Most Important Metrics in Google Analytics for Entrepreneurs

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Overwhelmed by all the data and reports in Google analytics, or maybe you only have five minutes to dig into Google analytics to understand how your marketing and website are performing? Do you even know what you would look at first?

In today's video, I will show you the three most important metrics in Google Analytics for busy entrepreneurs to look at, plus why they're so important. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel below and hit the bell to be notified. When I post a new video every Tuesday about entrepreneurship systems and metrics.

No doubt about it. There is a lot of data metrics and reports in Google analytics, and that is both a blessing and a curse. So if you've only got five minutes to get up to speed on what's happening with your website and your marketing, this video is for you.

This is the same approach that I use when I'm diving into my client's metrics for the first time or even the hundredth time. All right, now let's dive into those three most important metrics and don't miss the bonus tip at the end.

The first metric is sessions per user.

Why is this one of my favorite metrics? Because it shows the stickiness of the brand and particularly of the website, are people just coming to your site once and that's it, or are people returning to your site over and over for your content and products because they just can't get enough of you and your message.

You want to have engaged leads and customers in your business. And this is one easy way to get a quick idea of how you're doing in that regard and in case you're too embarrassed to ask, which I totally understand sessions are Google's terminology for the number of times that your site is visited during a given time period and users are the number of unique people who visit that site because one person can visit your site.

Multiple times sessions will always be higher than the number of users from the Google Analytics homepage, go to the audience, and then overview. And then from here, you can actually see this metric right here, number of sessions per user. So anything over one is really great, but the higher, the number, usually the better. So make sure you look at this metric on a weekly timeframe. So by coming up here or extend it to monthly, and you can see how that number fluctuates the longer the timeframe that you look at. So if you look at the longer the timeframe, the higher, the number will go, hopefully, and that is a good thing as well.

The second metric is page views by page.

Why is this one of my favorite metrics? Because this metric will tell you what content and pages on your website are the most popular. Knowing this information can help you build out your marketing strategy and help you plan content that resonates with your target audience. By utilizing this data, you can ramp up your content machine, build your email list and ultimately increase your sales and revenue to find this metric, go from the analytics homepage, then to behavior, then site content, and then all pages. And here you can actually find the unique page views or the page views by the actual page that it is.

Comment below and let me know what type of content on your website resonates the most with your audience and brings in the most traffic to your website.

The third most important metric is goal completions by source and medium.

So why is this one of my favorite metrics? Because it tells you not only how your website is performing via actual goal completions, but it also tells you what sources or traffic are bringing in the most engaged audiences.

Don't have goals set up yet in Google analytics, check out this video. I created all about the best way to set up Google Analytics goals to analyze your marketing performance. But this goal completions by source metric, this is the secret to magic and money in your business. When you know what is driving the most engaged traffic to your website, you can invest further in those channels. You can also figure out what channels are driving the least and least engaged traffic to your website. And you can stop investing in those. Win-win all around.

To find this metric from the Google Analytics dashboard, go to conversions, thank goals, and then overview. And then you can come down here and click on source and medium. And you can actually get an idea about what source and mediums, where what's driving traffic to your website and actually converting on the goal. So you can find out what's actually working and then what isn't working.

And that leads me to our bonus tip. Are you ready?

I told you about the three most important metrics, but what about the most important report that report is this source and medium report. It actually gives you similar information to the metric that we just talked about. Goal completions by source and medium, but it's much more detailed than that. If I could only look at one report and all of Google analytics for the rest of my life, this would be it.

To find this report from the Google Analytics dashboard, go to acquisition, then all traffic then source and medium. So you can see where traffic is coming from and how that particular audience is performing on many levels from acquisition to behavior to conversions. And you can actually change this to look at all your different conversions and goals that you have set up. There's so much goodness, in this report, if you have an extra minute in your busy schedule, I definitely recommend diving into this one right now.

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