The Current: Summer Wrap-up & Behind the Scenes of my Biz

The Current: Summer Wrap-up & Behind the Scenes of my Biz



In this episode, I'll be discussing what's been going on behind the scenes of my business over the summer and now as we head into the fall. So let's dive in.

Today I’m going to do things a little differently. I realized that it’s been about 6 months since I gave you any sort of behind-the-scenes of my business and it was for the launch for my program Radiant on Purpose.

With fall and the back-to-school vibes either here or just around the corner for me, it's August in Southern California, so it doesn't feel like Fall here quite yet. I’ve been getting questions about what I’ve been up to. So I wanted to take a moment to just peel back the curtain a bit on what I’ve been working on, where I’m at, and what to expect from me going forward.

Let’s start with what I’ve been up to on the podcast.


If you’ve been following this podcast for a while, you might have noticed that the content on the pod this summer has consisted of 2 in-depth podcast series that really stemmed from some of the thought experiments I've been pondering for quite some time.

First Series: The first series is called Human Design in Business I spoke about the critically important role that your intuition plays in your business and how human design and gene keys support that in a beautiful way.

Second Series: In the second series, which just wrapped up last week, called the Pressurized Soulpreneur, I spoke about the human design pressure centers—your head center and your root center—and how they impact us at each of the major inflection points in the business journey of a soulpreneur.

To be honest, in this series, I went a little more in-depth into the human design and the online business industry as a whole. I also took a moment to debunk a lot of the garbage that I see in the online business world that contributes to the pressure.

We discuss the challenges that we soulpreneurs face day in and day out and how to stay true to yourself and your business despite all the nonsense being thrown at you.

I’m super glad that I did these series. It felt like these extended thoughts, ideas, and observations needed to be processed and come out. My projector self and, in some ways, even my channel (43-23) with my defined Ajna and defined throat, like having this opportunity to think about things in a deeper context over time.


Especially the Pressurized Soulpreneur series, because nothing gets me fired up quite like observing the nonsense I witness every day online and doing what I can to protect others from it.

I don't think that this series would essentially take the entire summer. The podcast episodes lasted for ten weeks.

What I’ve been working on this summer behind the scenes

I feel like I've been going deep into these thought experiments, but I haven't been talking about what I'm doing or what I'm offering, or how that's been changing. Now I'm focused a lot more on what’s in the present moment and how I can serve you more tangibly after taking this opportunity.

While I was going through this creative process, I wasn’t exactly promoting my offers, I wasn’t really selling. I was just allowing this stream of consciousness to come out and it felt like I didn’t have the bandwidth to pair that with a promotion or sale.

It wasn't a vacation. I was still recording episodes, but I allowed myself over the summer to just get deep into my thoughts, into my contemplations, and into my pondering.


But it's an interesting change of pace where it wasn't that I took a summer vacation, but in a way, it was almost like my business took a summer vacation, which it didn't because I was still working with clients.

From a business perspective, this could be seen as a big miss, but for me, the pause & the fresh air after birthing both Radiant on Purpose & that series felt like just the break I needed.

I decided to focus on my current clients. In addition to my ongoing retainer clients, I also had the first intake of my program Radiant on Purpose and I really wanted to make sure I had the mental & spiritual space to serve them at the highest level.

It felt like I just needed some time to get out of building mode and to get more into reflective and deep mode.


While those podcast series were being published each week, I decided to streamline & simplify my business from the inside out. Streamline & simplify is a message I have been getting now for almost a year.

I started seeing things layer by layer inside and outside to see where I could streamline and simplify. I kept that at the front of my mind as I was building Radiant on Purpose, as I was launching all of these things, but it's always a good time to just kind of circle back and reflect.

I don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you feel like you keep coming back to the same word or phrase over and over again, and for me, that was Streamline and Simplify. So I felt like I needed to come back and revisit that and, because of that, streamline and simplify.

It's been my North Star throughout 2022 and even some of 2021, and this "down period" felt like a great time to examine every nook and cranny of my business with that magnifying glass and ask myself questions about what I could streamline and simplify.

I was looking at it in terms of my marketing, my operations, and my day-to-day process. How am I structuring my days as if I went through everything with a magnifying glass or a fine-tooth comb?

I was finally ready to tackle a big project that was calling my name but that I had been avoiding — refreshing my website.


The energy of my site felt stagnant for a while, so I took the time to re-write each page of my website to streamline the pages and to do a quick refresh of the messaging and design.


My business has changed a little bit like who I am through all the energy work that I do and all of the reflection that I do through understanding myself.

The energy and the vibe of my new site feel so good now, but since I was doing it all by myself from start to finish, it took almost 2 months. I’ve also streamlined and simplified my offers A LOT, and I’ll explain that more in a bit.

What I’ve been contemplating in my design

With this extra mental bandwidth, I’ve also been putting more energy into contemplating pieces of my chart and my design.


One thing that has been calling me back a lot this summer is focusing on my variables – specifically my View and Motivation – and how these variables impact my business and how I can lean into them more in my business.

Your View is found in your bottom right arrow-and it’s essentially the way you see the world when you are at your "best". It’s like your rose-colored glasses that activate your innate superpowers.

Wanting View- My point of view is known as the wanting point of view. It means that when I'm at my best, my superpower is that I'm able to see what others want.


I'm able to see the gaps that are preventing people, or even myself, from getting what they want or what they desire, so when others see me with this wanting view. You know you are connecting with the right people in the right vibration and energy.


So when people see me and recognize me as someone who can understand their needs and their desires, that’s when I'm at my best, most powerful self.

Transferred View- There's also something called a "transferred view" and it’s a sign that you've temporarily let go of your power and you've let those rose-colored glasses get foggy or gray.

It’s your signal that something is off and needs to be adjusted because you’re focusing on the wrong things that impede you from using your superpowers.

Your Motivation is found in your upper right arrow and it is what lights the fire under your butt. It’s not a thing, it's a situation or opportunity that entices you into action ONCE you see the world from your most empowered through your View.

Desire Motivation means that when I can see the roadblocks in someone’s way & I see how something can grow & transform, then that is what motivates me the most to jump in and take action to do just that. You are lit up & motivated without even thinking about it really.

Transferred Motivation- There is also a transferred motivation which is the situation or approach that zaps away your motivation to do things and to make your mark on the world, it’s the situation that in some ways metaphorically paralyzes you.

That is a quick explanation of it but in contemplating this it’s really had me thinking about how this has impacted my life & my business and how I can set things up in my business to enable that Wanting View & Desire motivation

What I’m offering going forward

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to streamline, simplify, and see things from a new perspective. If you’re looking to work with me one-on-one, I have 3 options:

First- I have the Frequency & Flow Activation Session


This is essentially a power hour (one-hour) that helps you catapult forward.


You choose - We can cover whatever you want - a human design or gene keys reading, we can talk business & marketing strategy, or you can bring a list of all the random questions you want to dig into and we will just get into it.

Choose your own adventure for an hour together, I promise it’ll be fun & actionable.

Second- I have the Marketing Magic Intensive.


We get to go much more in-depth on an area of your business or marketing strategy. We go in-depth but it’s still focused on quick, actionable results.

So there are three different tracks depending on what area of your business and marketing strategies need a little work or a little rework.

1. Energetic Brand & Strategy - Where we refine your brand & messaging strategy using your human design & gene keys.

2. Aligned Planning & Execution – Where we use your energetic blueprint goals and to-do list to create a comprehensive and clear roadmap that we prioritize together so that you are very clear on what you're doing today, tomorrow, next week, or what things need to be done in what order.

In order to achieve your goals and the outcomes that you're looking for in your business, we do this all in alignment with your human design & Gene Keys.


So it's leveraging your unique energy to kind of create an aligned plan and help you to execute that plan that's in alignment with your energetic blueprint.

3. Feedback & Intuitive Expansion – Where we design & build out a system of qualitative and quantitative benchmarking & reporting to support your intuitive decision-making process to grow & expand your business.

Energy and human design and gene keys because they actually do like there is a place for that intersection. Where you're able to use different types of feedback and different types of data, qualitative and quantitative data, to guide your intuition.

So it's super cool and super exciting, and so I have that as an intensive. Also, if you're at that point where you're looking to optimize or iterate certain things in your business, especially your marketing strategy,

Third- I have my signature program, Radiant on Purpose.


This is a deep yet transformational program to refine, or overhaul, your brand & marketing strategy by going deep into understanding and integrating your human design & gene key genius activation sequence to emerge with a strategy that is uniquely, radiantly, unmistakenly YOU at every level.

This program can be done as a self-study course, or if you’re looking for long-term mentorship with me, that is available in this container.

You can see all these options to work with me 1:1 and get more details when you go to

And in contemplating my design, especially my view and motivation, I’ve had one more idea come through-for something that is more of a community offered at a much more accessible price point, something like $20-25/mo-where together I take you step-by-step through understanding, integrating, and embodying your own design and energetic blueprint as a means to activating your own intuition and using it in your business.

I’m thinking of calling it the Intuition Activation Portal where we learn & grow & reflect & support each other together as solopreneurs.

Because I know my 1:1 services are a bigger investment and are priced that way because 1:1 work is a deep investment of my time and energy. However, I believe that everyone can benefit from some level of guidance and support in their own alignment, business journey, and intuition activation through this work.

Let me know if this lower priced offer & community is of interest to you. Seriously - you can D me on Instagram @breekuryk or send me an email directly at [email protected]. I promise I read every message you send!

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