Free Workshop Series: Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment

Ready to feel more confident navigating your own brand and marketing strategy as a spiritual entrepreneur or personal brand?


I’ll help you create an intuition-led marketing strategy, using human design & gene keys, that catapults your unique mission & message out into the world

What it's like working with Bree:

"I was wanting to build a business, and I felt so overwhelmed and just didn't know where to even begin. Bree came in and she just had so much insight and knowledge and her energy made me feel so much more calm. She understands the lingo and she's also still able to explain it to somebody that doesn't understand it.

So it was fantastic working with her. I love how she's using human design with this as well. It's an amazing concept and it's really beneficial for anyone. I highly recommend Bree for her course or working with her one-on-one services. She's just so fantastic. She has such a great work ethic and she really comprehends the entire marketing branding space. I would've never been able to do it without her."

Kathryn Ziegler | KLZ Method

You don’t need to keep up with all the hottest marketing trends & experts to get noticed by your target audience… you just need to listen to your higher self

The truth is: 

Building a brand can be overwhelming and confusing, whether it be for your business as a spiritual entrepreneur or personally as a corporate employee.


Not to mention the daily dredging through a plethora of strategies that make you say “ick!”


It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget the most potent ingredient in your chest of marketing magic:

Your mission, your message, your unique & magical gifts


It’s time to share your one-of-a-kind gifts & purpose with the world:

Clearly articulate your mission & vision

Get your target audience nodding their heads & envisioning a better future with you

Creatively share your gifts & how you serve others

Spark the inner fire of action & have them shouting, “you're exactly what I need!”

Confidently lead others through massive transformation

Become a trusted authority that captures the attention of your  target audience

Consistently radiate your transformative energy & message

Be the pebble that ignites the ripple effect through your audience and beyond

The Pillars of my Approach

Radiant Confidence

When you integrate the magic of your soul's energetic blueprint via human design & gene keys, your purpose radiates from you, your intuition becomes stronger, and you become a more confident authority.

Persuasive Clarity

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of holistic business & marketing principles, you can use your intuition to hone in on the most effective strategies for you to reach your target audience.

Authentic Creativity

Everything you create is meant to be as unique and fun as you are! By incorporating more joy & play into your approach as a spiritual entrepreneur andor personal brand you can tap into the boundless creativity within you

Practical Consistency

Building a business or personal brand successfully is about strategic, but sustainable, execution. You'll receive tactical & actionable guidance so you always know what your next steps are.

Hello beautiful, I'm Bree!


Let's build a brand that's authentically YOU on every level & gets you excited to CREATE and become the trusted authority you are meant to be.


I'm a marketing consultant and coach for both spiritual entrepreneurs & corporate intrapreneurs. I'm also the host of the Frequency & Flow podcast. I have over 15 years of online business & marketing experience with companies of all industries & sizes.


Even with a boatload of experience, I had a love/hate relationship with my own craft until I learned to ignore all the external chatter & tune into my intuition to navigate the challenges of building my own business and personal brands.


Integrating human design & gene keys into my approach has been instrumental in helping me calibrate & leverage my intuition on a daily basis as I build a creative expression I deeply love.


And I'm here to help you build this for yourself as well, whether you are a business owner or an ambitious employee of someone else's business.

Simply put, I help you confidently promote your own purpose-driven brand in ways that have your soul cheering “You’ve got this!” as you create your own legacy your own way
...and that’s something I know we can all get behind

"Bree took the time to get to know me and my business in great detail right away.


She immediately dug deep into my normal business flow and frustrations to create custom solutions that addressed my pain points. She quickly helped decrease my overwhelm & stress.

She was able to take my big ideas & vision and translate it into a detailed roadmap & action plan for my business. Bree's support gave me the freedom & bandwidth to focus on strategic projects to expand my business."

Danielly Lara de Acevedo

Free Workshop Series

Human Design Marketing Strategy & Business Alignment

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