Calling New Paradigm Entrepreneurs + what happened when I started to embody my own human design

frequency & flow with bree kuryk
Welcome to the Frequency & Flow podcast!


Never in a million years did I think I would start a podcast, but here I am. If I've learned one thing in my own journey it's that when your intuition speaks, you listen. Even if it's "out there," even if it doesn't make sense. After months of ignoring this call, I've finally surrendered. So here we go!


In this episode I state my intentions for this podcast and invite you to come on this imperfect journey of learning and growth with me as an awakening purpose seeker stepping into New Paradigm Entrepreneurship. A big piece of my journey has been the integration of Human Design & Gene Keys into my life & business & I also give a brief overview of how these tools found their way into my life. I also discuss my commitment to the Experiment & what that means for you as a listener of this podcast.


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