Ease & Grace in Business with Gloria Grace Rand

Ease & Grace in Business with Gloria Grace Rand


In this episode, I'm going to be talking with Gloria Grace Rand all about how to grow her business with ease and grace as an Emotional Manifestor. Let's dive in.

Gloria Grace Rand is the bestselling author, speaker, and energy healer who founded the Love Method to overcome a family history of substance abuse and depression through the grace of God. She channels messages from the heart to awaken her clients to their divine identity so that they can live fully, love deeply, and engage deeply.

There's so much that's actionable in terms of takeaways, not only for emotional manifesting generators but for anyone who really wants to understand how to work with their energy in their business and use their design to be able to follow those things that bring grace and ease into their lives and businesses.

What Gloria Grace Rand does & how she serves others using her two businesses

Gloria began her career as a writer and producer for a public television program called the nightly business report. She did that for many years until her husband had an opportunity to move out of the area where the show was produced. She had two kids at the time, so she decided to wind up being a stay-at-home mom for a while.

When she moved out of the Miami, Florida, area, that was good, but after her kids got ready to go off to college, she realized that she needed to do something else, so she started her business and became an SEO copywriter (SEO stands for search engine optimization), and she enjoyed doing that; it was sort of similar to the business writing that she was doing before in television.

But now she was helping small business owners and being able to use the creative part of her brain or the more logical side was fighting for the right keywords, and then she could use the creative part of her brain to be able to write in a way that would make people want to do business with others and be able to buy from them.

She started her business in 2009, and things were going pretty well until 2015 when her older sister was diagnosed with cancer, and shifting started in her life. In about two and a half years, a couple of months before she passed, she was meditating, and an idea popped into her head that said, "I should write a book about love," and she was like, "Where is this coming from?"

She wondered if she had to write a book about love. What should she say? What came through was that "love" was an acronym, and she was like, "Oh, ok, that's interesting," and everything was spelled out but then.

But life intervened, and she had to go out to Arizona to be with her sister. Gloria ended up staying there until the end of the year because she went into hospice, so it took her a couple of years before she started writing the book. And about halfway through it, she had this amazing revelation: "Why I had to write a book about love.

She cried for about 5 minutes in her office, and because it just made sense, everything just sorts of made sense. Why she was struggling in different areas of her life. She needed support because she wasn't necessarily getting it from her immediate family, and so she realized, "Well, with her gone, that turned out to be a really big gift," because she had to learn to stand on her own two feet.

What question can human design help her answer?

Gloria would like to know how Human Design can help her grow her business. The one thing that has been challenging her over the last few years to figure out she still wants to do copywriting. She feels like she wants to do deeper work with clients, she wants to coach them, and she has sort of landed on the fact that her focus is going to be on coaching.

As people get to be more whole and secure in who they are, if they need help with copywriting, she can still do that and help them with that. But if human design could maybe give her a little bit more guidance in that regard, She would certainly love that because she doesn't like struggling: She prefers to have things be in the flow. When she is in the flow, it does feel great, and she would love to have more of that consistently in her life.

Business & Marketing Strategy for a Manifesting Generator

She is a Manifesting Generator with profile line 6/2. She right now has at least two businesses, because manifesting generators frequently have very different interests and paths. The manifesting generator can be multi-passionate and is the one who has full permission because they have both the manifestor energy and the generator energy, to be able to pursue multiple paths, which is absolutely fine and very healthy for a manifesting generator.

Returning to Gloria's question, "How can she grow with ease and grace?" And I think so many people believe that and there's so much noise, that you need to pick one thing and just do it, and so for her, it's not something I would recommend; instead, I would say, "As long as it's something you enjoy doing."

She is multi-passionate from a marketing standpoint. It's difficult for people to understand how she can help them, such as what she can help them with and how she can help them.


In this case, I always suggest to break down what you do into a framework or set of pillars.


You can call it whatever you want, but can you talk about it in a way that helps people understand how? All of these things that you do together will help them with their goals & intentions, which is why you need to do all these things together.

Biggest challenge for a Manifesting Generator

i) How do you simplify what you are passionate about in a way that people can understand you and your gifts

ii) AND How can you talk about it succinctly to all of those different ways that you work with people


So I think that's usually one of the most difficult issues I see with manifesting generators, because you can do web design and people could use her assistance. Obviously, she can help others with SEO copywriting because she has been doing that for a while, but she also has these other beautiful gifts.


When you do have new passions or new things that are like gifts that show up, it's usually like a process of iteration and trying to simplify, and just because things will change your one framework isn’t going to stick for the rest of her life exactly because things will always be evolving. And that is ok.

Gloria agreed that she has evolved in her business. When she first started, probably on her business card and her website, it was "SEO copywriter" and "internet marketing expert." She was experimenting with the intuitive business coach, but it wasn't quite working. It was like it was getting closer, but it still wasn't there, and then she saw somebody say something about a spiritual alignment coach, and she went, "Oh, I like that one."

So that's where she is going for the time being, perhaps for the next year or so until that evolves. But she likes the idea of trying to build a framework, and she thinks she is getting closer because she has been tweaking her website content to address that because she truly feels that, once she is in alignment, everything else falls into place.

Gloria always thinks about the people and what they are looking for. I've had this experience where I'm like, "Oh, this person's interesting; I love their story, but do I need what they have?" and "How do these things work?" and "Which one of these do I even want?" So it's always interesting to think about someone's perspective.


They are approaching you in terms of what is best for them. It's like the balance of being specific enough without putting yourself in a box. It's as if you keep it specific enough to keep you but loose enough to allow you to try new things without feeling constrained.

The Biggest Themes & Keynotes in Gloria’s Human Design Chart

Her Incarnation Cross - the Left Angle Cross of Informing

It is about what type of mission she is on or how she affects those who come in. It’s as if she thinks of herself as a lighthouse. It's like how she impacts those around her; in human design, that's called your incarnation cross and Gene Keys.


She is good at finding what needs to be said but isn't being said and saying it, sort of like digging to the bottom of the barrel. You know that's deep or buried, or people don't notice, and you like bringing that to the surface and showing other people what they need to be aware of, so that very much comes from her manifesting generator energy. She also has a channel that connects to her emotional center, which gives her that emotional authority and makes her a Manifesting Generator.

She possesses a lot of manifesting energy. I don't want to say it's disarming, but she kind of catches people off guard because she says things that just make people think; it flips their perspective and sometimes catches them off guard.


She is like a magnet, or so you might say, and people are either put off by her or they absolutely love her. There's kind of no in-between when she really lives in her energy.

Intuitive Gifts & Connection through her Undefined Splenic Center


She has an undefined spleen center, which means she can help others tap into their intuition, which makes a lot of sense with her light language channeling. So I feel she can reflect things to people that help them tap into their intuition more, and so I feel she can see things slightly differently when she has that undefined spleen center.


I could see those two things happening together, where she is changing outdated belief systems. She is helping people change their beliefs about themselves, and then she helps them realize that for themselves too. She is not just poking the bear and then fleeing. She is like, "Okay, let's deal with this or help them realize how amazing they are and how they deserve everything," and so on.

I would encourage her to start sharing about it because chances are, the people who are in her audience and her community are her clients. They probably don't know, but they might know; it's like they might intuitively know that, but they need or want someone to either validate it or call attention to it so that they can be like, "Oh yeah, me too."

Channel of Curiosity & the Gifts of Experience


She has channels 11-57, which is the channel of curiosity; it helps in storytelling and stimulates people’s imagination and emotions through experience. She has the profile line 6/2, which is natural role model energy, where she shows up but also needs time alone to explore her ideas and curiosity.

Defined G-Center and a Clear Identity

Gloria has a clearly defined G center, so she has a very clear identity and clear direction as if she knows what path she needs to be taking. It's as if other people are second-guessing she should not let that noise influence her if she knows she is on the right path with what she is doing.

The third major theme in her chart makes a lot of sense because she has emotional authority, but it's more about the ebbs and flows, so it's like energetic and emotional ebbs and flows.


Defined Ego Center and Consistent Creation & Productivity


She also has a defined ego center. She incorporates that into her process because I believe a lot of people believe batching and consistency are something you do all the time. For example, I know you have a podcast, so it's like I record one podcast a week and do that every week, and for someone like you.


It's going to be like, "Okay, yeah, I'm going to be consistent." "I'm going to put out a podcast every week." But I'm going to record and batch when my energy feels great, and then maybe there's going to be a week where I do nothing and just kind of plan and play with that.

Channel of Openness, and Undefined Root Center and the Gift of Grace

She has access to the Manifestor channel, which is 12–22. It's called the channel of openness, and the fun thing is that she has the so-called Gate 22, which is your conscious earth. This is interesting because it relates to her emotions, and I think there's a lot of shame and guilt associated with being an emotional person.

The biggest lesson that she has learned over and over in this lifetime is grace, and it's just like having grace with herself. That's her middle name, just like that's part of your name, and I think that's such a beautiful thing.

She has an undefined root center, so she has to accept, find grace for, or just accept that she will do things in her timeline and she can't force it. People around her will put pressure on her, such as meeting deadlines, getting things done, or taking action. But the truth for her is that it's just like the grace of divine timing, which I think is important for her to tap into, and that kind of goes into, like, okay, so when she feels really good, she has that energy when you have that space when you're excited about it. It's like, "Go ahead and go crazy." And just because she know there will be times when she is like, "You know what?" Something's not happening, and so building those kinds of things is like building a process. But it's not even really a process.

Channel of community

She has Channel 37, which is called the channel of community. And so this is a big thing because she worked with a beautiful community of people, but this is a strong energy in her chart. The community has what it needs, but there is also this sense of aloneness, balance, or almost a spectrum of feeling or being alone while also serving and remaining in that community.

There will be times when she is ecstatic to be in that community, and then there are going to be times when she needs to be alone, which kind of circles back to that 6/2 profile a little bit and things like that. So I believe that is very similar to community-type relationship building, setting the tone for the customer relationship early. She knows the customer journey or the client journey with her is important because, as she knows, that relationship is what turns into the community, which is then what gets people. She is into those, like later-stage offers or maybe your higher-ticket offers and things like that.

Actionable tips


  1. When it comes to her content or working with clients, strike a balance between being in the moment and "batching" enough that when she is not in the mood, it’s ok to the hermit.
  2. Cultivate community with close personal contact thrown in. That community can give her the fuel she needs to generate ideas, gain experience, and tap into the emotional state that snaps her into that role model energy.
  3. It’s ok to pursue multiple paths or projects, as long as each one of them brings her fulfillment in its own right. It’s ok to be bold and say what isn’t being said, but it’s got her attention and needs to be addressed.


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