4 things human design has given me

4 things human design has given me


In this episode, I'm going to be sharing the 4 things that human design has given me and how you can use the system of human design to give yourself more of these things. So let's dive in.

In 2022, one of my personal and professional goals was to get myself on more podcasts as a guest. Not only on my own podcast, but as a guest on other people's podcasts and if you happen to find me through one of these podcasts, welcome.

I'm so happy to have you here because the past few months have been a journey of me getting to experience other people's podcasts as well as creating my podcasts, and one of the common questions that I've received as I've been a guest on these other podcasts is that often the hosts ask me to tell them a little bit about human design.


Human design is such a complex system that a lot of people, even people struggle to answer that question in a succinct & informative way and I think this also applies to other systems too - such as astrology, Enneagram, and marketing in general.

I feel like a lot of people struggle to be able to communicate in a clear and concise way: What the system is and what it can help you with, and what you can expect from it. And as someone who prides herself on being clear and concise in my marketing and how I communicate with other people, I even struggled at first when I got this question because human design is not just one system.


So when you speak to human design, the integration of multiple systems like the Chinese Iching of astrology, the Brahman Indian chakra system, and the Kabbalah, each of those systems on their own is very complex and in-depth.

It's especially hard to be able to speak about it. But the truth is, if you can't speak to the purpose and usefulness of something in a way that is simple and succinct, I'm just going to say it: You probably don't have the expert-level knowledge of the system that you think you do, but you do have the ability to meet your audience where they are from their first introduction to it.

Being an experienced practitioner of whatever system that you work with is what makes you an expert in your domain. So, as an expert, as someone who knows a lot about human design, about gene keys, about marketing and business in general, if I can't meet my audience or meet a client where they're at, that means I'm not really the coach or mentor like the right coach or mentor for them.


It is important for your craft itself to be able to simplify and streamline that system that you're talking about. But it is crucial for your marketing and your ability to sell that craft as well to be able to speak to it in a simple way. Why is it important to communicate in a concise, but persuasive, way?

I was recording a podcast recently where I was the 2nd human design expert she had on the podcast. She said that she really wanted to have a second person on her podcast because the first person she talked to left her more confused and overwhelmed with human design than she was before the expert came onto her podcast.


When we finished recording our episode, she said that not only did she have so much more clarity around human design, but it truly made her want to learn even more because she understood why it is such a powerful tool. Think about what a gift is from a marketing perspective... No matter what your tool, system, experience, or area of expertise is, if someone comes to you already buying into the WHY it’s important, that makes your job of selling so much easier.

Human Design gave me the four important things


The four things that human design has given me, which is why I love this system so much, why is it such a great system and tool, and why do I stick with it and why have I been using it for seven or so years now.

These 4 things aren't necessarily tactical things, but they do translate to how I do my business, into how I find clients and work with clients, and they do translate into being able to have messaging that attracts the clients that I want to be working with at a place where they are. They're ready to work with me also, so I'll just get into it.

First: Human design has given me more Clarity


Human design has given me a framework to understand my intuition and alignment by understanding very clearly what my intuition is telling me and whether things are in alignment or not.

It's helped me more quickly recognize where I've perhaps gone off course. And therefore, I can more quickly take the action that I need to get you, quote-unquote, back on track. And it's helped me cut through all of the noise and the chatter and distraction to come back to what is most important and best for me because human design is a tool and a framework to help me understand my intuition.

Why has human design given me more clarity?

Let's get into the specifics a little bit. So, human design is both my operating manual, my “human” operating manual and also my guiding light. So I still use my strategy and my signature as an operating manual and my authority to recognize and take action on the invitations that I receive as a projector. My strategy is to wait for an invitation and then use my authority to decide whether that invitation is right for me.

This is the very first thing that you might’ve learned about human design, and it is interesting because I think a lot of people are quick to get into the nitty-gritty of it before they understand the basics. But strategy, not self, signature and authority are four aspects that are the first things you learn and the things that I still constantly come back to year after year after year.


Now that I've been conducting my experiment for several years, when I do feel myself forcing or initiating, it reminds me to slow down and wait for invitations or invite invitations instead. And using my splenic authority and how that relates to my mental authority as a split definition, a person helps me cut through that noise and make decisions much more easily and efficiently.

Then understanding my channels and gates helps me go even deeper. So we're starting with strategy, authority, and not self, and I can tell you that's a great starting point, and from there I can go even deeper into my definition. And then even in my channels and gates, it helps me lean into my strengths more and just be able to say no to the rest, rather than trying to be everything to everyone, so it helps me filter out this stuff.

Because it's so simple, it gives me so much more clarity. I have a framework to know what gifts are mine and how I can use them and speak to them. I also have clear signals so I know what my intuition is telling me and all of that gives me more clarity. I can make decisions and take action more quickly and efficiently with greater ease, without it just draining so much energy going back and forth in my mind.

Second: Human design has given me more Creativity


Human design has first and foremost broadened my definition of what creativity is, full stop. I used to think that creativity was art, music, and literature, and it is all those things, but it is so much more. It's also helped me understand my unique brand of creativity.


Within this understanding, I can build my playground or my system of structures to enable the flow of creativity in my own life.


So why is human design great for this?


By diving into my incarnation cross, I can see what my genius is and how to activate it. I can use that creativity to see how I best use my own creative gifts. I serve others and what I activate in others is to help them step into their journey.


I can use my profile to step into the roles that are the easiest and most impactful in terms of the way that I bring my work into the world. And going even deeper into understanding my circuitry definition and even the variables, I can put myself in environments and conditions that support my creativity rather than hinder it, so by redefining what creativity is for me and being able to put a structure that supports my creativity has made all the change in the world for me and human design.

Third: Human design has given me more Compassion

Everyone has things about themselves that they believe to be weaknesses. Where they feel like they are too much or not enough. Where you might feel like you’re broken. You might ask yourself, why can’t I be more like so and so, who do XY and Z?


But the beauty of human design, also known as the science of differentiation, is that it teaches us that you are MEANT to be unique, to be different, and those things that make you too much or not enough are on purpose.

There is NO SUCH THING as a bad design or a bad aspect of a design. It is all exactly what you need to get through this life. And all those shadows and weaknesses and triggers are there to help you grow and evolve, not to hold you back. Not to make you less than others. When I finally saw things this way, it was probably the biggest game changer of all for me in my daily life.


Because what you might have perceived to be a jail sentence is an invitation to become a more whole, loving, and evolved version of yourself.


AND you understand that about others, giving you more compassion for all beings.

When I look at my centers, I know what areas of my life where I might feel like I have too much (in those defined centers) or not enough (in undefined or open centers). Going even deeper into deeper layers, I can see my activated gates in undefined centers and see the shade or the filter that colors that feeling of not-enough.


I can look at my variables and know that flipped into the transferred states of my variables isn’t saying I’m wrong or broken. All the little nooks and crannies of myself, all the deeper layers of myself, and knowing that everything about who I am is on purpose, has given me a level of self-love and respect that is off the charts compared to the ways I used to mentally torture myself previously.

It has given me the ability to have more self-compassion and it's significantly less like it has decreased the amount of time that I find myself going through those negative mental loops.

Fourth: Human design has given me more Confidence

When I have these other 3 things—clarity, creativity, and compassion—the result is more confidence. More self-belief, more trust, more autonomy.


More confidence doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes or that you won’t have to acknowledge that you could have done things differently. But it enables you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things because your foundation is stronger, more stable, and more integrated than ever.


After all, you have the tools (and the results of experimenting and working with the tools) to buoy yourself up and giving yourself something to come back to when the waters get a little choppy.

Human design is what you make of it. And I don’t mean that negatively. Now that you’re here, ask yourself, what am I looking to get out of this system and tool? What do I need more of? And how much time and energy do I want to devote to it? There are no wrong answers.


Just as human design is the science of differentiation, there is no RIGHT WAY to explore and play with it. It’s not better or worse than any tool, but it is a tool that has been a game-changer for me and others.

And if what I’m saying is resonating with you, maybe that’s your sign to dip your toes in just a little bit deeper so you too can add more clarity, more creativity, more compassion and self-love, and more confidence into your life.

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