The Current | Inspiration in unlikely places

The Current | Inspiration in unlikely places



Today I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening in my business as well as what I'm currently experimenting with when it comes to my human design transits, let's dive in.

If you’re a regular listener, you may have noticed that I took an unintentional break for a couple of weeks after having had a consistent weekly episode for 9 months. Life events got in the way of my being able to stay on my regular recording schedule and, well, here I am.

My defined root center loves consistency, progress, and improvement. And my undefined will center, also known as the heart center, truly wants to be committed and consistent, but sometimes it just can’t keep up and it’s been a hard lesson and learning for me to admit and accept that part of me, the one that, despite her best intentions and desires, needs to break a streak she’s proud of for the sake of other priorities in her life.

A lot of the work I do depends on consistency—the consulting work I do as an online business manager and coaching are the biggest examples of this. I have to show up consistently day after day in terms of the work I do and in terms of how I present myself – my personal brand – even when I don’t feel like it. And even though I LOVE the work that I’m doing and how I’m doing it, keeping that consistency can be a challenge based on my human design.


I’ve been forcing myself to be consistent and it has been leading me to feel the projector bitterness. And so it was time to reflect on where that’s coming from. And letting go of that standard of consistency that I’ve created in my head is going to be one of the first things to go.


Because the truth is, for the past month or so, life outside the podcast has been so inspiring, and uplifting, and has me seeing things in a new light.

In early September, I went to a traditional marketing conference IN PERSON for the first time in years probably since 2018 I think, and it was the inbound conference, which is put on by Hubspot, which is a marketing automation tool, and it was in Boston, Massachusetts.


There were a lot of traditional marketing and marketing operations lessons & lectures, and the culture shock of not just being in that traditional marketing space after years of being on Zoom and years of really focusing my niche on spiritual entrepreneurs, there was a big culture shock when I stepped into this conference where I was surrounded by tens of thousands of people at the same time.


It was, on one hand, a culture shock and, on the other hand, it really opened my eyes to remind me of a whole world of experience & knowledge that I have put on the backburner in favor of the narrow niche of my business.

But what I really loved and took away were the discussions that weren’t directly related to marketing or operations. I attended some lectures on Web3 and its potential applications in the business world.


I sat in on a discussion with Dr. Jane Goodall where she shared the story of her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees got started. Dr. Jane Goodall is the woman who went to live with chimps and did incredible things like groundbreaking, unprecedented research with them.

She shared about how everything in her life that had happened to her - good and bad - gave her the opportunities & experience needed to be the perfect person doing this research but how she could only realize that in hindsight.

She also shared an incredibly important lesson on trust and how it took 4 months for her research to get any minute glimmer of progress and her research only had 6 months of funding at the time.

She wanted to gain their trust, and had to in order for her experiment to work. And so she showed up in the jungle day after day, and after it took four months for one chimpanzee to finally start trusting her.

She showed the other ones that she was worth trusting, but she showed up day after day with no progress for four months before something started happening. She knew she only had six months of funding and she was still patient and just consistent and did that day after day. Well, now look where she ended up.

She's one of the most well-known and just amazing researchers, and she's made some of the most incredible sociological discoveries of her time in the past century.


This truly was a message that I needed to hear as a marketer & entrepreneur who often feels like she is just talking out into the ethers with little feedback or response building trust is a LONG game and it might feel like you are making no progress for long periods of time. But then one day everything clicks and it all comes together.


Another really cool thing that happened at this conference was I got to see former president Barack Obama speak in person, which was actually my first time ever seeing such a popular public figure as a former president.

My big takeaway, at least in a business sense, because I had a lot of takeaways from watching him speak. But, in the business sense was about focusing on the WHY instead of the WHAT and how people who may see things differently or have different beliefs can get on the same page.

As entrepreneurs, many of us say that we get into business to serve others, but I’ll be honest, what I am seeing online and more than ever is business growth that’s motivated purely by self-interest.


And look, I get it. The only way for a business to succeed in the long run is for that business to generate revenue & earn a profit.


Every time I see someone marketing themselves with income claims, FOMO, and luxury goods, instead of offering a clear solution to a common problem or gap. That FOMO marketing to me is not service to the other, it is service to the SELF and I’ve even been GUILTY of this many times over, of saying I’m in the business to serve others while building a business that is based on self-interest.

It was really interesting to hear former President Obama speak about how this applied in more of a political context of everyone having their own self-interest. But how can we collaborate from a distance- on a community level, a national level, and a global level as well? Because when he spoke about former President Obama, he was speaking a lot about service over self.

The why behind what we do and how, when you take away the whats and the hows, a lot of us can agree on the why. Why are we so passionate about the things that we're passionate about? We want to create a world that's better than the one that we grew up in. I think a lot of people can agree with that.

We each might be different from how we see things, but in the end, we're all really tie back to that common goal of service to ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world.

And so I'll admit I don't have answers to this, but it really inspired me to think about my business and my offers in a new way were kind of always having that checkpoint or adding this checkpoint to my own process.


Is this marketing, business, or sales decision in service of myself or the person I'm attempting to help and serve, I'm really excited about examining my entire business and how I operate. Through this lens, I've already started doing it, but I feel like there are layers that I'm going to keep going through. So I invite you to do the same, what is in service of yourself, of bettering yourself or improving yourself, and what isn't?


And finally, after reflecting on this conference experience as a whole, and “muggle-ing” a bit in a more traditional marketing environment, I’ve come to realize, or realize again, that I have a vast reservoir of experience and gifts that I’ve turned away from or neglected as I’ve progressively pigeon-holed myself into this spiritual entrepreneur bubble, motivated by self-interest instead of how I am of best service to the greater collective.

I have over a decade of marketing experience for million and billion-dollar businesses, I'm both a technical marketer and a strategic marketer, and in many ways, I'm an abstract marketer, and my gift through my incarnation cross, the LAX of Spirit and specifically gate 9 the gate of details and gate 16, the gate of natural abilities & experience, I can meet my clients exactly where they are at - whether you are spiritual or not, technical or not, strategic or not.

So that was a big dose of inspiration from that conference, and honestly, it was in September and I'm still digesting things from it. I'm kind of one of those slow-to-process types of people. But it's given me something to think about and hopefully will help me explain this. It may have given you something to think about or to consider in relation to your own business.


The last dose of recent unlikely inspiration comes from my Dad who accidentally discovered human design recently.

My dad is the very logical, non-spiritual, practical type so truth be told I never really tried to share the human design with him.


But he happened upon my website, he was asking me about it and was asking me "Well, I understand this like marketing thing you do. But what's this? What's this human design thing? What is this chart? What does it mean for me? What can you tell me about it? What do you know? What does that mean for me and my, you know, what I'm doing?”


He had so many questions for me, and it took me a while to let it sync in. It almost knocked the wind out of me. It took me really by surprise because it was just one of those things that, of course, I knew would happen or could happen, but I didn't totally believe that it would.


Once I explained it a bit to him, he'd given me his birth time and birthday, so I learned he's an Emotional Manifestor, which is all kind of fun and totally makes sense to me.

And it had me wondering - How do you describe and utilize human design and provide actionable tips to someone who isn’t really spiritual and maybe isn’t an entrepreneur in the traditional sense?


Honestly, it’s been a challenge to explore & be able to explain human design through a less spiritual lens for someone that hasn’t already bought into the Woo, but a challenge that truly feels more OF SERVICE to the greater collective and less in my own self-interest of staying comfortable in the spiritual entrepreneur niche of like-minded business owners.

Right now there's this current transit happening in the nodes with the south node in gate 1 and the north node in gate 2. Both are center-direction gates, which means we are all in a place where everyone is experiencing this transit right now.

That means everyone is in this place where we are exploring and evolving our direction in life, and we're exploring our direction in business.


Gates two and one exist on the spectrum of our current location, which is gate 1 in the south node, and our vision, which is gate 2 in the north node.


So, through the transits, we're moving away a little bit, focusing or turning our attention away from the now to focus on the future and the vision of what needs to happen for us to get there in these three months from the beginning of August until the end of November.

This is not just me in a bubble. A lot of us are kind of feeling like, "Okay, I've been doing things a certain way. I'm happy more or less with how things are going, but I feel like something needs to shift, something needs to evolve for me to move in the direction that I want to.”


So if you find yourself maybe changing course in life, or changing course in your business, or even contemplating it recently, thinking there is something that needs to change or something that needs to happen it's because these transits are probably calling you to pivot or to evolve.

Gate 2 is the home of the magnetic monopole, it is all about receptivity and experiencing the benefits of putting yourself in the right environment to expedite your vision. So if you’ve found yourself changing course in life or your business or even contemplating it recently, it’s because these transits are calling you to pivot or evolve.

If you’ve become clearer than ever around your WHY and your VALUES that is also this transit. If you’re questioning yourself more than ever, that is also this transit. This transit is the SELF and the DIRECTION of that SELF. It’s a very powerful and a very transformational time for all of us, myself included.

If you have your G center defined, you may already be clear in your identity or direction (or the evolution it’s presented) and this transit is putting some power boosters behind it. If your G Center is undefined, you might feel a little bit like you’re in a washing machine or like you’re holding onto the past even though your intuition is telling you to release and evolve. Trust that any action you take to support that vision or direction is correct & in alignment with your highest good.

If you’re like me and normally have an undefined G Center but this nodal transit is creating definition in the G Center, I will say that this transit has me feeling like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz where I was living in black and white and I was fine. Life was good and everything was just peachy while I was on a certain path.


And then, all of a sudden, the world became Technicolor once this transit occurred. And while it was disorienting at first, I feel like I'm finally starting to see things clearly, and I believe a lot of what I've discussed throughout this podcast might illustrate that.


I've had certain inspirations or certain situations that have me seeing things a lot more clearly and a lot more broadly or holistically than I've seen them in a very long time, even though that means that I'm going to need to let go of certain things and that some things need to change. I know with certainty that it's the correct direction and the correct path for me going forward.


The conference, this conversation with my dad AND the transits have me thinking & feeling & expanding differently so that I can be of better service to you and make better use of my gifts.

So, long story short, things for me are going to be shifting, and while it's not very tactical at the moment, I don't know exactly what's going to happen. But I do know that things are going to be shifting, and as much as I want to commit to a timeline or I want to commit to being consistent with this podcast for the foreseeable future, and whatever everything's going to look like, the truth is that I'm unsure how this will all look on the other end, and I just know that I can’t guarantee that I will be consistent.


The Ego/Will/Heart Center just cannot do that right now and it's been hard for me to admit, but this has been a process for me of learning to just accept, embrace, let go, and just you know what. I just admit and accept that I'm along for the ride and I hope that you are too.


I can't wait to see what comes of this, not only for myself and my own business but also for how the collective evolves as you align toward that direction. But I’m along for the ride and I hope you are too! I can’t wait to see what comes from this 

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