How can I grow my business authentically as a Manifestor? with Heather Kornman of The Golden Triangle

How can I grow my business authentically as a Manifestor? with Heather Kornman of The Golden Triangle


In this episode, I discuss how can I authentically connect with my clients to create the most growth, and expansion possible while staying true to their authentic self, and soul purpose.? This is the question I'm diving into with our very special podcast guest, Heather Kornman, a 1 / 3 Emotional Manifestor & the founder of The Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle is a movement to connect you back to the earth, and or deepen the connection you already have. It offers 1. Garden Planning, and installation for the suburban home using the ancient structure of gardening with the moon phases 2. A traveling, and deliverable refill station for your home goods, cleaning, and beauty products 3. Handmade goods highlight local artisans, plants, and anything that feels alive creatively.


The Golden Triangle: Heather's journey to create it and how her vision has evolved over time

She is the mom of two little ones, and is married to an awesome rock and roll spiritual guy. But foremost, she is a gardener, and that is a big part of the journey that helps her start The Golden Triangle. Gardening is a big piece of The Golden Triangle as she offers garden designs to people to create their own sustainable edible gardens in their own space.

She has a small plot of the earth as she lives in Los Angeles, in the suburbs. As a result, she is able to cultivate a large amount of produce, which she wishes to share with others. She lived in the apartment for a while, and even then, she could have a little something on her balcony, and now that she has a little larger yard, she could have a little bit more. She just wanted to show people that they could grow their own trees. They can buy it from the shop, but she wants to show that you can grow your own food and know what that's like, and then a big piece of the golden triangle is also on the earth's sustainability. She is also able to offer a home cleaning home products refill shop.

She originally thought that she wanted it to be a brick-and-mortar shop that changed and evolved as she kept working while doing her breathwork and meditations to try to stay open and clear about what exactly it was supposed to look like. It turned into a traveling refill shop. She is very close to getting an old school bus and turning it into a beautiful shop on wheels with plants, wood, and refills for the service people around her.

She designed two gardens right now: one for her children's school and turned it into a little flower dreamland for kids to have flowers to pick in a little playhouse to make little flower pies, and the other for a resident who's got a little patch of earth in front of her house where she has a few vegetables and herbs to cultivate in her garden.

I really love the message behind everything Heather does. She has such a strong theme even though you have different aspects of the Golden Triangle, everything really comes together, and I know it's still new. So things are still kind of coming together.

She is so excited to be here because she has been called to human design over the last year and just went and did a free online chart. She called her mom to get all her birth information. She looked at it & found out that she was a Manifestor. She is curious to see If I found the same thing that resonated with her. As she felt pretty powerful being able to manifest things.

She used to think very little about it, like when she was teaching as a preschool and kindergarten teacher prior to staying home with her kids, and it would be random things. She need some wooden boxes for her classroom to store blocks so they're not just all over the floor and then, the next day When she was driving she found that someone would have put wooden boxes out for their trash, that is what she exactly pictured. It's such a small thing, but she thinks that it shows that it's powerful. It is the same as putting that energy out there.

But something about manifesters: as there are 9 centers in your human design chart, one of those centers has a channel directly to the throat. So it's like quick action because it's like if you have a desire or you have the energy or attention to something, it just connects directly to that throat and it's like things happen really quickly, not just with what you desire but in terms of taking action and getting things done, which is as such a cool thing about being a manifester.

When you see things, you say them, and you inspire people to take action. As a result, it's like the universe, not just the universe, but like you inspire people into action to kind of create the vision that you have.

What Heather's are doing is such a cool thing because I think it kind of manifests your energy in action as you see where things are heading and you're the one that's kind of start not starting the movement but one of the fire-starters of the movement.


Heather's is at the beginning phase of forming this business and brand to all come together. She Wants to stay Authentic and is wondering how can she authentically connect with her clients. To create the most growth and expansion possible while staying true to my authentic self and soul purpose.

In terms of an interview on our podcast, I personally love manifesters because it's just such a unique energy. As manifesters are less than 10 percent of the population, you're already kind of unique and special. You are creating your business with that energy.

You have an energy that is very bold & authentic it’s like you're going to say things and do things that either people absolutely love or they absolutely hate, and that's totally okay.
That's a good thing because it means you're really living in your energy as long as it's like Whatever you believe, whatever you're feeling, whatever you're called to, as long as you're staying really authentic to yourself and then not just in your own bubble, but with what you're saying and putting out into the world, that's where you're at your strongest energy, like your most potent energy.

One of the big blocks that manifesters have is that they're scared of being too much for people. You know you want to appeal to your large audience and want to create a community and then you just stop yourself because you just don't want to offend people. But that's actually doing you a disservice.

When Heather works on her Instagram page for her business she needs this one to look more professional than her personal page. She wants that her Instagram profile to reflect the energy she has. She understand that she was building a business.

Being a Manifestor is different from the generators & Manifesting Generators because they have consistent energy & momentum to do the work.

Heather is liked having Creative Flow it's like she is very active and moving. She feels like ebb and flow has always really resonated with her and she thinks that's a big piece of her.

Her gardening structure revolved around the moon cycles, and she found it to be very helpful as she began to grow an incredibly abundant garden.

Working with the garden with her moon cycles she started realizing that really the moon cycles move her a lot too and She really feels connected to the moon. Her Calm times when there is the full moon and the new Moon are very polarizing for her and she can really feel the difference in the energy for them. She just allows herself to rest when she needs to with the moon and be bright.

What she is doing right now from a marketing and branding perspective.

For branding, she worked with a gal that helped her design a logo. She needed something very grounding like a stamp for the business and so they worked on some fun logo designs.
She working on her highlight covers and making sure that the color scheme goes really with that logo. Since this is going to be a locally run business.

She has been connecting with people face to face and it organically comes up in the conversation has been perfect. That is how She got her first garden design client. To her many moons ago she had seen my front yard garden. That's a quintessential urban garden and had asked if Heather would help design her garden but she wasn't ready at that time.

She was thinking about how the gardening and the refills goods are going to fit together. When she was ready to create on that energy so she circled back with her and that client said yes. Her Garden right now is her word of mouth by connecting.

She has been using her personal Instagram account to get comfortable in that tech-savvy side. So it's kind of like she is in the practice marketing phase.

You can use Human Design at any stage of business like referencing or as your guidepost to help you really just make sure that you're building your business in alignment.


It's a soul-purpose business that she’s building and not just building something that she knows may or may not make money.

We chose to leave the corporate life because we just didn't like what we were doing and I feel like a lot of people are like that and that's why would we build a business.

Heather totally agrees with that because she left teaching to stay at home with her family and she actually manifested a whole new reality for herself where she could stay home with her family. She wouldn't have planned not to go back to work, actually, she was going the thing that goes right into it.

It is totally justified in what you're saying as being the Manifestor. When she moved into this new property that has like a bigger space for her to Garden and can have chickens and homeschool her kids and it's like exactly what she manifested and then she is like resting & loving in it.

One thing about human design in Heather's profile is how she connects to others and how others connect to you. In terms of a business is how do you draw your ideal people into you and how do you like to build a connection with them. Not just like Oh, my posts reached this many people but how do you build that relationship with people.

There are 2 numbers to your Human Design Profile. There's a one and a 3 in yours like 2 numbers 1 through 6 and yours is 1 / 3 and so for you like basically a lot of deep knowledge plus trial and error. When it comes to connecting and building your message and your brand and as you start to grow that and you know as you're out in the community.

The One line in your profile is all the things you said like moon cycles and building your garden and like you have this huge knowledge of everything that you've learned as a homesteader.

The Three line in your profile is about experimenting and trial and error stuff and so I see this so beautifully that as you start to put your brand more out there.

Like you sharing your story and like the things that you've learned and the things that you now know and like all of this stuff and just like really putting it out there and like putting that manifestor boldness behind.

It's what's gonna connect with people. Think in a way like to create a feedback cycle where those people are going to find you and you're going to blow their minds.

Like what the three numbers in Human Design define similarly Heather tried different things and she fail and this is what she learned from it and this is how she doing it differently and kinds of honesty and vulnerability is what helps with that connection piece. Also, it helps in connecting with people on a different level.

In your Human Design profile, there are so many layers we're barely scratching the surface. There's your authority, gates and channels and centers, and all of these things you know it's like is good to just get started with the profile.

Especially for entrepreneurs to focus on because that is how you like connecting with people. It's not just like reaching people. It's like how you actually connect with people in established relationships with them. The extremely important part of having a business that you know makes money is not just a hobby.

Hobbies are great when I talk especially to a newer entrepreneur like anyone but when you're newer. It's knowing what you can focus on when it comes to your marketing content. How you present yourself when you walk into a business that you want to partner with. You know, just kind of understanding that is like your signature, energy signature, or connection Signature.

Heather was stuck for a little while because she was like I'm doing gardening so I'm going to be a gardener but then she really felt like she need to have a refill shop and so she was kind of stuck for a little while on how to merge those together. And then she was like oh I just merged them together like it's all about loving mother earth and so they do go together so beautifully. She feels like that falls into that as well.

Totally and that actually kind of circles us back to the beginning with being a manifestor is breaking rules. That's a very manifestor thing like that boldness.

Like creating your own rules and doing things. She wants to focus on these two things because they come together and it's like her goal or what she is passionate about is loving mother earth and these are like the three pillars or whatever that help her do that.

Some of these things to think alike considering how you are going to take your business more public in authentic ways. She feels a lot of action steps coming and feeling like being authentic means that she doesn't have to keep just leaving her Instagram business page just blank and just logos right now.

Even though she doesn't necessarily have much like business content she can be real about that and be like this is where she is at with it and be authentic and share what she is doing right now and what she is learning along the way I feel like that's a great action step that she can start taking and just to start making some connections on that level.

Getting behind the energy of not just like what you do and how you do. It's like what do you stand for like what does not work in the world that I'm doing to change and like getting into that energy and just start like getting strength and energy behind that message.

The energy behind the words that you're saying to start creating them in this reality like I absolutely love that and so I'm very excited to see that all come to fruition in your accounts and in the manifesting of your bus and your business and all of that Great stuff.

The reason that I had her on today was. How she could build her business and like start to grow and build and expand her business in a way that was authentic with her energy and her sole purpose and I feel like we barely scratched the surface but it was such a great conversation of helping her understand her true power as a Manifestor and how just the. How the business that she's been building is just so aligned with her own energy already. But then how she can keep that like hold that authenticity as she continues to grow and expand it is such a fun conversation I loved speaking with Heather and I hope you enjoy this conversation as well.

And I'd love to know if you learned something new or something resonated with you, like something I said resonated with you. I would love to connect with you further. You can DM me on Instagram, say hello, and share what your biggest takeaway from this episode was for you and/or your business.


Connect with Heather at The Golden Triangle

Instagram: @simply.naturally.heather //  @thegoldentriangleshop




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