How do I use human design to better connect with my true audience? with Lindsay Lewis of The Spiritual Lifestylist

How do I connect with my true audience?


In this episode, I have Lindsay Lewis, who's an akashic records reader, and the founder of the Spiritual Lifestylist.

Lindsay is a woman who wears many hats. First and foremost, she is the mother of an 11-year-old boy. She has worked as a massage therapist and makeup artist since 2004. And she has been an akashic records reader for many years, but since 2020, everything has started to happen in the world, we all went home and she has since been reading for others.

As the Spiritual Life stylist, she likes to help people that are mostly new to their spiritual journey, but maybe people that have been there for a while and are looking for some extra tools for their toolbox. She developed the "four-pillar method of spiritual living," likes to teach people using that method how to develop their own spiritual lifestyle as well.

She started doing that again in 2020, as she started to receive great downloads on how to progress in her life and how to work from home. Just recently, she began taking action on the divine guidance she was receiving from her spirit guides. She has developed this whole spiritual lifestyle into a business that we can talk about in more detail.

Lindsay has very little knowledge about human design and is excited to take away some great actionable things to use in her business and life.


She truly believes in the spiritual lifestyle and it began, in 2020 with Akashic records readings for others and has developed this business. She channels a lot while driving or when in quiet time. She listens to her spirit guides, who like to be known as the four corners. Last summer, she was on a drive to a massage client's house, which is about 45 minutes away. She got the name of her business, "Spiritual Life-stylist."

She got the true idea of the blueprint and what she wanted to do and how she wanted to use her purpose as a leader in healing to help others. Her divine guidance fell into her lap. She received an unexpected $5,000 payment from her client. She used that money to develop her online business. She developed her website and also started a newsletter and membership.

She is a manifesting generator and wants to use her design to learn and to make a connection with her client who is out there waiting to find each other.

What’s the golden thread?

The problem faced by some manifesting generators is that they get tripped up because they have all these different projects & ideas, and from a marketing perspective, it's kind of confusing to their audience. Someone who's trying to understand what offers you have or how they can work with you. As you go into the future, you do get more than you want to take action on. How can you tie that into the picture?

Another thing about being a manifesting generator is communicating your journey. It's okay to have different things. Don't feel like you have to stay stuck on something if you feel like your progression is natural into other things too. But I feel like as you have things figured out now, it doesn't mean things can't evolve. So it's more like you as a manifesting generator than anything else. I think that's super important.

She feels that she has cast her net too wide to keep up with time and be able to have people truly understand what it is that she is doing. She loves the idea of the golden threads.
The four pillars, or even just akashic record reading, Her communication with people, this is what she does, and they can get to know her as something and then see the other things that she does, and her word for the year is connection.


I would even recommend almost over-communicating your four pillars. I think people may forget or just don’t connect the dots. I should say to overcommunicate with people so that they can understand how all of these things tie together and where you want to go with it.


You like to move fast. You can do things fast. I think it's great that you built out all these things so fast. When you feel inspired, you get ideas as you get those downloads as ideas, and then you can just respond to them and take action on them. When it comes to communicating it outward, how can you streamline it? Or how can you continue to reinforce the same message, framework, or golden thread?

When I was looking at her chart, I realized there's something in the human design called an incarnation cross. It’s a set of gates that help you understand your main purpose in life and what your big energies are in life, etc.


Lindsey's cross is called the cross of rationalization. Her purpose in life is to point people in the right direction and help them, in a way, get on the right path and fill the right role. So her purpose is to help people step into their purpose.


Lindsey actually has a program called "Your Guided Life Purpose" that she is revamping and will be re-launching doing that exact same thing. And she did this her entire life. She knows that as her purpose, but it lights her up inside to do that for others. It is like, she always says, it's self-love for me to love other people that way and to help other people and to guide and just give freely all that information.

She can refine her messaging by tweaking that messaging in her branding and in marketing so that she really focus on that and get a little bit more specific to that.

What is Lindsay’s human design chart profile & what is it telling her?

Her chart has two numbers, 4-1, and these two different numbers; they're like different roles that you fulfill in your life. So it makes up a lot of your personality. These numbers are part of trigram and there are six numbers, so it's like, you could be one through six on one side, one through six on the other side. And each of them is like a different personality trait.

Your Profile is your leadership style How do you connect with other people? Or how do people like you take in your energy the best? When you're connecting with someone else, how do you best connect with people? Your word is connection. And so the number of the first number, which for you is four, is the role that you naturally step into.

It’s like how you feel confident when you're going to be a leader or step up in authority. That's what you naturally do.

The second number is your unconscious profile line. And that's what you may not see it in yourself, but how do people see you as a leader? As for how others perceive you before you even realize it about yourself. And so that's the one.

In her profile, the 4/1, so the four, which her conscious, it’s her personality, almost a hundred, like a relationship connection. So her real strength is in connecting with people or networking with people.

As you build that community, as you make those connections and those real relationships, more in the way of, how do you talk to people? And I love that you have a podcast for this reason because it's a very intimate connection.

I also have this one in my unconscious design. It's like someone who knows a lot about a lot. And then you kind of piece it together in different ways. When people see you, they see someone who knows a lot about you and they come to you because, you know, a lot. And when they come to you, that's when you really shine, connect with them, and build that relationship.

What are some of the other marketing tools that you find to be consistent?

She used the newsletter and social media: Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and also done some ads here and there on social media as well. She fully knows about herself, but how do we take the one? How do we do that when they come to her for that information and say, "The missing piece that I found is then taking action?

Is that where she can start with, having people, while you're live, answering questions, and talking to the people that are asking the questions or, you making comments.

She loved how the two things that immediately came through were: To create a workshop for the four pillars to explain that and then have that one-on-one piece where maybe a couple of people can come on and we can talk through things and people can see that that immediately came through. Used her podcast where she talks about Akashic Records, where she reads for the collective.

She's a manifesting generator where you don't get bored, but you're like, OK, like I've done this. Or how can I do this differently? Through this lens, what can I do that is perhaps unique? That keeps it exciting or something like that.

Sometimes human design can be kind of big and fluffy and want to make sure that you feel like you have a few things to take action on once we get done today.

Lindsey's own to-do list as to clean up some of the verbiages on her homepage using the four pillars, explaining exactly what they do, and how I can help. How can she guide you through a life program and your guided life purpose? the program- She also thought of launching a workshop on Instagram Live or over Zoom. People can sign up for that and I'll do a couple of things, maybe even find a cool giveaway.

She loves the idea of constantly weaving the four-pillar method and breaking it down. Having that be a way that she connects with people with spiritual development tools.

If you want to connect with Lindsey the easiest place to go is simply to my website, which is And from there, they can book it for akashic records reading. You can email her. They can really just connect and look through all the different offerings that I do. And also, there is a free membership, which is the best part about it. So on the first day of every season, you can download free content on how to use those pillars in your life. All based on the akashic records- reading that I do. And then when we've been speaking about this companion box, that is something that you can order and have by the first day of the new season. And those are all tools that are part of the content, the free content within the free membership.

And I'd love to know if you learned something new or something resonated with you, like something I said resonated with you. I would love to connect with you further. You can DM me on Instagram, say hello, and share what your biggest takeaway from this episode was for you and/or your business.


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