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In this episode, I'm gonna be sharing all about how to use human design to give you a jump start on your 2022 business planning process. 


I'm deep right now into my own 2022 planning. And even when I was just starting out in my business and I was making like zero revenue, I still created a plan. I still kind of love to plan out my year, my months, the weeks. 


I'm a girl who just loves a plan and I love a checklist. That's just how I am. I just love checking things off the checklist, clicking the checkbox on Asana when my tasks are done. In fact, probably even to my own detriment, It was honestly my favorite part of my role at corporate, like in the corporate world and in my agency jobs. And it's just carried over into my business.


To me, personally, the traditional planning processes feel super natural. It just makes sense to me. I can flow with it and the structure is very empowering to me. I feel very empowered by traditional planning because there's so much possibility in what you're creating. You're creating the structure of what you're going to be doing in your business. And it just felt really good to me. 


As a service provider, as a business consultant, I do a lot of planning for online businesses I serve. And sometimes planning is a great process that jump starts these businesses and these teams, and other times planning's actually a detriment. It either doesn't work properly or the planning actually slows the business down. 


I have a client who loves to plan but as soon as the plans are created, they immediately get blown up. We created the plan a couple weeks ago, you know, and I know that even though she values the time we have, we won't be going with the plan in the end. 


Something that I've been working with her because I've been working with her now about a year now is coming back to the plan and working that into our weekly meetings with much more intention, because she's really quick to go off plan. Figuring out how to make it work. Like a lot of what I do is figuring out how to work best with the people that I work with.


And in that specific example, it's been a process of coming back to the plan over and over again. But regardless,, if you're someone who loves planning, if you're empowered by it, if you're someone that it just bogs you down, you hate it. It makes you run the other direction. It doesn't mean planning's not a vital part of your business growth. 


It's critical to just find a process that works for you. And for me personally, without months or years of knowing a client, it's hard to tell which type they are and which type they can be. And so that's why I'm usually kind of guessing and adapting processes as I go for planning. But when I started studying human design, I actually realized that someone's design can dictate the planning style that works best for them.


So an entrepreneur's design, your design, can actually influence your own planning process. Some of us are designed to be more of that traditional type. Some of us are designed to be more of that fly by the seat of your pants type, with less structure to the planning process. 


And so in this episode, I'm actually going to be going into each of these types. There's actually four different types of planners. 


I've seen this many times where an entrepreneur tries to create that 30 day, 90 day, six month or annual plan. And for them, the process just feels really icky or wrong. And they're forcing themselves because they learned at some point they need to do this process a certain way, and it just never works for them. Either they do it and then they put it aside or they try to force something that's not really gonna work.


And then they just give up on the idea of planning entirely. But the problem is though, without a plan, it can be really challenging for you to move forward or to measure your own progress. If you don't know where you're starting and you don't know where you're going, how do you know where you are in that journey?


Have you ever felt in your business where you feel pulled in a bunch of different directions without really knowing which thing you need to do first or what will move the needle? This has happened to me sometimes when I've deviated off my own plan. I know I need to do these different things, but where should I start? Which path's gonna make the most sense? Is there something that I need to prioritize?


That is why planning is so important because you can figure out not just what you need, but in what order you should be doing it, which makes sense to do things first, which things maybe aren't as important or a lower priority before you get to that fork in the road. And without a plan, you can keep yourself busy with all the tasks and all the projects, all the checklists and to-do lists without actually growing and expanding your business.  So what if you were able to create plans for your business that better aligned with your own energetic design and blueprint? 


One of the most amazing things that I've learned in human design is that planning is actually a form of manifestation. So planning, like strategic business planning, is literally the process of manifestation in your business. 


While you can journal away or do all the abundance rituals that you want, having some sort of, sort of planning in your business is actually a way to tactically manifest what you're pulling in and maybe even do it in the most ease filled way, if you do it correctly. And when I say correctly, I mean correctly for your design, not just the way that you were told to do it, which might not work for you.


So I'm going to help you create that planning and manifestation process that works for you specifically. I'm gonna be talking about your chart. We're gonna be looking at two arrows. They are the, of the four arrows that you see in your human design chart. They are the bottom two arrows. 


The bottom left arrow is all about whether you are an active manifester or a passive manifester.


So if the arrow is facing left, you are an active manifester. So that means you want an active role and your manifestation. I know I just used a word to define a word, but you want to feel like you're contributing to what you are creating and what you're manifesting by taking steps to get there. 


For example, if I do this, if I meditate every day, that will help me get this. If I create a list that will help me do this. If I check this off, if I get this done, that'll help me create this. If I create this free offer, that will help me get more leads, which will help me get more sales. You really like seeing and participating in the active steps to manifest things in your business.


Now, if that same arrow is facing, right, that means you're a passive manifester. Passive means you don't necessarily need to care about how your manifestations are created. So you can just trust that the universe is working on your behalf, no matter what you do, or how you do it. It's more about focusing on your feelings and aligning with feelings of, of satisfaction, of peace, of success, and just trusting that your desires will manifest okay. 


So you can kind of just set what your goal, your intention to manifest is. And you can kind of just go about, go about your day without really worrying about it too much, which is obviously different than the active who like to see the steps play out, you know, and participate in those steps, playing out.


The next aspect, the other arrow is the right side. This arrow represents whether you're a specific manifester or a nonspecific manifester. 


And if that bottom right arrow is facing left, that means you're a specific manifester. And this means that you need to get very specific about what you want. So when you are journaling, when you are making a list of your manifestations, what you desire to manifest, you need to get really specific. This means creating detailed lists that really get into the weeds of exactly what you want and why you want it. Like how many people are joining your programs? How many programs are you offering? How exactly are you promoting these things? I'm thinking in a business sense here, but even in your personal life, if you are manifesting a partner, you get really into the details of those things.


If that bottom right arrow is facing that means you're a nonspecific manifester. So you craft your desires by casting more broad strokes of what you'd like your life to be like. You don't really need to get in the weeds. So sometimes it's more about how you want to feel than what you're actually manifesting. So you might just want to say, I want my business to give me an overwhelming feel of joy and gratitude. That could be what you're manifesting. That's not specific. Whereas specific is more about numbers and getting really detailed. Non-specific is more about how you feel and casting broader strokes. You don't have to put specific numbers to anything.


And so now I want to really dive into how you use this information to create a business planning process that actually works for you specifically and based on your human design.


There's actually four business planning types, and I'm gonna dive into what each one is. And if you're one of these people, what does that mean for your business?


If you are an active, specific manifester… You are a systematic conscious creator. 


If you're an active, specific manifester, meaning your left and right bottom arrows are both facing left, which is me by the way. If you're this person, the traditional planning process probably works for you. 


The process of setting goals, doing an audit of where you are, setting goals of you want to be in creating a very tactical plan and to-do list along the way like that probably works for you. So it's really important for you to set quantitative or yes/ no types of goals and get really detailed and really specific in the goals that you're setting.


It also will work really well for you to create a detailed plan that lists specific outcomes. So you want to dive into the numbers, you want to get into the step by step details. And those to-do lists you really want to get into the details and how, what steps you're gonna take to create, to manifest that goal for. 


It's really important for you to track your own progress towards these goals that you're setting. So you can check this off the list. I can do this, I've done this and this order, it's really important for you. You to really just keep an eye on what you're doing and how you're doing it and how you're making progress towards that goal or that vision that you're creating. So that's the first type, the systematic conscious creator.


If you are a passive, specific manifester… You are a Goal-Centered Visionary. 


So this person as a specific manifester getting into the details of the goals is super, super important. Getting quantitative, getting really clear on detailed goals, super important. If this is you scripting and is an amazing tool for you, you can get really into the details of what you're creating in your business 90 days from now or a year from now. You can like every little thing – my email list has a thousand people on it. You can really just script out all your details. This scripting works in a lot of situations, but if you are this goal centered visionary, scripting is SO good for you.


It's really important for you to make sure that you make a commitment to yourself to script out your business goals or script out aspects of your business with those goals manifested. For example, think 90 days from now, where do you want to be 90 days from now? And you script like today right now is that day 90 days into the future. For example, you script from a future date toward back towards yourself where everything's in past tense. That also is gonna be really good for you. 


Although getting into the details of what you're manifesting is super important, the details about how you get there are actually less important. You don't need to map out the exact steps. It just doesn't matter because you're more passive with your goals and your manifestation, your planning. 


So once you are really clear and you've scripted out the details of what you want to manifest and what you create from there, you can just focus on what feels good and aligned for you. Choose to do what it feels like it'll help you make progress towards your goals even if you don’t know with certainty that step will help you make progress to your goals. Do what just intuitively or innately feels good to you. Focus on feeling without it being an agenda or a to-do list. 


Does meditating every day feel like it helps you get towards that goal? Then maybe you should meditate, even though it's not tangibly creating and manifesting the goal that you have, it still makes you feel good along the journey. And so therefore it's helping you manifest it if that makes sense. 


If you are an active, non-specific manifester… You are an Aligned & Active Manifester. 


If you're this type, as you're planning, setting concrete goals does not work for you. Long story short. It probably freaks you out. You probably don't want to do it. You just don't want to set concrete goals. You don't want to put numbers to goals. You don't want to set a certain revenue per month. 


But it still is important for you to have some sort of north star in your business that you'd like to know that you're taking steps towards, right? Because you have, even though you're nonspecific with your goals, you still are active, you still want to know you're taking active steps towards that goal. My recommendation for you is to focus on getting clear on a more general vision of what you'd like to create and how you'd to create it. And what's more important is, how do you feel as you're creating it? How you feel about what you're trying, the vision that you're crafting?


So when you're thinking about a vision or in terms of goals, instead of setting actual goals, think about your vision of what you're creating and like how that makes you feel. Then once you have that feeling and you have that broad strokes vision of what you're creating, think about what specific steps you could do today, tomorrow, next week a month from now to create that feeling and contribute to that vision. 


Your active action steps are more about what does it take to create that feeling? That's the vision that I'm creating. You might actually like to have some sort of to do list or a morning practice that helps you align to that desired manifestation. Your alignment is super important. Make sure that you're at least actively focusing on your alignment versus taking active steps towards a specific goal.


If you are an passive, non-specific manifester… You are a Highly Attuned Magician. 


If you are this type, you more than anyone probably have the most friction with a traditional planning, business planning, process, specific goals, metrics detailed to-do lists, 90 day action plans of projects, tasks. That just might be your hell on earth. If I'm saying these things and you're just cringing, that's okay, that's your type.


You're not supposed to do a lot of these things. And so if you've shied away from it, that's okay. That's, that's what your human design is telling you is the right thing for you is to not have specific goals to not really look at metrics or have detailed to-do lists. 


So like I said earlier, you still need to have some sort of planning process, right? So that, you know, you're at least creating what you want to and intend to create. Even if it's not specific, even if it's not active, it's still important for you to have something you're working towards. So what I recommend for you is to just focus on what your vision feels like. It's more about thinking about what you, the feeling that you're trying to create and just releasing everything else.


So don't worry about the steps that you have to take to get there. Don't worry if you're on track or not just really focus on that feeling and focus on like the broad strokes of what you're trying to do and kind of just let the rest go and live your life and focus on feeling good and focus on being in alignment. And, and that, that's your planning process. It's really important for you to just focus on aligning yourself with that, feeling that vision each day, and you just have to trust and the rest will take care of itself. And of course, if it helps to have some sort of broad, big picture plan or strategy, just so that you have something to anchor back to, of course, that can work for you. 


So which type are you? Like I said, I'm the Systematic Conscious Creator which you could tell from my opening story. Which type are you and  how do you feel like you are seen when you figured out what type you are?


If you're looking for more guidance, as you create your own personalized version of your 2022 business plan I do have an offer for you to consider, if you're feeling guided towards it. It's the Frequency and Flow Activation session where we're going to use your human design to create an aligned business and marketing strategy and plan for 2022. And if you're interested, if you're feeling called to it, you can find the link below in the episode description.




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