3 Business Trends for 2022 & How I'm Moving Forward

frequency & flow with bree kuryk

Just like we, as humans, are constantly growing & evolving, so are our businesses. But what I’ve always found helpful in navigating the changes in this online business world as a whole and even more importantly, in my own business, is taking a step back to see the bigger picture by observing trends I see in the online business world.

To observe & bring awareness to the trends happening so I can feel into how these trends may or may not impact my own business. Because awareness leads to contrast which leads to emotion which leads to aligned action during your evolution.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The significantly underserved population that I see & speak to every day in my business
  • The 3 online business trends that I see happening 2022 & why they are so important to understand
  • How these trends are impacting my own business & planning in the new year (and how it’s still a work in progress for me!)


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