How your human design pressure centers impact your business // Pressurized Soulpreneur series: pt 1 of 6

Human design pressure centers & your business // Pressurized Soulpreneur series: pt 1 of 6


In this episode, I'm going to share what the human design pressure centers are and how they impact you and your business. This is the first episode of a six-episode podcast series- The Pressurized Soulpreneur.


In this series, I'm going to discuss and contemplate the impact that these pressure centers can have at different stages of your soulpreneur journey, from initial business ideas to scaling your business, and how you can recognize these pressures and manage them in relation to your intuition. So let's dive in.

It’s no secret that the world around you continues to get noisier and noisier. Everyone wants to tell you what to do. Diet culture, fashion, career, child-rearing, and, of course, how to build and grow your online business.

I was chatting with one of my clients the other day about some of the familiar tropes we hear in the online space. Things like quitting your job and going all in! Invest & hire before you are ready! TikTok is the only way to grow your audience!

These tropes you hear can not only be a general solution to a specific problem, but they can also be harmful to those who hear them and believe them to be the ultimate truth. While some of these tropes can be innocuous; they can also create a slippery slope and become damaging.

Why? Because when you start to hear something enough, even if it goes against your intuition, after a while, you start to question what YOUR truth is. Yes, what you’re hearing may validate what you already believe to be true.


Yes, it might teach you something new and evolve your truth, or if that pressure is great enough for long enough, it can override your intuition and what it’s telling you.

Then suddenly you’re in financial trouble because you quit your day job for your business with no backup plan or resent your entire marketing and promotion strategy, making you want to blow it all up.

We are constantly bombarded with pressure telling us how to think and act, and honestly, there's no way to escape it. You can create boundaries with the media that you consume but it’s always going to be that noise and, honestly, there’s no escaping it. But how do you deal with this pressure and become aware of what is right for you as a means of managing that pressure?

You can discern what that external pressure is and what is your intuition and use that awareness to take incremental steps forward by trusting your intuition.


That way, you can take sustainable but impactful steps forward in your business while staying centered and grounded, owning your purpose without all the drama. I can call it drama because I used to be the QUEEN of professional drama – the cycles of emotional highs and lows, the fluctuations that dictate the relative success of your business.

I've done and seen it all probably, and so I say drama in a very loving way because it's something that I've gone through myself. So let's look at this pressure from a human design perspective.


The Nine Centers of your human design chart and the flow of energy


There are 9 centers from the head center at the top of your chart, and then to the root center at the very bottom, there's your Ajna, Throat center, your G-center, your heart or ego center, your sacral center, splenic center, and your solar plexus on the right.

Energy flows into these centers - Energy flows into your head center from the ethers and into your root center from your physical environment and so, energy flows into these centers from the ethers/the universe into your head center and from the earth/your surroundings into your root center and all of this external energy flows into you and within you.

How this energy is released- With all this energy flowing within you, ultimately trying to be released through your center for self-expression & manifestation, which is your throat center.

What impacts the flow of energy - This flow of energy is impacted by your definition, your environment, and the cosmic transits, it can get a bit complex, and that’s a different topic for a different podcast.

The flow of energy is universal- In general, the flow of energy is universal. No matter who you are or what your human design is, you have two pressure centers on your head: the top of your head and your root at the bottom, and these are pressure points. These are where the energy from the universe and the energy from the earth come into your body, flow around your body, and create pressure.


Your pressure centers put pressure on you as this energy wants to move within you and come out through your throat center. So it's the energy that comes in through you to be manifested out into this physical world.


 Now let’s look at each of these pressure centers individually.


The Head center represents your relationship to ideas and inspiration.


 It also represents the pressure to think and ask questions and figure it all out. It has two centers defined and undefined.

Defined center- If you have your head center defined, which is a relatively small percentage of the population, you experience this pressure consistently and continuously.

You will always have the pressure to ask questions and to determine the answers. You're probably consistently feeling the pressure to come up with new ideas, and you're probably consistently channeling new ideas and inspiration. And you probably constantly have that pressure to figure everything out.


 While this pressure is constant because you experience it consistently, you probably also have consistent ways you manage and process it.

Undefined center- If you have this center undefined (about 70% of the population does), you will experience this pressure inconsistently.


 It’ll depend on your environment, who you are around, and the cosmic transits. Not only will you experience the pressure inconsistently, but the way you experience it will also be inconsistent.


You'll experience it in a variety of different ways that might be confusing or hard to identify, and that is very normal now before you go about thinking that inconsistency is a bad thing.


 Let me tell you that inconsistency is a source of wisdom for you that you can use in your life and your relationships. That inconsistency is what creates that deep wisdom because you have all these different experiences of this pressure.


Signs you’re experiencing this pressure- You’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed by ideas and inspiration and don’t know how to take action or don’t know what action to take first.


Or you’re asking a lot of questions and feel the urgency of getting everything answered. You can't live in suspense and perhaps you feel the pain of not knowing it all and needing to figure it all out with your mind right now, or perhaps you just know it.


It could just be that forces like you feel that force through your mind and your thoughts. You feel like you have to figure it out. You feel like you just need to think through things a little bit more and you'll begin to figure things out if you think a little bit harder. You'll get the inspiration and you'll get the ideas that you're looking for.


How to release the pressure-

a) Recognize that you are feeling under pressure.

b) Alter your surroundings and move your body to release some of that trapped energy.

c) Take a few moments to meditate or clear your mind as best you can (this works especially well after some physical activity).

d) Allow yourself to live with the question & trust that it will unfold in perfect timing (this is a practice).

Your Root center represents your relationship with time and your evolution.


It’s the pressure to take action, move, and evolve. This also has two centers defined and undefined.

Defined center- If you have this center defined, you will experience this pressure consistently and continuously. You always have the pressure to be and do things better and to take action to make this happen.


This is very much about doing and taking action with this root center. So, if you have the center defined, you will almost always, if not always, feel pressure to do the next thing and jump into the next action to move ahead and get things done.


Time motivates you as you feel the pressure of time, and while this pressure is constant, you experience it consistently. You're probably going to have consistent ways that you can manage it and process it.


Undefined center- If you have this center undefined, you will experience this pressure of time inconsistently.


It’ll depend on your environment, who you are around, and the cosmic transits. Not only will you experience the pressure inconsistently, but the way you experience it will also be inconsistent, just like that undefined Head center.

Again, before you go thinking inconsistency is a bad thing, let me tell you that inconsistency is a source of great wisdom for you that you can use that helps you understand this pressure in a multifaceted deeper way.

Signs you’re experiencing this pressure- You’re feeling like you are late, behind, missing a window of opportunity if you don’t meet a deadline. Or you feel like you need to shake things up because you feel stagnant, almost like you have too much space or are bored and need to do "something" to keep you busy and feeling that if you’re not busy, you’re not progressing.


You take action without really thinking about if it’s the right action for you. You react without thinking and also feel the pain of losing time or not hitting your goals in the timeline you’d hoped for or planned for. Feeling behind in time is strong, and this truly just forcing through actions and reactions.


If you're feeling forced in terms of how you feel the pressure, you need to take action if it feels like taking action feels forceful.

How to release the pressure-

a) Recognize that you are feeling under pressure.

b) Ask yourself - is this a real timeline, or is this an arbitrary timeline I’m putting on myself? Is the stress I’m feeling now worth the end result?

c) If you find that you’re putting undue pressure on yourself to get things done quickly or to overdo it, move out the timeline or remove the due date completely.

d) Possibly change your environment and move your body to move some of that pent-up energy.

e) Allow yourself to live in the present moment & trust your path, your journey, your evolution, and most importantly, your timeline (this is a practice).

As I mentioned, this is the 1st episode in a 6 episode podcast series called the Pressurized Soulpreneur. This episode is the foundation where I explain how you can experience pressure from a human design perspective—how it impacts you, how to be aware of it, and how to manage it—in more general terms.


In the next 4 episodes, I will be going into depth about how these pressure centers impact you at key inflection points you’ll face as a Soulpreneur and how you can manage the pressure you’ll face.

Then, in the 6th and last episode of this series, I’ll be discussing my process for leveraging these pressures in my business on a more practical and day-to-day level. I’m super excited about this series. It’s going to be very thought-provoking and contemplative and very relatable.

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