The Two Sides of a Radiant Brand

The Two Sides of a Radiant Brand Strategy


In this episode, I'm going to be sharing the 2 sides of a radiant brand according to your human design and how you can apply this information in strategic and tactical ways.

You might not know this about me and my own entrepreneurial journey, but there was a time in early to mid-2020 when I was an online business manager. While I was creating my business, I was also doing one-on-one consulting and was very overbooked at that point. I focused on analytics and had someone else do all my copywriting and designing before I was clear on my own brand strategy.

I had ideas for products or for free offers, and I knew what I wanted to build at that level. But I didn't really look at it from a higher level or have anything clear from a brand or business perspective. Other people were doing all these marketing things for me, and obviously, that didn't last, because here I am talking about something totally different, which is human design. We are still talking about business but from a totally different lens.

A couple of years earlier, in 2018, I was working at the last corporate job that I had. I was the director of data and analytics for a huge global digital marketing agency. I used to do data and analytics and marketing measurement, but I quit because I was so disconnected and dispassionate about data and analytics that I couldn't even fake it. I was not that person anymore.

Even though it was a job exact role at this exact agency on my vision board a few years earlier, and I was sitting there asking for something different. I had manifested this job and all of a sudden, After working there for about a year, I just couldn't lie to myself anymore. I just wasn't that person. It was not a good fit, and I'm so proud of myself for manifesting that. But as soon as I manifested it, I just knew it wasn't right for me. So why was I starting a business or building a business that was focused on marketing measurement and analytics and data?

Later in 2020, when I let this part of my business go to the wayside, I realized that it wasn't who I was, but I just knew that it was something that I could offer to others that they would understand. I'm being completely honest with myself; this step into being more of an analytics consultant or authority in the online space was something that I knew others, like my family, would appreciate. But for myself, creating my own business around analytics seemed like a natural next step. I was building this business around something that wasn't me. It was something I could do, but it wasn't what I wanted or who I wanted to be. As a result, guess what happened? A MESS. No wonder I had trouble connecting with my audience in meaningful ways. And again, I was hiding the authentic version of myself just to be liked and to fit in.

I was curious as to why I quit my cushy job in order to do that. After my great business crash of 2020, I was finally ready to face my business again. I knew I had to start from scratch. I was committed to creating a business that reflects not just what I do, but who I am and who I choose to be.

For me, it meant taking a huge, crazy leap into something scary, where I would step way out of my comfort zone and what was deemed acceptable by everyone in the world (since I cared so much about being liked by everyone). After the surrender that came from that turning point in 2020 and my commitment to myself, I was finally ready to leap into the unknown and let myself be seen for all the things I am truly passionate about, which included human design and gene keys.

So going back to this whole starting from the scratch thing on my brand, I'm sure you're curious where I started. It's not like I just started by creating a website out of thin air. Who You Serve (target audience), what you Help Them With (their journey), and How You Serve Them (your frameworks, methodologies, and modalities) are the three fundamental business strategy questions. Those are the 3 big questions if you're thinking about your business at its highest level.

If you think about only the above three things, don’t get me wrong, these are a great place to start, but they are not the whole picture, and your business is probably imbalanced. Did you notice anything interesting about those questions? They are all verbs, action-oriented verbs. It missing that feminine component, that feminine energy.


A radiant brand is balanced between these masculine and feminine sides. It's not just what you do. Those questions are very focused on the masculine.


This makes sense given that the collective has been skewed toward masculinity for hundreds of years. While these are important questions, they are not the whole story of your brand. It's who you are that receptive, feminine energy just as much as it is that masculine energy, and that's one of the big reasons, if not the biggest reason, why my own analytics business idea did not work out earlier.

There was a disconnect between my mind and my heart because I saw this need and I just decided to go after it, but my heart wasn't behind it. If you're doing the same thing, your audience sees that stuff before you. Before you even know that it's there, your brand, your business, like you, is an entity all on its own. It's true that it's highly influenced by you, but still, have its own entity.

To be healthy and radiant, you must embody a balance between the masculine and feminine. This means that if you are focused only on those questions I mentioned earlier, you, your business, or your brand is imbalanced? There’s an entire piece of the whole missing-that feminine energy. A radiant brand strikes a balance between your masculine and feminine sides—what you do and who you are while doing it.

If there's incongruence or misaligned energy between these two sides of you—what you do and who you truly are—your audience will sense it, probably even before you do. Let’s look at this from the lens of human design.


There are two sides to your human design body graph. There’s the right side-your conscious design, also known as your personality, which is often shown in black or darker color and is the imprinted cosmic energy from the day you were born.

On the left side, is your unconscious design—also known as your design or body, which is often shown in red or a lighter color. It’s the imprinted energy from the day your nervous system comes online in the womb, about -88 days before you are born.

The conscious side is who you know yourself to be and choose to be. When you look at your conscious profile line (which I will be getting into in the next podcast episode), it is the leadership role you naturally step into.


It represents what you do and what you are here to do it is that masculine energy. Taking this to a more tactical level and specifically from a brand strategy perspective, it represents those foundational brand questions like who you serve, how you serve them, and what you help them with. It is also your brand’s mission, vision, and purpose.

The unconscious side, on the other hand, is often overlooked or undervalued. When I started studying human design, I realized I had completely overlooked this side of the equation in my own business and brand. Your unconscious design is who you are.


It is both beneath the surface and right there for everyone to see. This is often what people see in you and your brand before you even recognize this in yourself. your unconscious profile line.


So if you're a five-one, you'd be the 1, or if you're a two, you'd be the 4, the second number in your profile. That unconscious profile line is the leadership role that others see in you. They see it in you before you see it in yourself, and they ask you, they encourage you, they nudge you to step up into that specific role. You know this. Your unconscious design is how your audience takes you in, connects with you, and gets a sense of you before you've even said a word. Okay, this is what they feel. This is how they feel your aura before you've even stepped into the room. This is your unconscious design. It's how they experience you and your brand with all of their senses.

When you look at your profile line that's on your conscious side, that's the one that's listed first if you have a 5-1 profile. It would be number 5. That is the leadership role that you naturally step into, so the number that you have there represents a specific leadership role that you know how to lead the best, so it represents what you do and what you are here to do.

We're in an online world. But there are ways that people can sense you, like across all of your senses, all 5 or 6 senses, if you want to say that they can do that before you even truly know that they exist in your universe if that makes sense.


These senses, like the way that they sense you, the way that they take you in that multisensory experience that they get of you. It's so much more than just your logo, your fonts, and your colors. It includes that, but it's so much more than that. The unconscious and feminine sides of your brand are holding on. It's about holding space to receive the possibility of your gifts. You know it's for you.


Part of this unconscious design is like recognizing yourself, holding space for yourself, and allowing your own gifts to do your work on yourself. It's almost like a role model energy as well, like you're being in a way. It's like, how are you being your own client? How are you modeling this transformation? So that others get a taste of that before you know it before you even speak to them directly. You know, it's so it's not and it's not just to help others in your audience see you better; it's to help you see yourself better. Like I said, sometimes this unconscious design goes deep.

This will help you understand it better when you have that space where you can just be you. Treat yourself as your own client and give yourself the same grace as your own. You know you do your own clients and model that transformation that you give your clients and just hold on to all that grace and space. That is how you recognize your own unconscious design as well. That's the beauty of this unconscious side that is so undervalued and overlooked that many people don't even know it exists.

From a marketing perspective, it's important to have a balance on these two sides. These are the two sides of your business and your brand. How they balance and feed off of each other - what you/your business does and who you/your business is while you do it. These are two equally important sides of the same coin.

This is like a Venn diagram or something where you need to have one with the other. This framework, this balance, and marriage of the conscious masculine doing part of your design with the unconscious feminine being part of your design. This balance activates both sides of your conscious and your unconscious to create an unmistakable, completely unique brand strategy for your soulpreneur or sole purpose business. is the foundation of my newest program, Radiant on Purpose.

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