Using Human Design to Create a More Aligned Brand Strategy

frequency & flow with bree kuryk Using Human Design to Create a More Aligned Brand Strategy


In this episode, I’m going to be sharing all about how to use human design to create a more aligned brand strategy.

In fact, in my fifteen-plus years in corporate as a marketing professional, I have a lot of experience with all aspects of marketing, but one area I never really took the time to dive into was branding. For three reasons: first, I thought the branding was for creative people; second, the branding felt contrived and fake to me; and thirdly, it felt like such a small piece of the puzzle colors and logo.

When I started my own venture and started talking with the clients one-on-one, I realized that I was so wrong about brand strategy. In reality, brand strategy is the foundation of your entire marketing strategy and a huge component of your business. Since I’ve been in business consulting, I’ve been called more and more into crafting brands and creating brand strategies for the clients I serve.

But when I started studying human design, I actually realized that human design can play a role in creating a strong and authentic brand. No matter, if you have a personal brand or your business, is a brand, ultimately they are both connected to you, so your own personal human design is important to understand and integrate with it. This is significant energy in your business and, therefore, your own personal human design chart is also really important to understand so that you can unlock certain pieces of that.

I just hit the tip of the iceberg here, but this integration is something that I go into detail with my clients in frequency and flow activation sessions. Something that just has layers and layers to it. But there are three things that I always start with, three elements of your human design chart that I always look at first to help me coach on my client's brand strategy, and I start with the fact that I use this for myself and in my brand strategy.

Human Design Type & Strategy


Your aura is your marketing strategy, and so it is how you exchange energy with the world and your potential clients. It forms the structural foundation of your brand and gives you the marketing "playbook" for your business, which helps you prioritize where you should spend your time and how you should spend it in what areas of your business. You need to focus on it to brighten your aura and make it more sparkly. I'm quickly going through each of the types.




As a generator, your strategy is to shine the spotlight on and inspire others with what you love to do and how you do it. You should craft your marketing strategy around what puts a spotlight on the things that light you up for generators. That is how you best exchange energy with other entities you know.


Therefore, it forms the structural foundation of your brand in a way. It gives you the marketing playbook for your business basically if you know your type, you can be like, "This is how I need to do it."


Manifesting Generators


The manifesting generators bring so much energy to “what you do” and moreover when you're in your element. You almost give an example of what it is to be in alignment, and that is a beautiful thing, so you help other people tune themselves to that feeling and that journey of alignment. Your brand is your journey and it might be straight forward or it might be a roller coaster, but that’s OK.

When you're in alignment and you're given all of these different things like potential opportunities, ideas, downloads, connections, relationships, etc. It's like being in yours. It is about how you stay in that alignment or how you navigate when you fall out of alignment, those are the things to shine the spotlight on. This is like when I'm super happy and I'm super in my element. These are the things that have thrown me out of my element, and this is how I got back into alignment.




Your marketing playbook strategy is to prioritize doing what it takes to get seen and recognized. Moreover, being seen and recognized is all you know how to do, laying the foundation of things that help you to be seen. That means you need to be seen enough to elicit the invitation in the first place. Just make sure that you're able to be invited, that you're able to be seen.




Your marketing playbook is your strategy to share your unique and polarizing perspectives to inspire others to take action, because, like your strategy, is to inspire others into action, so to get in front of them and say something that they either agree with or disagree with if they resonate with that. Pull them in closer to you to repel them because your gift is to inspire people to take action, so you need to be kind of ignited that helps to take action. So this is what your marketing strategy should be and your marketing playbook should be based around.




Your marketing playbook strategy is all about being the voice of your community, both as a guide and as a trendsetter. You know how to deal with situations in the present moment that you see, and you know that this is how you are navigating. And then also, what do you see in the future? Like, what trends are you seeing? As a result, it’s really about being that voice that represents the community that you feel you're a part of, and being a reflector, don't worry about the lunar cycles. You don't necessarily have to do that when it comes to every marketing decision and strategy.




Your profile helps you create connections and how you connect to people around you—existing clients, potential clients, customers, etc. Think of it as the vehicle through which you offer your services and it also impacts your messaging and your offers.

Your profile consists of two numbers. The first number is the role you see as your strength and feel comfortable stepping into, and the second number is how others see you and connect with you. It’s something you might not even see for yourself.

Let’s discuss these lines briefly. As line 1 indicates, it's all about your foundation of knowledge and how you weave different bodies of thought and modalities together. Line 2 is about going all-in on what you’re gifted at and allowing others to be awed and inspired by how you use your gifts. Line 3 is all about using trial and error to experiment, grow, and push the boundaries of your field. Line 4 is all about creating and nurturing personal connections and community. Line 5 is all about using your knowledge and experience to create effective, efficient solutions, and Line 6 is all about using your life experience to guide and mentor others to help them to learn and grow.


Conscious Sun


The conscious sun represents your North Star or guiding light in this lifetime, which is super important for people like us who are purpose-driven entrepreneurs. This is the most dominant energy in your energetic design, making up almost 70% of your personality.

It is also known as your Life’s Work AND Brand in Gene Keys. It means that the more you tap into this energetic frequency, the more your purpose and path will unfold for you. When I work with clients, I ask them if this energy is coming through in their work, such as whether they allow this energy to shine through in their marketing, and if not, how they can infuse more of it in. It doesn't mean you need to blow up your entire business to focus on whatever the energy of this conscious sun is. But is this energy coming through in the work you do? If not, how can you infuse it with it?

Since there are 64 gates, I can’t possibly go into them all, but I recommend that you look yours up, study it, and tap into it, see what you can incorporate into your brand? In the upper right-hand corner of your body graph, write a number 1-64, then a dot, then a number 1-6

If you want to learn more, you can join the self-study program specifically about how to create a comprehensive brand strategy for your business using some human design and gene-key elements. It's called Radiant, and you can get the weight off.



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