

3. Wanting View

The last big thing she has in her chart is that she has both want and guilt motivation. As a result, this is a little more advanced in the variables but basically, her view and her motivation are how she sees the world. I always think of it as rose-colored glasses or what tint of glasses.

When you're seeing the world at your best energy or with rose-colored glasses, or when you see what others want and desire, you don't just see that for them you see that for other people too. I don't want to call them gaps because gaps imply that they're missing something, but you see that opportunity. You see that possibility for them.


That paired with guilt motivation is basically what motivates you and what lights that fire underneath. And you are inspired to serve and to help. You see this as a possibility for the people that you work with, and then you're really driven to help them and serve them and to help them see that.


I love this combination together. I personally have a wanting view also, but a different motivation. So I've been really feeling into this energy of seeing possibility a lot lately, it's like a wanting view is a possibility and seeing possibility as well.


Another big theme she has in her blueprint is Intuitive Insights and the concept of Divine Timing.

Through her Conscious Earth, she knows about the divine timing because her evolution and her conscious earth are about offering insights at the right time.


So when I'm talking about divine timing, this applies to how she works with clients, so when she gives advice, and as she says, "She sees a possibility for them. But they just don't see it for themselves.


So how you bread crumb it to them to help open them up so they can eventually realize it and because if she gives them everything right away, it's like it's automatically going to just brush over their head or wash over their head.

Conscious Earth is the greatest challenge that she faces over and over again in her life, as her human design and Gene Keys, are just in different ways and under different circumstances. For Whitney, it is all about divine timing and speaking to intuition and offering insights or offering intuitive insights into divine timing for things, and that resonates for her. It feels so much more aligned as if the timing is just right and the big lesson is to surrender and trust.

Whitney says that it makes a lot of sense because one of the things she talks about with her offerings in business is that people come to her to learn how to connect to their intuition and communicate with their spirit guides.

In Intuition Academy, she helps them connect to their life purpose and opens up that abundance channel for them.


Many people in this spiritual world will perhaps have a scarcity mindset or blocks to their abundance for so many reasons we could get into when they take that program.


You know, these are almost guiding principles for what you want to do because your design can't tell you whether or not you should write a book or launch a program.


It's about being able to so understand, “my energy is best when I'm intimate and connected to emotions and helping people connect to their emotions. When I help people see possibility and deliver that to them in a divin.”


So when you think about all the different things that she is being called to do, she is going to get between her defined head and Ajna Center, and the fact she is s generator. She is an idea and an opportunity magnet.

And so a big part of her journey is just being able to discern what the right timing is, what feels good, what lights her up, what brings that alive energy to her and being able to discern that because she going to get a lot of ideas.

So let’s look at Whitney’s human design definition


So I have what's called a single split and I have 2 groups of defined centers where there's just one place that they're not connected.

Whitney has a Triple Split- But Whitney has seven centers defined and three of them are so that her emotional center, sacral center, and route all have channels between them, they make 1 grouping, and her G- Center and Spleen Center are connected, so that's one grouping, and her head and Ajna are one grouping, so that's like a triple split. It means that because those three different groups of centers can't communicate with each other innately.

People with triple splits like to mix up their energy a little bit because they can connect pieces of their energy that they don't innately have, but what that means for her specifically in terms of her business and deciding how to grow, scale, and expand is that she has three different options.

There are centers in her design and her energy that don't necessarily speak to each other all the time So when it comes to making decisions, she has an emotional authority, and her emotional authority is connected to her sacral center, which is also a big, even though she not technically a sacral authority like those two are very big.

But then also, she is going to have her Spleen Center is going to have something to say about us. She is going to have some intuitive hits that come with that and then also going to have that the last center is like the environmental sounding board authority, so it might help you to also talk things out.

She has these three competing decision-making voices happening inside of her. So I think I wonder, and this is me just kind of speculating because this is all an experiment and she is the first person that I've talked to in-depth, this is what it feels like when it comes to making a decision.


It may feel almost overwhelming or like you're going through an emotional wave, but her bodies are physically responding to something through her sacral and she is getting intuitive hits, and it may also help to talk it out with her husband or someone she trusts.

It's so interesting because she gets frustrated with herself, like, just make a decision. So after three days, oftentimes if she has processed or talked to people about it, she will make a decision, and oftentimes she will know like, okay, the energy's slowing here or she doesn't know, maybe we need to back up a little bit, so interesting everything I said.

It is the sacral center for generators and manifesting generators. That is the life force energy center, and whatever she is responding to does the same. Bring me energy. Does that give me energy? Is that life-giving to me or not?


And, as I mentioned earlier, as a generator, she is constantly bombarded with ideas and inspiration, so it's just a matter of discerning between the things that are life-giving versus the things that have weight to them, such as the could’s or the should’s.

So, every now and then, something that gives her that life force energy feels good, and then she starts taking it down a road and it doesn't feel so good anymore like it feels heavy.

That's just the way the center works some days. It might be a yes some days, it might be a no or not right now, and so that's very typical for generators and Manifesting generators. Sometimes you just have to take action and start taking it down a road and it'll become really clear, like, "Wow, this lights me up. It gets me more excited the more I work on it.”

That sacral authority is just really important and it could change from day to day, or hour to hour, or it could not change. But I believe there is a lot of shame or guilt, especially if you commit as someone with a sacral center defined.

Asking yourself these 3 questions


1. Does this idea aligns with these three pillars


2. Does this help me do this better for my clients and customers, or


3. Does it pull me away from it?


Because when she taps into those 3 energies for anything she does going forward, that is what is in alignment with her energy.


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