3 Unconventional Performance Metrics For Online Entrepreneurs

Metrics specifically for entrepreneurs

Hey entrepreneurs! I'll bet you're missing these important, but unconventional performance metrics in your business.

In this video, you'll learn what these metrics are, why they're important, and how to measure them to help your business thrive. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel below and hit the bell to be notified. When I post a video every Tuesday about entrepreneurship systems and metrics.

If you're a successful entrepreneur, you probably already have a lot of the standard metrics and reporting in place to help you scale your business. You're already tracking things like marketing sales and financial metrics, but it's a fact entrepreneur are cut from a different cloth than the rest of the business world. And because of this, there are different metrics that we need to look at.

In addition to those other metrics, this is something that I helped my six and seven-figure revenue clients understand and implement. And I'm here today to help you understand this too.

Time In Visionary Mode

The first entrepreneur metric, you should be looking at how much time you're spending in visionary mode.

Why is this important? Visionary mode is when you are developing your business strategy and offerings planning growth and leading your team in the direction of that growth. If your business is a ship, the visionary mode is the time you take navigating that ship without navigation, who knows where you're going to end up. When I coach entrepreneurs on this metric, in particular, I look at the amount of time they spend as a visionary versus the amount of time that they are caught up in the doing of their business.

If you're just starting out as a solo entrepreneur, you have to balance both the vision and implementation. So your percentage in visionary mode might be a little bit lower, but as you grow and as your team grows, you want more and more of your time devoted to this high level, thinking to start, do an audit of how you're spending your time on a weekly basis and make adjustments from there, comment below. And let me know how you're planning to prioritize time in visionary mode each week.

Audience Connections

Second entrepreneur metric that you need to look at how often you are connecting with your audience.

Why is this important? The more in touch and aligned you are with what your audience wants and needs, the better you can develop your strategy and your offerings to support them.

If you lose those points of one to one connection, you lose the pulse on the mindset of your people. When most entrepreneurs are starting out, they are fully in tune with their client's desires, but as they grow, it's a little bit harder to keep that connection as your business grows.

The ways that you connect with your audience might shift, but you should always prioritize this in your business. Set a goal of how many one-to-one customer touchpoints you want to have in any given month and make sure that you prioritize it. These touchpoints can be anything from collecting testimonials interaction in a group, doing ICA calls or just random supported reach outs or a combination of any of those.

Team Growth

The third entrepreneur metric that you should look at the growth of your support team.

And when I say growth, I mean, is each member of your team growing and taking on more responsibility over time? I know it can also mean the number of people who are actually on your team, but some businesses don't need huge teams. So regardless of the size of your team, quality is always more important than quantity.

Why is this important? It's no secret that business owners get into entrepreneurship for freedom, time, freedom, money, freedom, et cetera, in order to achieve true freedom. You need to build systems that will work for you. Even when you choose to exercise that freedom as your business grows, and you make the decision to grow your team, you should make sure that you're making an effort to delegate more and more as your relationship with each team member grows. Not only does this free up some of your time and your business, but it also is more motivating to the people who are supporting you.

People are motivated by opportunities for growth with that being said, of course, trust needs to develop for this to happen, which is why I just recommend tracking this over time.

For example, are your team members taking on more tasks and more responsibilities? Are they being proactive and making recommendations to you about how you can improve systems and processes? Are you able to release control of the tasks that aren't the visionary level work that you should be doing? All of these things will help you track and measure this metric.

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