The magic within one piece of Marketing Content

The magic within one piece of Marketing Content



I'm going to be sharing all about the potential impact and magic that just one piece of marketing content can have on your business's marketing and sales. So let's dive in.

In January, I hosted a social media challenge with a group of women in a mastermind and the goal of the challenge was consistency in posting on social media, which might be the least sexy objective of all time when it comes to social media and marketing.

During this challenge, I watched these women pour their hearts out into each piece of social media that they published, and while many of them were getting engagement, some of the engagement that they were expecting came from these posts that were just so full of energy and heart. However, sometimes posts just disappear into the abyss without any explanation or no logical reason as to why something worked better or didn't. Do you ever feel that way about your marketing content?

It’s discouraging and it makes you want to give up because the time and effort aren’t worth it no matter how much you play and test and experiment. You might ask yourself, is this all for nothing? I too have felt this way over the years. Many times I have considered (or did) stepping off the content Ferris wheel, either temporarily or permanently. Just know that you aren’t alone.

Today, I am in a better place than ever when it comes to executing a consistent marketing and content plan, and I feel compelled to share my secret with you. What I'm about to share here is just one lesson, or part of one lesson, of the Radiant Message pillar in my program, Radiant on Purpose. So I'm just going to get right into it and share my biggest secret to staying consistent with my marketing content. Be ready for it.

I RADICALLY SHIFTED MY EXPECTATIONS, about marketing my business and marketing content in general. And that radical shift meant that I lowered my expectations about what my marketing content can do for me. Now I know this sounds silly because aren’t you supposed to pour your heart and soul into your content to be able to reach your soul mate customers and clients? That’s what you hear and that's what you're taught.


So I feel like what I'm saying right now is pretty counterintuitive. It might even be shocking that I say as someone who runs an energetically driven business who thinks about the energy that I put into my business.

You might be scratching your head a little bit right now at the fact that I'm saying you need to lower your expectations and think about the energy that you put into your marketing. So let me explain it.

When I was running that content challenge, the momentum dwindled because, at the beginning of the month, everyone was motivated and ready to create. But after a couple of weeks of lower-than-expected performance on social media, motivation dwindled and many of the participants didn’t complete the challenge. I think we had almost 30 people start the challenge and I don't think it was easily less than 10 that finished it.


And the reason is that most people have unrealistic expectations for each piece of content they put out there.


This is why I want to talk to you right now about the impact that a single piece of content can have on your business; I want to set the record straight so that we can shift our perspectives and expectations. We can become more consistent and successful in our marketing and content plans IF we can shift our expectations.

Because if we can shift our expectations, we can stay motivated. And if we stay motivated, we can stay consistent. And if we stay consistent, the chances of our businesses growing exponentially increase.


If you lose motivation and stop posting, and then give up, our business has no chance of ever succeeding, but if you can at least stay motivated, consistent, and on track, your chances of creating, building, and growing a successful business increase exponentially.

I understand why our expectations are so skewed when it comes to our marketing strategy. There’s a lot of marketing and ads out there promising that one post, written a certain way, can bring in thousands of dollars. This type of marketing drives me crazy. We are also constantly bombarded with stories about that one account that has some viral post that doubled its followers.


But what we don’t hear is the content behind the story-how many followers did they have? Was that the last post in a launch series? What was the quality of the followers that they got? It makes many people feel very much less than because you don't have the same result with your one post as you do each time.

So it’s no surprise that there’s this inherent expectation that we think one post will completely change our business overnight. The result is that we put so much pressure on each post that it breaks our hearts a little when no one notices. We’re putting ourselves on an emotional roller coaster over and over again. It’s exhausting!

Sure, those overnight success stories can happen, but they are not the norm. Chances are that just one piece of content is not going to transform your entire business.

By having this expectation and thinking this expectation is the norm, we're doing ourselves a disservice because we're putting ourselves on this emotional roller coaster over and over again and it is exhausting because they have one expectation and their current marketing strategy does not meet that expectation. No wonder people lose motivation and take breaks. It is overwhelming when your expectations don't align with reality. So why would you continue?

When I stopped putting so much pressure on each thing I posted, social media became a lot more fun. That is the only way to stay consistent, to keep your motivation going, and therefore, give your business a chance to make it. This is not just about social media, but also your blog posting, YouTube channel, or email marketing.

So, now that we’ve gotten clear on what one piece of marketing content likely won’t do for your business…


What can that one piece of aligned marketing content do for your business?

It can find an aligned soul and pull them into your aura.
It can pique their curiosity about you and how you can help them.
It can build trust and connection.
It can help them get "somewhere" easily, faster, and more efficiently.
It can help point them in the right direction.
It can help them make a decision.
It can inspire them to take action.

But if you hamper that magic by placing the heavyweight of expectation on it, you can strip that magic down so much that it prevents you from continuing forward, that you lose your motivation. Then none of that magic is possible, so you must find a way to hold the possibility of magic and sustain it over a long period and consistently.

When I think about my marketing content strategy, I don’t think about one post or piece of content in silos. Your marketing content is a body of work with bits of your magic sprinkled into each piece you put out into the world. Each new post you publish adds to the magic that already exists. It strengthens only your energy, your frequency, and your magnetism.

If you are the type of person who puts your heart and soul into the things that you put out there, and it breaks your heart, it hurts. It almost physically hurts you to just see all that work, time, energy and brilliance go to waste from your perspective.

If you look at your content in silos of individual posts, you are doing your magical work a disservice.


Think about how you use social media... When you find a new post from a new account, do you go right away and buy something from them? Certainly not. You go to their feed, you read their bio, you click some links, you browse all the posts in their feed and take in their energy, and if you like it, then you follow them with anticipation about where their magic will lead you next.

We don’t expect one post to take us from a casual observer to a paying customer. We are delighted by the new source of magic we stumbled upon and are excited to be taken on a journey with them, and someday that journey might become a financial investment in their work.


So if that’s our expectation with the people we follow, then why do we put so much pressure and expectation on the people who find us? Lower your expectations and welcome people into your orbit with gratitude, no matter how long they stay or whether they buy from you or not.


Take them on a journey with you, and they will be better for having been in your presence. Prioritize the long game—for yourself and them—so you can increase the magic you create in the world. Be open to that possibility by putting more of that magic out there.


In Radiant on Purpose, my signature program, you use your human design and Gene Keys to create a magical marketing strategy and powerful content plan that is uniquely you and it aligns with your energetic blueprint. What I covered here today is one of the pieces of the radiant message pillar of the Radiant on Purpose methodology.


Did you hear? Radiant on Purpose is now open!

This experience is here to help you align your business with your human design to ignite your creativity, step into your Soul Purpose, and confidently promote yourself online. This isn’t just any course - it is a 100% customized blueprint and in-depth, guided journey to align your business & marketing strategy to your own unique human design and it is available now! Get more information:


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