Creative Flow & Consistency with Olesy Oligradska, Sales & Energy Mentor

Human design for Creative Flow & Consistency


In this episode, I'm speaking with Olesya Oligradska a sacral generator, and Sales and Energy Mentor all about consistency and creativity when it comes to growing, building, and promoting her business. So let's dive in.


Olesya is an exercise rehab specialist turned sales and energy mentor who is on a mission to change the way people view and experience sales! After building her first 6-figure business on referrals and relationships alone, she uses her experience to teach others how they too can build a business through aligned sales. She is also the host of The Soulful Selling Podcast, where selling is no longer a dirty word and abundance gets to be your new norm. Previously featured in Brainz Magazine as well as various business podcasts, she continues to find ways to deliver sales in a way that feels authentic, aligned, and from the soul.

What has been your journey to get to where you are today?

When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a doctor, and it was interesting because when she went to university and realized how long it was going to take, she decided maybe that wasn't the right choice because she wanted to have a family, and even though her life has turned out a little bit differently, she ended up going into kinesiology, which is the study of human movement.

She had her own kinesiology business where she essentially helped people to get out of rehab, and as much as she loved this field and enjoyed it when she was invited to be part of a network marketing company that was going to help her kinesiology business, she started to see that as she was building her team, sales were the one thing that people were always struggling with, and she just found herself always doing a training on sales and relationships.

She hired her first coach and thought she could do this as she loves mentoring or coaching people in the fitness and wellness space and she just loves coaching. So she started her sales coaching business and, as she was doing that and going through her personal development, energy was such a big part of it.


So her personal development and showing up for her clients as well means that sales and energy have been a huge part of her life now in the last three years because she is doing what she loves, and although she is still in her kinesiology business, she is wrapping that up in the next couple of months.


Now she's helping people to live a more abundant life through their business, and she also works with CEOs who are just looking to be mentors in the sales space for their employees, she just loves sales so much.

What’s your experience with Human Design?

Olesya had a human design reading once, and she knew the main parts of human design, but it was brief, to be honest, and she just got an overview of her chart but she didn't learn enough about how she could use her chart. She always wanted to dig deeper into it.


Olesya is more of an astrology person but she knows that human design, is a huge part of that, and she would love to incorporate it into her business. Olesya is excited to dive into human design because she would love to learn more about how she can use her chart to expand in this field because she feels like the energy of sales is something that doesn't get talked about.

What question can human design help you answer?

For Olesya one of the things that she comes up against all the time is that she has so many creative ideas that come through and she will go through phases where she feels super creative and then feels uninspired other times.


She would love to learn how to bring that creativity to the physical form so that she does not interrupt her creative flow because sometimes she just feels so overwhelmed by so many ideas she doesn't even know which one to pick. And then other times, she just feels blank.


She doesn't want to sell when she does not feel inspired by her work. She wants to dive more into how she can stay consistent even through the times when she doesn't feel inspired.

Sacral Generator

Olesya is a sacral generator, specifically a single sacral generator and the one thing that I always say to generators is that they are an idea factory.


The biggest challenge for a generator specifically, which is like the discernment of ideas, which is exactly what Olesya asking about because she is a magnet to ideas. The key is to tap into that sacral energy, which is that gut instinct, to be able to discern what is right for her or not, and the biggest challenge, I would say, for generators, because generators have a lot of energy when the thing that they're working on is the right thing for them.


It's all about discernment and making sure that they're putting energy into the things that they want to be putting it into versus the things that they should be putting it into because they meet some sort of agenda in their mind or think that they should be doing so.

Open Heart Center and Undefined Root Center

Well, let's move to your open heart center, or open will/ego center. I use all interchangeably. I should probably just pick one. But with the open ego heart center, she also has an undefined root center. So her ego center is like the center of commitment.


The root center is analogous to time pressure, and when those are either open or undefined, that means she has an inconsistent relationship, but the energy she receives through that center is also inconsistent.

But if she is around the right people or in the right environment, she is going to be super inspired to just create. Having inconsistent creative inspiration sounds like a negative thing, but it's not because you are designed to experience consistency, dedication, and timeliness in all these different ways.

She is good at either absorbing that pressure or using it to her advantage. It can sometimes be overwhelming as well. It doesn't sound like that's necessarily a pain point for her, but it’s good to be aware of. She borrows people's energy in those centers and is actually designed to be a good guide and a good mentor in that area.


That's why she is a great coach because she can see what other people are doing, like where they're maybe being consistent or finding those gaps or holes from the open ego centers where their desires are and so, she is good at seeing people's desires and helping them take the steps to get there.


Tapping into Creativity and Inspiration

Environment in human design is kind of a little bit more advanced, but it's also very relevant. Olesya actually has a market environment, so when she is in her correct environment, that helps things so energy flows better for her.


Think of a market like literally a farmer's market where you're buying and selling, which again cracks me up because she is a sales mentor and her best environment is where she like buying and selling and trading and negotiating and bartering, whatever that means within that market.

Her market is actually what's called internal markets. So what's good for her too is that she built her business from within her home, which of course she is through her mentorship, where she is online for the most part.


It’s just important if she is feeling stagnant, to have space in her home that's very dedicated to what she’s doing in her business. I think it's really interesting that she has the markets and how it's like that very much in alignment with what she is doing as a sales mentor.

View and Motivation

The other thing to help with consistency is that this is also kind of advanced, but relevant in her variables are 2 things in her variables called view and motivation, and they're linked to each other.


View is essentially like the filter, the color of the rose-colored glasses with which she sees the world, and like when she sees it when you're looking through your true view. That's the best way when she sees the world at her best or like stepping into her power, like what she sees, so for her, that's Possibility.

And then there's Motivation, which is how she is supposed to see the world from her best perspective. It is the situation or environment that motivates her to take action so that for her is called Innocence.


So, again, this is pretty advanced, but when I think about these things together, it's like her view of the world when she is at her best; she has rose-colored glasses on, like her view is a possibility, so she is very optimistic.


This is the game changer in this situation, and then when she pairs that with her motivation of innocence, which is very much about being like it's childlike and very playful. That's what I like about what she does in terms of sales.


Because a lot of sales is about having an outcome, having something in mind, it's very much focused on the outcome. But what you do with energy? How can you make this fun? How can you build relationships?


It's all about what do kids prioritize: having fun or having cool friends, like just turning it into a game and being very childlike? So when you're the best version of yourself, you're very optimistic. You're seeing things as very abundant and it's like you're almost approaching your business and you're helping others in that your clients like to be more playful and have more fun with things.


Her 6/3 Profile is all about taking risks and being a role model


Her profile is how she exchanges energy with the world. It’s almost how people best get a sense of her and her energy and aura.


The 3-line in that profile is very much about experimentation and pushing boundaries which sounds funny based on how we are talking, breaking paradigms and things in terms of jobs and how you do that.


And so, as with pushing boundaries, there will be some “failures” but it's not a real failure because you're experimenting, you're stepping outside of the boundary, lots of learning lessons, and an important thing is just to have some humor about it.


And Olesya also has a 6 in her profile which is role model energy. So it's really about how can you lead by example. And when I think about what I recommend with this profile in terms of a creative standpoint, if you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in terms of offer or content or whatever, ask yourself “what am I currently modeling that I can share with my audience or what are the new things that I'm trying and experimenting with that I can just share?”


After all, your audience will resonate with, "Oh, I tried this. It didn't work, but I thought you might want to know that. I tried this and wow, it worked. Maybe you should experiment with this too." So that role model experimentation energy is a good thing to kind of tap into when you're thinking about either creating content or just how you communicate with your clients.


How to overcome the inconsistency in the creativity


Taking a break or refresh is perfect for this as when we are traveling you feel so abundant. If you can't take big vacations all the time, what are the things that you can do locally to make it appear mentally as if you can just tap out. What can I do that feels playful just because it's really fun? Is it similar to drawing? Find something that has absolutely nothing to do with business, but what makes your inner child happy.


Leveraging her Creative Channels


Also, in addition to working with the energy that we've talked about, Olesya has 2 channels defined in her chart and they are both what I would call creative channels.


She also has a channel of inspiration. It's the 1-8 channel where gate one is creative energy and then on the other side of that gate one is a little more about leadership.


A channel is a gift. With the 1-8 channel, Olesya is here to stand out and inspire people to be bold and do things differently. It's a very individual channel. It's about stepping out of her comfort zone and being bold and expressing herself.


Expressing her unique identity that is in her design to be able to do that enticed me to invited her to think about some of the things that may be a little scared to share or like she is doing behind this scenes creativity, whether it be business related or not.


It’s definitely in her design as that 1/8 channel, that creative channel, for her to be a role model of that energy. It inspires others to get started, and so you can apply this specifically to her craft and what she taught, and what she works with in her clients.


I asked her to contemplate: How are you applying that? How are you displaying that in other places?


The other channel she has is also creative because it goes from your sacral center to your splenic center. So it’s creativity, but it's also connected to intuition so it's creative intuition; it's called the Channel of Preservation in the tribal channel.


So whereas that one is very much about individual expression, this channel is about protecting and guarding the creativity of her tribe or community. She’s gifted at caring for protecting and preserving the tribe and its creative ventures.


Providing resources or sharing insights and helping your community and your clients by increasing their resources, she teaches people how to sell and do so in a way that is good for them and a line for them and not just the icky stuff that we were taught decades ago.


This feels very aligned with what she does, she is very intuitive about seeing what her clients need and what they need to be able to do this and then provide it to them. So the entire community and clients can all thrive and prosper together.


How to manage the flow of ideas


When I feel like I'm just overflowing with ideas, I have an entire Asana project just dedicated to me braindumping notes. I just make sure to take really good notes in the moment, even if I’m on the go, even if it’s just a big mess of words that only I understand so that I don't lose any of those thoughts or those things.


When I come back into and I'm like I have no idea what to write about and then I always have this whole list of things to start from.


When I'm not feeling creative, I can go and start teasing out some of those ideas, so it's kind of like creating the structure to just when you know you're inconsistent, you expect it.


I'm not saying everyone needs to do it the way that I do, but creating some sort of system or structure for yourself that takes advantage of when you are feeling that way so that you can feel peaceful even in the times that you're not consistent and not feel like you need to force anything either.


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