The role of Presence in creating your Future Self

frequency & flow with bree kuryk

If you're here, you probably have a vision for the business & life that you're creating. But how do you reflect to assess your progress toward this vision, your Future Self, and how often? And how do you stay attuned to the pivots & missteps along the way? The answer is Presence.


In this episode, I discuss the importance of staying super present and in the moment in this journey we are on to create our vision & future selves. As someone who loves a checklist & marking things off a checklist, it's easy to get stuck always looking ahead. And though it may seem counterintuitive, it's also the easiest way to end up completely off-course on your journey. I share a specific example of how I ended up way off track in my own business last year because I was more focused on and end result than what I was actually creating.


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