My process for balancing human design, gene keys, and intuition-led business // HD in Biz series: pt 4 of 4

Balancing human design, gene keys, and intuition-led business  // HD in Biz series: pt 4 of 4


In this episode, I am going to be discussing my process of how I balance my journey with human design and gene keys in an intuition-led business. You can understand the steps that I take and you can see if this works in your business as well. This is the fourth episode in a four-episode series all about human design and business.

I recommend that you start with the very first episode of this series, which aired three weeks ago. It's titled "The True Purpose of Human Design and Gene Keys in Business," and you should listen to the remaining episodes before you listen to this one. If you're all caught up, then let's dive in.

With a line 1 in my 5/1 profile, there comes a deep thirst for knowledge, to continue to learn, and to continue to deepen your understanding of anything and everything that interests you.

When I was younger, it manifested as me being known as the Trivia Queen amongst all my friends, as I knew a lot about a lot of things, and things that I learned just stuck in my mind because I was curious to learn things.

As an adult, the drive of the profile line 1 has been influential in my career, at every stage of my career. I’ve been motivated to learn more and to understand more so that I can approach problems from an educated standpoint. On the flip side, line 1 can also present a major challenge. The challenge is to be able to move forward with an "incomplete" set of information.


This is the greatest fear of line 1, to make decisions and take action when they don’t understand all sides of the issue yet. To know that there is so much that they DON’T know, and to move forward anyway. I want to know as much as possible before I take action and before I make decisions.


The reality is that's not always possible, but this fear can be paralyzing because you think you don't know enough to make an educated decision. What if you're wrong and you have to change your decision? It can paralyze you into inaction and that's also something that I've experienced, but you don't have to have a line one in your profile to experience this drive and this fear.

As 1 is the foundational element of the 6-line hexagram, everyone faces the challenge to some degree of moving forward when you don’t have it all figured out yet. It might not be the primary challenge in your life, but it is still lingering and still kind of keeping you in that zone from taking action.

Ultimately, what you are likely facing as a soulpreneur, no matter the specifics of your design, is some form of imposter syndrome which is preventing you from taking significant steps forward in your business, and it could be triggered by that line 1 shadow or by another shadow area in your chart.


For example, if you have an undefined head or Ajna, you might be stuck in inaction because you keep getting new ideas and inspiration and feeling the pressure to get all your questions answered, which makes you feel like you can’t move forward until the ideas and questions either slow down or you’ve been able to take action on all of them. I’m going to be talking more about this specifically on next week’s podcast episode.

The hard truth, though, is that you're never going to have everything figured out before you feel ready to take big action in your business. You're not going to know everything at any point. You're never going to know enough to have it all figured out before you take those big actions when it comes to moving forward in your business.

The biggest difference between having that great idea and having something that is a business is that you have clients and customers and you're bringing in revenue. The biggest difference between those two things is the willingness and the ability to take action, no matter what challenges are placed in front of you.

It’s not about taking action for the sake of taking it. It’s about taking aligned action consistently and taking aligned action even though you don’t have all the answers while the feeling of imposter syndrome continues to flare up inside you.

So it's about taking action even though you feel that imposter syndrome. And this is what continues to lead me back personally to the importance of putting my intuition in the driver's seat of my business.


Even though I don’t have all the answers for my business or marketing strategy, my intuition certainly has more than I do.

I am leaning into this organizational structure I discussed in last week’s episode where my intuition is what makes decisions on behalf of the business, my human self reports to my intuition, which is the CEO of my business, and my intuition reports to my higher self, who is the chairman of my board of directors. Where human design and gene keys are the mentors and advisors that make my intuition as strong and resilient as it can be.

Building this organizational structure into my business and my daily activities is what has given me the courage to face this imposter syndrome head-on and to take steps forward every day in creating a business that I love in a way that I love.

Because even when my ego & mind are telling me that I can’t trust myself, at least I know that I can always trust my intuition and where it’s guiding me.

Promoting your intuition to the CEO of your business creates massive & significant change over time and today, in the final episode of the human design in business 4-episode podcast series, I’m going to share with you the behind-the-scenes of my exact process for how I balance building an intuition-led business with my human design and gene keys energetic blueprints practically and on a daily basis so that I can take steps forward in my business even when I’m confronted by challenges like imposter syndrome

There are four layers to fully implementing, balancing, and taking action in an intuition-led business using human design and gene keys. And as I go through them, each layer builds upon the last, so make sure you have one layer mastered before you move on to the next.

Layer 1: Intuition calibration, connection, and recognition are the most important concepts to grasp in layer 1.

This is where you calibrate your intuition and master your alignment signals. This is the foundation. This is getting in touch with your intuition and understanding what it's telling you so that you feel clear in it, like hearing and being aware of what your intuition is telling you through your signals of alignment.

From my perspective, these are truly the big 3 when you're starting to align your business to your human design or starting to use human design to create a more aligned business for yourself.

First- Your authority is your primary communication tool for your intuition.

Second- Your signature which tells you that you’re in alignment.

Third- Your Not-Self is your primary communication tool for if you are out of alignment.

The more deeply I understood how I felt my authority, success & bitterness, the more quickly I recognized what alignment does and doesn’t feel like for me, which helps me move with much more agility, ease & flow as these feelings and knowing pop up.

It made it easy for me to say, "Okay I'm not on the right track now. Something needed to change” and it helped me get to the answer of what that was so much quicker and so much easier because I knew very easily when my intuition was saying, "Oh, you're definitely on the right track, you know it." It helps me quickly get back to the center when I’ve wandered off course without the huge ebbs and flow.

Calibration Questions- I have some calibration questions for you when you’re at this stage:

1. Think back to when your intuition/authority made itself known and you didn’t listen. Or what happened when you did listen?

2. What did it feel like or what did you experience when your intuition made itself known?

3. Think of a handful of times you experienced your not-self, a sign that you are out of alignment. What did that feel like or show up as? What were the patterns and commonalities between all these experiences?

4. Think of a handful of times you experienced your signature, a sign that you are acting in alignment-what did that feel like or show up as? What were the patterns and commonalities between all these experiences?

Layer 2: It is all about daily intuitive conditioning and alignment: your daily devotion to your higher self & intuition.

Every single morning I check in with myself and I get really clear on where in the previous day or earlier in that day where I felt success and where I felt bitterness from. It gets really easy to see when those patterns start bubbling up before they become bigger problems.

If you aren’t into journaling you can speak it out or contemplate it. Sometimes I just think about these things as I’m making my morning coffee if I don’t have time to sit with my journal. It can be as formal or informal as you want it to be.

Ask your intuition why & use splenic authority to hone in specifically on what is the cause of the success or bitterness & what specifically needs to change. What actions need to be taken to decrease the bitterness & increase the feeling of success?


This is where my 5 step process to align your business to your human design comes in which you can learn more about in the Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment free workshop series. There is an entire workshop devoted to this process you can check out by clicking the link below in the episode description.

Daily check-in and recalibrations are so important because you begin to notice patterns, ebbs & flows within yourself and within your business. You become more sensitive to the messages & nuances of your own intuition

Layer 3: Intuitive business strategy & planning (either monthly or quarterly)

Here we are, two layers into my process, and we have only been talking about the most foundational level of human design—type and authority. This is not by accident. But in layer 3, now we get to dive even deeper as we step out of the day-to-day and into the strategy and planning.

As I look at what I have coming up in the next month or quarter, I check in with myself and my authority to confirm that everything already in my plan still feels intuitively aligned and exciting for me. If there are any new projects or tasks that I’m excited about and want to add to my list, then I do that as well.


At this point & in this process, I start to look at the projects & priorities with deeper pieces of my human design & gene keys—my profile, my defined and undefined centers, my channels, my prominent gates—and see what things play to my gifts and what shadows & blocks might challenge me along the way.

I also ask for clarity from my higher self and intuition, or sometimes think through how I can re-imagine my goals and projects so that they better align with the nuances of my chart through my profile, centers, and channels.

For example, as a defined Ajna, how can I simplify this or make it a clearer process? With an undefined sacral center, how can I take on this big project in a way so that I can also manage my energy while I build it out? With the channel of structuring (43-23), how can I simplify this even further?

This helps me get my intuition more involved in what is more of a masculine, structured process and brings awareness to the roadblocks that might come up along the way so my intuition can recognize them before I’ve gone too far down the wrong road.

Once I feel clear & excited about the strategy for the next month or quarter, my intuition can then delegate the actual doing of the projects to my human self (and/or team members, depending on the stage of your business) to create a plan and get it done, all the while staying on track and in alignment through those daily check-ins that you are doing from the previous layer.

Layer 4: This last layer is about business and brand refinement.


The first 3 layers are integrated into the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operations of your business, and when you have a consistent process for using human design to strengthen your intuition, you allow your intuition to sit in the driver's seat of how you build and grow your business.

The last layer is a lot less procedural. This last layer is a lot more feminine and flowy. Now that the processes of the first 3 layers are built into my business, I also set aside time in my week to study whatever is calling my attention from my chart or gene keys to just contemplate it on a wider level—how I see it and its patterns in my life, what shadows it brings up, and how I can take the lessons and teachings and apply them to my business.

Right now, I'm focusing a lot of my research on gene keys specifically. I’m deep into my Venus sequence and even though it doesn’t directly impact my business, studying the Venus sequence is heart-opening, which has indirect benefits for what I do and why I do it in my business and clients. Maybe it gives me a new idea or a new project to add to my list or an idea about how I can be a better coach or how to tweak my marketing and messaging in some way.

I’m following a sequence, but at other times I’ve picked a certain center or I’ve played with the transit. Although play and experimentation are part of every layer of my process, it’s especially important and apparent in this last layer.

Before I wrap up, just to refresh on the 4 layers:

Layer 1- Intuition calibration & foundation building;

Layer 2- Daily intuitive check-ins, realignments, and recalibrations;

Layer 3- Monthly/quarterly intuitive strategy & planning processes;

Layer 4- Deeper study & intuitive business refinement.

I'd love to know if you learned something new or if something resonated with you, like something I said resonated with you. I would love to connect with you further. You can DM me on Instagram, say hello, and share what your biggest takeaway from this episode was for you and/or your business.

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