Intuitive Entrepreneur? How to Use Intuition for Business Decision Making

Intuitive Entrepreneur? How to Use Intuition for Business Decision Making


Feeling stuck, stifled, and just plain overwhelmed when it comes to your business decision making as an spiritual & intuitive entrepreneur? 


We’re going to discuss how you can use your intuition for decision making in business which is a skill & practice that I regularly help my own clients with and is something I want to share with you! 


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The #1 reason that business owners give up on their entrepreneurship dream is marketing burnout. Why? Because they force themselves to take action doing what they are supposed to do instead of using their intuition to make decisions on behalf of their business.


Using your intuition in business decision making does not mean throwing structure, strategy & planning out the window. Instead it requires you to weave your intuition & intuitive hits into your existing strategy & planning cycles


This is my 3-layered approach to increase your ability to use your intuition in business decisions:


Starting with the simple, yet effective, first layer and that is to Recognize & Calibrate your Intuition & Awareness of your Intuitive Hits.


This is where human design comes in clutch. I primarily use and recommend my clients experiment with their human design type’s signature, not-self, and human design authority to understand how their intuition speaks to them and what it feels like so they can recognize it more quickly & easily over time when it does speak up.


If you’re new to human design, I recommend you go to my Human Design Fundamentals playlist to learn how to look up your human design as well as learn more about your human design type & authority so you can begin or improve this process of calibration.

Comment below & let me know what your human design type & authority are

The second layer is to check in with yourself daily to bring awareness to what your intuition is telling you and to start to take action that is in alignment with your intuition. I personally do this in the morning while I’m journaling or letting my mind wander while I’m making my morning coffee.


Here is an example of intuitive decision making in business:


As an intuitive entrepreneur - I ask myself - what is my splenic authority telling me this morning? What happened yesterday or today that made me feel successful (the Signature of a Human Design Projector)?


And what happened yesterday or today that made me feel bitter or resentful (the Not-Self of a human design Projector). And as I start to identify what’s coming to the surface, then I dig into WHY. WHY does this make me feel this way? How can I do more or less of this? And then I take action from there.


The third layer is where the integration of your intuition in business decision making truly starts to accelerate. This is where you begin to infuse your intuition into your monthly, quarterly, or annual planning processes.


I personally do this in my business each month. I set a meeting with myself and review my goals, my schedule & bandwidth, and the list of projects, initiatives, and tasks that I want to complete over the course of the month.


As I go through one by one and before I begin to scope it and prioritize it and plan it I check in with my intuition to see if that project is even aligned for me anymore. Is it something that I’m excited about? Is it something that will help move the needle in my business? If my intuition says No or Maybe then I take it off my list.


It’s really important as you build an intuition business to continue doing your daily check-ins (layer 2) also because sometimes a project feels like a Yes when I’m in the planning phases. But as soon as I dig in my intuition starts to scream NO! And so I need to reevaluate


By practicing and honing my skills as an intuitive entrepreneur for each of these 3 layers, I can use my intuition for business decision making for both the immediate, short term decisions that need to be made daily in my business as well as for the longer term, more strategic decisions that need to be made in my business so that each step forward is aligned with my highest self and my ultimate goals for this beautiful creative entity that is my business.


If aligning your business & marketing strategy to your human design is something that’s calling to you, you can take the first steps forward in my new, free workshop series - Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment! You can find the link below in the description.


And bonus points if you comment below and share how you use the tool of human design to help you hone your intuition as an entrepreneur in business decision making

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